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(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

As I have previously introduced my adopted dog on this blog + on social media, I thought I would hop on here and give an update on a string of unfortunate events that has since happened.

A few months ago, we adopted Ashley a beautiful gentle red cattle dog. I have seen for myself how gentle she is with the baby and how loyal she is. We had absolutely no problems with her at all and she was just lovely. A few weeks after, our new neighbours moved in… along with a whole bunch of 19 of their rabbits.

Our new neighbours are a young couple around our age and have a baby around Kasey’s age and we do get along. We have chatted to them and all; I personally have no problems if they want to have 19 rabbits.

The only thing was, our male neighbour decided to hate on Ashley and started antagonising her a lot. By antagonising, I mean yelling at her, spraying water at her, threatening her, banging on the fence loudly to scare her, leaning over the fence to yell at her, telling us he would like to pour hot water over her etc. This obviously made Ashley very wary of him and everytime he comes out into the yard, she would bark at him. His wife however, is obviously much more of an animal lover and has no problems with Ashley and Ashley doesn’t really bark at her either.

We have politely asked them if they could kindly move their 19 rabbits away from the fence as the rabbits, in a whole group, make an alarming amount of noise in the quiet of the night. They would make loud stomping/scratching noises and this would make Ashley bark sometimes to alarm us to the noises.

The ranger has come over a couple of times now saying we have had complaints about a barking dog which really surprised us as Ashley doesn’t actually bark a lot. The only time she ever barks is at this particular antagonising neighbour and when the whole collective bunch of 19 rabbits make noises right next to the fence {which is really, just what any good guard dog would do}. When the ranger mentioned it was specifically the cattle dog and not our other dog Buddy, I suspected it was our neighbour right away because if it were some other neighbour further away, they wouldn’t have known it was specifically a cattle dog.

However, our neighbours were really nice and civil so we discarded any suspicions we had. They even seem to sympathised with us about the ranger coming over. “I think it’s that old lady over there.” “I’m sure it’s that neighbour down the street there.” “I don’t get it, why must they complain? Why can’t they just speak to you nicely first?”

We are on rather friendly terms with this couple (more so the wife); we chat to them and even invited them for a barbeque when they first moved in. They gave us a shelf they didn’t want, we regularly lend tools and help one another.

Imagine our shock when last week, our neighbour came over with chocolates and a gift card and said “I’m sorry. It was me who rang the ranger. It was a real low act of me especially when you are nice people.”

I felt sorry for him as he seemed to feel really bad. We thanked him for his honesty and told him not to worry about it.

Honestly though, the more we have thought about it, the angrier we have become because we realise now what shocking good actors these people are to have still come over and pretended they didn’t know and even gave us suggestions about who might have rang the ranger!

Even if we don’t bear grudges now, it is sadly too late as we have been told we have to make some arrangements if not we will get a fine for nuisance and our dog will be listed as a “nuisance dog”.

I am simply so upset because to begin with, Ashley was a gentle, lovely dog who is actually just a victim of being antagonised and threatened repeatedly. And constantly alarmed by the amount of noises 19 rabbits make right next to the fence.

If she wasn’t antagonised, if the 19 rabbits were housed in a more courteous manner just a little further away from the fence… we would not have had a problem at all. Everyone who meets Ashley says she is a beautiful, gentle dog. Especially when they see how gentle she is around the baby.

Today, we made arrangements to give her to a friend. Even though we might still get to see her around, I was close to tears to see her go, seeing the look of confusion in her eyes as she was taken in her new owners’ car and away to a new home.

I wouldn’t call myself the ultimate dog lover. But I have always been one to sign cards off with my dogs names as well because in my eyes, they are a part of my family. They are… mine. Ours. Reliant on us for love, for food, for essentials, for comfort, for survival.

My husband did point out that oh well, the neighbour didn’t have to come clean and tell us that it was he who called the ranger to get the dog in trouble. At least he finally had the integrity to. I do agree with that.

It is just too late however and apologies sadly don’t really solve the problem now that I have lost a family member.

Couldn’t resist.
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  • Mandy, I’m wondering if keeping 19 rabbits is even legal? I live in Qld where we’re not allowed any – but our Councils have rules, like a maximum of 2 cats per house. So maybe you should contact your Council and find out and lodge a complaint about the bunnies?

    • Hi Janet, thanks so much, I saw your comment on my FB page as well. The council says there is no limit on how many rabbits they can have which is strange isn’t it? I did think about ringing the council but there’s really nothing much I can complain about their rabbits whereas a noisy barking dog obviously irks the council a lot more. I just wished they would be a little more courteous and just home their rabbits a little further away from the fenceline like we have politely asked them to.

  • I may have just returned from spending some time meditating on God’s promises. But if I were you I would: 1. Video that bugger 24 hours a day doing those stuff to a poor little puppy and show it to the rangers before publicising on YouTube so that the whole neighbourhood knows that such a scambag has moved into the vicinity. Who knows, maybe his previous neighbour(s) may come out to testify that he did the same thing before he was forced to move out of shame. And finally submittinng them as evidence for acts of cruelty to animals. He should be thankful I am not his neighbour or I will also oray down burning coals to fall only over hus house. 2. Bin those chocolates in front of him or feed them to his rabbits. Dun eat them he may have poisoned them. Was that why your older gal had to make a trip to the hospital for tummy problems the last time? Apology or not, I’d be wary of him if I were you and google for his history. God knows he really left the last town after raising some ruckus there…. be very very careful. Dun let his fakeness trick you into letting your guards down. There are such people lurking around.

    • I am definitely very sad. I am still in two minds about the whole thing because they seem like such a lovely couple though I know he hates & threatens my dog! Oh well 🙁

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