5 Easy Ways To Occupy The Kids On-The-Go

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2016)

I always said I will never be one of THOSE parents. You know, the type that hand a tech gadget to their kids and happily sit back chatting away to a friend. It turns out I am because there are times when I have to be one of those parents. We all do. But only at certain times and mostly at unprepared times. On the days when I am more prepared and we’re at a restaurant or coffee shop, Georgie’s tablet and my phone which are packed with a multitude of games and educational apps take a back seat and more creative forms of entertainment comes forth.

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Here’s what I include in his backpack:

1. Colouring book and pencils: This is the most obvious choice. I keep a stash of the really thin type of colouring books which are easy to carry and I surprise him with a new one when we’re out and about. His backpack always has a pencil case with colouring pencils specifically for outings.

2. Lego: Like most kids, Georgie is obsessed with Lego. He loves the really tiny ones and spends hours every week making spaceships and monsters. So before we head out the door I grab a handful or two, stuff them in a ziplock bag and present it to him when we’re seated at the restaurant. Success!

3. Stickers: Depending on where you are and how old your kid is this can be a great idea or a really bad one. I’ve had to peel them off restaurant tables and chairs before leaving. Try taking blank sheets of paper, magazine pages or just let them fill their legs and arms.

4. Learning activities: Georgie is five so he’s just started learning how to read and count and write. When I have time I print out a bunch of learning activities I find online and hand them over to him when I need to. Also a favourite of his.

5. Play a game: you will know that it’s not always possible to completely ignore your kids when you’re having coffee with a friend so try a few game like ‘how many… (cars, colours, shapes, etc) or the verbal memory game where I call out four to five objects and he has to draw them without asking me to repeat what they are.

So what do you like to take with you when you’re out and about with your kids?


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5 Easy Ways To Occupy The Kids On-The-Go

I always said I will never be one of THOSE parents. You...
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