6 Ways to Stay Motivated and Escape the Winter Workout Rut

(Last Updated On: August 5, 2016)

The colder months are well and truly here (well, here in Australia that is)! However, that doesn’t mean you have to rug up and shun the responsibility of working out and eating well. Exercise isn’t just for summer, in fact there are many benefits you can gain from keeping up your workout routine in winter. We’ve compiled 6 ways that you can stay motivated and escape the winter workout rut this season.

winter workout rut stay motivated

1. Wear adequate work out gear

It’s going to be much easier to get out of bed and into the cold if you’ve got efficient winter workout gear that will keep you warm during your workout. With the rise of the fitness trend, there is now a wide variety of brands and labels that make good quality and cost-efficient sportswear. Invest in some good quality winter leggings or tracksuit pants, as well as a sweat-resistant jumper or jacket, and you’ll be able to brave the cold far easier.

2. Keep summer in mind

Winter doesn’t last forever! When summer rolls around, the common person is far behind in their exercise goals, resulting in them taking up difficult, fad diets or cleanses. Avoid having to take drastic measures to get back to your summer body, by exercising regularly throughout winter.

3. Try something different

A great way to increase your interest in exercise is to try something new. Have you ever tried dancing? Perhaps you should sign up to your local zumba class. Maybe martial arts is more your style. Why not schedule in krav maga classes with IDF Training? Changing up your routine brings excitement to your otherwise mundane workout customs.

4. Warm up!

Winter is COLD! What better way to warm up than to get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Exercise warms us up in a way that superficial heating cannot. The heat that is produced from exercise massages our organs and muscles, circulating vital fluids around the body that we need to stay healthy and balanced throughout the colder months. Don’t ignore your body. If you’re feeling cold, it’s time to get moving!

5. Think about the calories

The chillier months are a prime time for comfort eating. However, before you shovel another spoonful of macaroni and cheese into your mouth, think about the calories that come with winter’s carb-and fat-heavy foods. Wintry foods such as bakes, roasts and pastas all have a higher caloric intake than lighter summer foods, such as salads. Although religiously counting calories isn’t healthy either, keep in mind the higher average intake that comes with winter. This only means you need to work harder to burn it off! Try these healthy foods in winter.

6. Find a friend

A great way to keep up the gym or exercise is by getting a friend to go with you. That way, you’re both held accountable to each other, and you may also find working out easier and more fun! Find a regular time to meet with a friend at the gym or outdoors for some physical activity. Do something that you both enjoy, and that you can commit to regularly.

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Don’t let your waistline expand and your health decline this winter. Keep the impending summer months in mind, and equip yourself with adequate winter workout gear to brave the chilly air. Try a new, exciting class or exercise with a friend to keep you motivated. After all, those yummy winter calories need a way to be burnt off!

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