A Safe Crib Set Up For Baby’s Sleep

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2019)

Crib safety rules have changed over time, and the standards have been updated along with them. Read my post on how to choose crib mattresses as well as this post about twin cribs.

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Crib Safety

Drop-side cribs used to be all the rage, but are now considered unsafe because of the entrapment or suffocating risks that they pose. For this reason, most of the old crib designs that are more than a couple years old are not advisable for use or handing down anymore.

When looking for a crib, make sure that it is up to the current standards of safety. Also take note of its durability to make sure that it lasts long and does not break and pose harm to your baby. If accepting a hand-me-down crib from friends or family, check if the model has been recalled and if it’s still safe to use. When purchasing new a crib, make sure that all the parts are complete and in their proper place to avoid any possible accidents.

Crib Interior

To make sure that your baby’s crib is safe, remember that less is more. Use only a firm mattress that fits snugly within the crib, and make sure that there are no spaces between the crib’s frame and the mattress (less than an inch space is okay). Use only a tight fitting sheet to cover the mattress and make sure that it remains fitted even when your baby moves around.

Avoid putting any soft materials with your baby into the crib like crib bumpers, pillows, sleep positioners, and quilts. This is because these materials can pose a suffocation risk for your baby.

While your baby is still young, you can set the crib’s mattress to the highest level so that you can reach them with ease. However, as they grow older and learn to sit, crawl, and stand, you must adjust the mattress accordingly.

Crib Placement

If you’re thinking about keeping the baby’s crib in a room of their own, you may want to reconsider and put their crib in your bedroom, at least for the first year of their life. While bed-sharing with your baby is dangerous, co-sleeping with them in the same room can actually prevent the risk of SIDS. Not only that, it is more convenient for you to reach them when they start to cry or need to be fed.

See baby monitors for deaf moms and dads

Baby monitors are helpful, but don’t rely on these instead of periodically checking on your baby while they sleep. For instance, if your baby rolls over to a position where they can have difficulty breathing, then having a baby monitor is not going to help you know that. This is another reason why it’s advisable to just keep your baby’s crib in the bed with you.

Keep your baby’s crib away from any windows and any appliances with cords or wires within reaching distance as curtains, cords, wires or drapes can pose a strangulation risk. In addition, putting them beside windows can expose them to the weather, which you want to avoid especially when it is too cold or too hot outside.


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