Happy New Year + Some Blogging Reflections

Happy New Year everyone! I can’t believe yet another year has passed and I am on the very first day of the new year at 6am {no less!}.

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, thank heavens it was good. We haven’t actually spent many Christmases as a family – before Kasey came along, some years it would be Ally and her dad, sometimes it was just Ally and me. So this was actually the first Christmas we’ve had as a whole family and it was just quiet and nice – just what it was supposed to be.

We did take the kiddos out to the Hunter Valley Gardens for the annual Christmas Lighting display. It was a last minute decision on Boxing Day and we were glad we did… because we got to watch the {not-so} baby bust a move or two on the dance floor. {At one point, she got so overwhelmed by excitement, she may or may not have tried to put her face to the floor to bravely attempt one of them headstand hip hop moves}.

This blog has not been bustling with as much activity from my end of late, as you would notice.

I have lost my blogging mojo a little, I have to say. I started this blog plainly because I was extremely bored and struggling with being a stay home mum. Kasey was less than a year old and we had just moved to a rural country town {we’re talking no decent shopping mall, no kmart, no target country town}, with no family and friends – I was struggling. Still am struggling.

It was the perfect escape. I felt free to write whatever I wanted to write and the person most entertained by it all was simply – me. It was cathartic, it was free, I was also happy writing and just blabbering on about beauty stuff that I like to tell my husband about {to his utter dismay and disinterest}. This blog served the purpose for me.

However, along the way, some friends found this blog… some relatives founds this blog… and then, it started to not be as fun anymore. As you know, I do share my personal life on here – my struggles, parenting stories, MIL troubles and the lot.

I find myself having to censor myself all the time now. I am extremely restrained and I have dozens of personal posts sitting in my drafts folder that I would have been rather happy to publish in the past. Now, it’s what A, or B, or C would think and react.

So sometimes now, I struggle to write. I censor myself too much. I over think then decide to banish full blog posts into the Drafts folder forever.

Well, it’s the New Year and I do apologise I wasn’t able to offer a more uplifting, optimistic post. If anything, this would be my new year’s resolution {anybody still make them things these days?} : Learn to be happy.

I have learned that I am an extremely sensitive person. At the best of times, I am very sensitive to other people’s emotions and moods. At the worst, I am so sensitive to things and people… I’m actually not sure I know how to be happy. Generally jovial and bubbly, I can do easily and naturally. But truly, intrinsically happy. I’m not sure I know how. Is there a manual for that? Is it something that is actually attainable, anybody please let me know?

So on this New Year’s day, I’m calling it what it is. I lost it with this blog. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going. I’m still going to hang around here {not giving up on my little escapade as yet} though I will need some time to gather my marbles a little. Yes, my marbles, I think I did lose them. Kind of.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope this new year will bring a lot of joy and blessings for you x

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  • Happy New Years Mandy!

    I hope that you decide to keep on writing. It is a great hobby and allows you to meet so many new people.

    I have always enjoyed reading your blog posts and personal stories because they are real. From a real person & a real mother. It does suck when you have to watch what you say because of others especially when you created this blog to escape in the first place. I really do hope you continue to blog!!

    • Hey Amanda! Nice hearing from you. Thanks so much for your lovely words. I enjoy my little space here so much I think I will hang around for sure though I will have to navigate the boundaries and all. Look forwarding to seeing you at another event sometime x

  • Sorry to hear that, hope you find your way with it all soon as yours is one of my favourite blogs! I certainly understand about having to censor yourself, sucks hey.

    You just made me really homesick though talking about Hunter Valley Gardens, I used to live in Newcastle/Maitland and miss it so much!! Coming up in 2 weeks though 🙂

    Take care and good luck with it all!

    • Hi Alix! Thanks so much for your nice words. It does suck especially when I started this for myself in the first place! I love the Hunter Valley, it’s beautiful out here isn’t it? Though a little inconvenient for shopping because I’m further inwards from Newcastle! Thanks for your comment xx

  • It’s so tough when family read your blog. My family know about it but don’t read my blog, even hubby doesn’t. I wouldn’t be able to say a lot of the things I say if my family read my blog, which really sucks because a blog is supposed to be your personal release.
    Can you do your posts anonymously on someone else’s blog?

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