RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil Roll-On: Now This One Is Special!

When I was asked if I was interested in trying out the RosehipPLUS™ Rosehip Oil Roll-On, I actually politely declined. The simple reason being I had a whole bunch of different brands of Rosehip Oils, different packaging, different bottles all sitting in my cupboard – I just didn’t see a need nor did I have the interest to try out another one. However, trust their lovely representative (hi Jen!) to email me back and literally say “But no! This one is really unique! It will be great for your handbag!” Jen is so lovely and she really did convince me to try it out so I did. 

I just can’t emphasize how much I love the design. This awesome rosehip oil roll-on comes with a massaging roller ball applicator which I love. My first impression of most rosehip oils is that they come packaged in glass containers which I thought would be a little fragile for chucking in my handbag along with dozens of other bits and pieces (not to mention I am that woman who chucks her bag on the ground harshly). The last thing I would ever want is broken glass shreds and heaps of oil everywhere. Now, I will reign in my overdramatic imagination…. for the good news is – this roll-on comes in a very safe (and I should add, baby-throwing-safe) plastic packaging!

RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil Roll On

I just really adore the convenient and practical design. It is also great for targeted areas (under eye, around the lips). I have dry skin and sometimes, through the day, my concealer does start looking a little flaky and my undereye area starts looking dry, that is when I find this roll-on extremely useful. I also get really dry cuticles – another perfect excuse for the roll-on. I’m not sure if people use it on their cuticles but this is great for cuticle hydrating (for me anyway) on the go. 

This rosehip oil contains “naturally occurring Bioflavonoids which are vitamin-like substances (Anti-Ageing Vitamins A and C; Anti-inflammatory Vitamin E)”. These act as “potent anti-oxidants, helping to reduce free radical damage in the skin and thereby helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The essential fatty acids, (Omega 3, 6 & 9) in the Oil help to keep the skin hydrated, moisturised and younger looking.” Also, this rosehip oil is cold pressed (the potency of the organic Rosehip ingredients will be better retained) and run through a “super fine filtering process” for guaranteed purity.

I will leave sciency stuff to the true experts but in layman’s terms, I am a huge fan of this RosehipPLUS roll-on. Convenience is a big thing for me and this just won me from the get go and this rosehip oil is really soothing on my skin. At a very affordable $14.95, definitely going on my repurchase list when I run out.

Have you tried this RosehipPLUS roll-on?
Do you have an irrational fear of babies rummaging through your bag and chucking glass/mirrored items in a fit of anger when told ‘No’?

I received this RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil Roll-On for review purposes and I’m so glad I got to try it out.

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  1. Amanda Karl 27 September, 2013 at 01:29 Reply

    I have really oily skin, so I dont think this would be good on my face except for when my skin feels chapped in the winter. But I would totally use it for my cuticles!! I hate when they start to look dry and cracked from all the hand washing all day.

    Thanks for following my blog by the way! I really like yours as well! I’m now following back! :)
    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

    • Mandy W 27 September, 2013 at 02:25 Reply

      Hey lovely Amanda! Thanks for stopping by :) I had mild eczema as a baby so my hands get really rough and look terrible so this really helps! I look forward to getting to know you better x

  2. Ingrid 28 September, 2013 at 00:14 Reply

    I’ve been seeing these around and am looking forward to getting my mittens on it. Would be so great for travelling:) I use rosehip oil daily so there is only a matter of time before this is part of my collection:) x

  3. KatieLouise 3 October, 2013 at 00:53 Reply

    This sounds amazing! What a great review! I’ve heard so many good things about rosehip oil but have yet to try it. I love my argan and coconut oils so I have a feeling I would really like this as well. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I’m going to try and look it up :D
    Hope you have a lovely week!!

    • Mandy W 3 October, 2013 at 03:13 Reply

      Hey lovely, thanks for stopping by! I’m not too sure the difference between the different oils but I know I love my rosehip oils! ;) I hope you like this one if you do get it x

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