6 Things Only A Mom Of Boys Would Understand

(Last Updated On: July 14, 2018)

Being a mom comes with a lot of love, tears and hilarity to say the least. Raising boys and girls comes with their own sets of challenges, but there are more than a few things that set each apart. Having boys myself I can definitely see more than a few major differences between raising boys over girls. There are in fact 6 things only a mom with boys would understand when it comes to raising kids. Boys come with their own spin on life and I have to admit, regardless of grossness, they’re quite enjoyable.

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Yes, everybody toots but I never see girls doing it as a sport nor did I do these things when I was a kid. My youngest is a little stinker to say the least and I am beginning to think he is more skunk than child most days. But to them it is hilarious and it will always be hilarious… or so I gather from what I see from their goofy father. They stink, get used it to.

Constant conversations about aim

I can’t even count how many times I need to talk to my boys about making sure to pee INTO the toilet. They are eight and six and I fear they will never be able to focus long enough to not make a disaster zone of my bathroom. There is a reason all moms who have boys eventually get separate washrooms and why they always smell like urinals. Only moms of boys will have to wash the walls beside your toilet more often than you can imagine. They’re gross, get used to it.

Anytime is a good time to scratch your balls.

Bringing up boys mean you will always see one of your boys with their hands on their balls, down their pants just hanging out of the diggle-berry crew. I have honestly given up trying to tell them to stop. Sometimes they just need to readjust I get it. Sadly I can’t seem to adjust to the fact that balls are always in their hands or on the corners of my furniture. They like to fondle, get used to it.

Skyrocketing food bills.

My kids eat too much, they eat more than most adults. I want it to slow down but they haven’t even hit the double digits and I highly doubt it will. Granted, when they are teens I would have to buy feminine hygiene products for more than myself, makeup etc but moms of daughters alone will rarely feel the pain of running out of groceries on day two following a massive shopping trip. I am beginning to think a lock for my fridge and cupboards will be a necessary thing. They eat too much.

“Don’t touch my boobs in public…” the daily discussion.

Once my boys got to elementary school, I really needed to crack down on the boob grabbing they seemed to constantly do. My oldest would fly out the school doors with his hands waving above his head greeting me excitedly as he ran into me gripping both my boobs in his waving hands. A conversation needed to be started, granted I am sure this happens with little girls as well and I thought it was funny, but you could feel the silent judgement.

Chivalry is not dead

It is true my boys are the sweetest of princes, and while I hope they carry this trait into their adult years I fear they will become as romantic as a rock like their father is. My little princes open doors for me, help me carry groceries and all those small sweet little things that really mean a whole bunch to all us tired moms. Then they whisper sweet nothings into my ears at bed time and love me harder than any boy or man ever could. It is truly special. They are amazing little love sucks, get used to it. They are gross and they are amazing, get used to it.

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