6 Content Marketing Tools You Should Use For Your Blog

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2018)

This is a guest post contribution Kelly Paxson. Kelly is an experienced social media marketer that specializes in Twitter and the new dashboard it offers. She has a decade of experience in content marketing and would love to share her expertise with anyone who would love to learn.

Working as a stay at home mom allows you the ability to stay home with your children. However, to ensure that your online business takes right off, it is essential that you use a couple of content marketing tools. This is because content marketing comes with so many processes and tasks that it might end up being too overwhelming. With the right content marketing toolset, you should be able to keep everything perfectly organized.


All Content Marketers Should Use These 6 Tools

1. MindMeister

Some content marketing projects require more brainstorming than their counterparts. If you are dealing with more than one person, then this is a tool you ought to get. Essentially, this is a brain mapping tool that you can use to visualize concepts, as well as the relations between them. With it, you will be able to be more productive in your organization of ideas and creation of articles.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of those unique content marketing tools that absolutely everyone should be using – stay at home mom or not. It comes with a host of productivity apps and collaboration tools, and will make your content writing and marketing so much easier.

What is more, this tool is free of charge, so you don’t need to worry about how much it will cost you. It is also one of the most reliable tools you can get. Start using it to communicate with your team, export content, share, and write in real time.

3. Hemingway App

Ernest Hemingway has been quoted as saying that content should be written drunk but edited sober. In the same way, this app for content marketing works on a similar principle.
What happens is that you will be able to write everything in a single go, without editing it. Later, you can come back to the content marketing material and edit it. By so doing, you will be able to promote your concentration. This is primarily because the Hemingway App offers a clean and easy to use workstation that will limit all distractions. Therefore, you should be able to do so much more than you normally would.

In the same way, the Hemingway App will mark the text you input based on a standard usability score. It will also give you suggestions on how you can simplify your content and make it more readable to your target market.

4. GetResponse

Simply put, GetResponse is one of the most advanced of platforms that you can use for your content marketing. It will, to this end, handle tons of aspects related to sharing your content with the world, including but not limited to:
– Email marketing
– Web forms creation
– Lead management
– Landing page building
– A/B Testing
– Advanced workflow automation
– Traffic analytics

5. DrumUp

At its most basic, DrumUp is a social marketing tool. However, seeing as how content from high quality free blogs and social go hand in hand, you cannot afford to overlook this tool especially while working as a stay at home mom running her own business. This is mostly because DrumUp will boost your visibility and productivity in ways you never imagined possible.

Essentially, this content marketing tool will empower editors and publishers with social media access to develop ways on which to increase their brand awareness among target clients across all social networks. You can also use it to productively share (and schedule shares of) your marketing content on different social media platforms.

6. Parse.ly

One of the hardest aspects of content marketing management is receiving timely analytics. You certainly don’t want to scour through your data manually trying to figure out how the market is receiving it, do you? To this end, you need a tool that will do all this on your behalf.

Use Parse.ly to organize and handle all your content marketing analytics based entirely on the content you have marketed and not on understanding the wider traffic results.
The tool is also great for sponsored content, data analysis, and content editing.

In conclusion, ensure you use the above tools for your content marketing and watch as your efforts improve and your reach broadens faster than you imagined possible. Doing so can and will improve how your online business performs and might even allow you to continue working from the confines and comfort of your own home.

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