3 Things All Moms Should Do For Themselves

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2018)

We as mothers are always struggling to find some peace. Whether it is with how we feel about ourselves, our kids or how we get through the day to day. Everything always feels like a mess and it always feels like you are not doing enough.

3 Things All Moms Should Do For Themselves

Well guess what?

You are enough and you are doing a brilliant job so there are 3 things you should do for yourself from now on:

  1. Get a good sleep. You are wearing yourself down to just fumes when you are not getting enough sleep. No you don’t need to fold that laundry before bed and no you don’t have to stay up to ungodly hours just to break even when it comes to school work, your work, or the housework. You aren’t going to be any good to anyone exhausted and miserable. To be a better mom, push that snooze and get that sleep you deserve it!
  2. Request a clean space. I mean it, tell your husband and your kids what you want clean specifically. Whether that is a spotless kitchen or to have your home office space tidied. It feels amazing to have a clean working space for cooking and for your work. It puts your mind at ease, I don’t know about you but I can’t concentrate on anything when my house is a mess.
  3. Take care of your skin. When was the last time you washed your face before bed?? When was the last time you even had the chance to pamper your skin? Go out for a facial and change your evening skincare routine – make yourself include your self care in your daily life. Stop putting yourself and your skin on the back burner.

You need to make yourself a priority, and you need to do it now! So much slips when you don’t take care of your basic needs:

  • You suffer
  • Your family suffers
  • Your work suffers

It is a messy-massive ugly snowball effect.

You matter to everyone in your life, and that is why you need to matter to yourself. You need to make yourself a priority so you can make them a priority without burning out.

Take care of yourself, you are worth it!

Eschelle is the author behind Mumfection.com a parenting/lifestyle blog she started back in 2010! Mother to two boys under 8 and wife to a hilarious husband.  

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