Hello and welcome to Make Me Up Mandy. This site was started as a personal blog in late 2012 and has since gone through some changes to take it to where it is today.

Where It All Began

I have always been an ambitious go-getter, keen to climb up the career ladder and make my mark on the world – so to speak! After getting married, giving up my job and moving away from the city, I now live in the country. I was depressed and struggled to cope at first. I felt lonely, isolated and didn’t cope very well at all about being a stay home mum. I felt like I needed something more, to get creative, to build something myself and achieve goals, whatever they might be.

That was also when smart phones started getting popular, blogs started popping up and I soon spent a lot of time researching on blogging and working on the internet. I set up my personal blog – and the rest is history.

A new breed of work at home mums

We’ve all heard of that debate about stay home mums vs working mums vs work at home mums…. and boy do I wish all these people would just quit ranting at each other! Being a mum is the hardest, most special thing. Looking after ourselves is hard enough.. actually being responsible for another human being (or make that a few human beings) – crazy, mad, difficult task. We often wonder if we’re doing it all correctly, wonder if our children still love us despite our flaws and parenting mistakes… stay home mums, working mums – we all face challenges and we love our kids. You do what works for your family and that’s that.

“A new generation (of mums) is starting their own businesses, blogging and working at home.” – Parenting.com

Parenting.com says that today’s mums are launching businesses from home, enjoy blogging and reaching out to others, are unapologetic about their choices and strive for the best of both worlds (being at home with their children and carving out a career right from the kitchen bench!)



This blog is for all you go-getting mums –

  • The modern mum who works a 9 to 5 and juggles family life, putting in her very best for herself and her family.
  • The modern mum who stays at home trying to work the balance of spending time with her children and still carving a career for herself, whether it’s a home business or a freelance career.
  • The digital mum who loves being connected on the internet, works on her phone/laptop and thinks it should all be guilt-free because we’re only trying our best to be here for our kids yet make a living at the same time.
  • The modern mum who thinks looking good and feeling good amidst all the daily family/career buzz is still important.
  • The modern mum who fights her hardest against the common perception that once you have kids, it’s all over and you can’t have a life.
  • The modern mum who thinks “I’m busy but I’m loving it because I’m passionate about what I do”

“Women with children today highly value social media, mobile and other digital technologies as a convenient means to stay connected, seek advice and information, shop and learn about products, meet others like themselves and simplify the many dimensions of their lives.” – Digital Mom report via Razorfish and Cafemom

On Make Me Up Mandy, you’ll find a variety of topics and issues that are important to us mums. We also have the best round up of bloggers and writers who are modern mums like you and I, and who have expertise on:

  • Beauty tips and reviews
  • Health and Wellness // Tips, information, advice
  • Working from home
  • Juggling the modern demands of motherhood
  • Marriage and relationships
  • Parenting

I hope you enjoy your stay.


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