5 Simple Remedies to Reverse Your Iron Deficiency

(Last Updated On: December 15, 2016)

Iron deficiencies are common for a wide variety of people. It also brings with it a variety of nasty effects. Common in both teens and adults, iron deficiencies can stem from not eating the right foods, hereditary causes, or can sometimes even be unknown. If you’re feeling flat, fatigued and unfocused, you might have an iron deficiency. We’ve put together 5 simple remedies that you can administer in case of an iron deficiency for you or your family.

remedies to reverse iron deficiency

1. Supplements

An effective natural iron supplement can be a great treatment for an iron deficiency. One example is Floradix, which is a kind of herbal, vitamin and mineral supplements in liquid form. Available at all good health stores, selected pharmacies and supermarkets (If you’re in Australia, you can try Mr Vitamins which stocks Iron Liquid Floradix Supplements.) If you’re feeling rundown or tired, or you know that you suffer from an iron deficiency, it might be time to incorporate a supplement into your diet to maintain vitality and all-round wellbeing.

2. Take digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes help your body break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats so that you can use the valuable nutrients contained in these foods. When you can efficiently breakdown and assimilate nutrients, your body has far more energy. To maximize the benefit of an iron supplement, you may need a digestive enzyme.

3. Pay Attention To The Types of Foods

For borderline iron deficiency problems, you can start by increasing the green leafy vegetables in your diet. As well as this, foods such as red cabbage, parsley, beetroot, alfalfa, watercress, wheat grass, spinach, cucumbers, fish, coconuts, eggs, black cherry and blackberry juice are all high in iron. Try and incorporate a few of these foods into your everyday diet to increase your iron intake.

4. Watch Which Foods You Mix

Don’t take iron at the same time as a dose of vitamin E or with eggs – both will reduce your absorption capabilities. The tannins found in tea and coffee also interfere with iron absorption, so try to avoid drinking these beverages for a few hours if you’re intending to enjoy a meal that is typically high in iron levels, especially when you’re trying to build up your body’s stores. Conversely, citrus juice and vitamin C can up absorption rates. So include these in your meal when taking an iron supplement.

5. Vitamin C

As Vitamin C helps to speed up the absorption of iron traveling into your bloodstream up to 5 times faster for a major energy boost, try eating vitamin c-rich foods with iron-rich foods. Great pairs of vitamin C and iron-containing food include: spinach, tomatoes with broccoli, citrus fruits with edamame, red bell peppers and more.

While it’s normal to feel overtired sometimes, if you’re constantly fatigued, that could signal an underlying medical problem. You could lack iron, the number one nutritional deficiency in the world. Take heed of these 5 helpful tips next time you’re feeling rundown.

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