Using the Best Organic Vitamin C Serum To Hydrate Your Skin 2020

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

We all know Vitamin C is good for our general health and well being but how does it help our skin? If you don’t have the best organic Vitamin C Serum in your daily skin care routine, read on to learn how it can benefit us.

How Organic Vitamin C Serum Benefits Our Skin

There are creams, lotions, and actual oranges out there, so why pick up a serum? As it turns out, there are lots of health benefits to look out for.

Healthier Skin

Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that works to get rid of wrinkles and make your skin appear younger. Since it’s an important factor in collagen formation, it keeps skin youthful, firm, and brighter. If you use it daily, it should help your skin through the years.

Stop Premature Aging

Wrinkles come with the territory of aging, but stress can add a few wrinkles as well. Lucky for you then, Vit C gives antioxidant protection from free radicals like pollution, along with daily stresses, to stop further wrinkles.

Brighten the Skin

Age dark spots are a thing of the past now as Vitamin C reduces the discoloration and naturally lightens the skin. Melanin production is inhibited, and redness from sun damage can sometimes be reduced too.

Skin Defense

Vitamin C can also increase the strength of your sunscreen! It acts as a defense against harmful UV rays, and as a supplement to sunscreen, can help repair damage done by sunburns. Don’t try using it in place of sunscreen though; it’s not a miracle solution!

The Top 7 Best Organic Vitamin C Serum To Try

Take a look at all the options that are out there for you. If you have the top serum for your needs, you should notice a difference in your skin for sure.

TruSkin Naturals

TruSkin may be formulated for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction, but lots of people praise it for shrinking pores and clearing up acne too. With high-quality, but still gentle ingredients, this receives many people’s praise.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It works as well as professional skin care with changes in skin tone, texture, and clarity
– It absorbs easily and quickly into the skin
– People have noticed improvement after only 3 days

– It does not work as well for older skin
– Some have reported dry skin after usage

Art Naturals

A unique ingredient blend will work to prevent aging, eliminate sun spots, and restore that youthful glow with Art Naturals. No greasy residue will make it easy to use after applying makeup, and the all natural ingredients are certainly a plus too.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It absorbs easily and leaves the skin feeling replenished
– Within a few days, people have already noticed a difference
– People usually notice a distinct change in their skin

– It does brighten the skin, but don’t expect an outright miracle
– Some people don’t like the smell
– The product is a little sticky and people with super sensitive skin say it sometimes stings a little

My Skin’s Friend

20% Vitamin C with other co-factors make sure that it is absorbed properly into your skin. My Skin’s Friend supposedly uses the best ingredients, with antioxidants specifically formulated to renew your skin without the risk of chemicals.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Even without consistent application, people have noticed a legitimate change in tone
– There are no fillers in the ingredients
– The new formula doesn’t sting as much, and is less expensive than others

– Some people don’t see as much result with wrinkles
– Some people prefer creams instead of this liquid texture
– It can be a bit difficult to spread it smoothly

Some Points to Know

Before you rush to add that product to your online shopping cart, there are some things that will make your shopping trip easier.

First of all, you should remember that vitamin c serums can break down easily.

This means that no matter what product you buy, make sure that the packaging is dark glass with a tight lid to stop light exposure. When mixed with water, it also breaks down. So check that water is not be the first ingredient.

Next, look at pH and concentration. Acidity is a part of effectiveness, so 3.5 or less is great for absorption. Of course, you don’t want too much of it though. More than 20% concentration will irritate your skin since 10-20% is good.

Finally, consider pairing Vitamin C and E together. With Vitamin E, skin damage from the sun is even less potent. Just be sure to use that bottle within three months for the most effective results!

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