How Aloe Vera for Rosacea Can Alleviate Your Symptoms

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

It’s difficult for many of us to deal with skin blemishes. But it’s especially tough for those of you dealing with rosacea. So many products out there state how well they work for this skin issue, although we often forget about the simple solution of aloe vera when it comes to healing your skin. Let’s go back to the basics to see how well aloe vera rosacea really works.

Treatment Options

Many people dealing with rosacea have a hard time treating it, but fortunately, aloe vera has been known to help. This is because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that treat multiple skin conditions. On top of that, it’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral as well, making it an ideal antidote for inflamed skin.

How It Works?

Aloe vera heals and rejuvenates the skin by penetrating the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis, all three layers of skin. As it does this, the bacteria and fatty deposits are expelled from the pores to clean out the skin without any irritation. Especially if your skin is sensitive, applying natural aloe vera is the perfect option.

The vitamins and minerals right in the plant have a huge effect on the skin. They encourage the reproduction of new cells, regeneration, and hydration too since it has 20 out of the 22 essential amino acids your body needs. It’s is so powerful that it’s been compared to steroids like cortisone, although without any side effects!

How to Use It?

You can use either the gel or the juice to treat your condition at home. If you’re using the gel, you can get it right from the aloe vera plant or from the store. Apply it to the affected skin area and let it dry. After that, rinse with lukewarm water. Doing this twice daily for two months heals symptoms like redness and irritation completely.

You don’t have to use the topical measure however, and can take it orally if you’d like. All you have to do is drink one tablespoon of aloe vera juice twice daily. By doing this, you detoxify your body and speed up the healing. After only a few months you should see a huge improvement.

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Natural Options

You can buy your aloe vera rosacea, or you can use the actual plant depending on the time of the year. If you do use the plant, you’ll be assured that there are no chemicals that could irritate your skin, making it a very effective treatment option. Lots of us are a little confused about using the actual plant, but trust me, it’s fairly easy.

All you have to do is cut the plant to reveal the gel inside, which you can apply right away. You can even break off one of the leave and apply the sap to your skin, completely replacing any other chemically based skin products. After you gently wash your entire face, you’ll see the best results. Your tight and burning skin will be relieved almost immediately, and redness will subside soon after.

Why Not Store-Bought?

Besides the fact that brand names may contain some chemicals that will irritate your skin instead of heal it, there are a few other reasons you may want to try the natural method. Those artificial additives and chemicals can also dilute the healing potential of aloe even if your skin isn’t bothered by them. Store bought products often have a lot less aloe than you’d like too, so you’re missing out on some of the true healing potential.

If you have no other option than store bought, make sure to check that aloe is one of the first three ingredients for the best possible results.

Long Term Effects

You’ll see improvement within the first 15 minutes of use, but long term effects of using aloe vera are incredibly notable. Breakouts should be lessened significantly, while inflammation is reduced by half. After two months of using continuously, patients have even reported no periods of prolonged inflammation or breakouts.

If you have a more chronic form of rosacea, four daily treatments are suggested, with similarly significant results.

Cautions for Rosacea

Having rosacea means you have very sensitive skin. In some cases, this means that some store-bought brands can cause more irritation. Depending on the manufacturer, you might find that aloe vera rosacea does more harm than good. In that case, try the actual plant or discuss the possibility of using aloe vera or other treatments more personalized for your skin.

What is Rosacea?

Quite simply, it is a common skin condition causing red bumps on the body or face that are itchy and accompanied by persistent redness. Sometimes they can be pus-filled and tend to burn or sting a lot. Even blood vessels can be more visible just thanks to this disorder. There are a few other common symptoms as well, such as bloodshot or itchy eyes, tightness of the skin, or some swelling, although not everyone experiences the exact same symptoms.

Who Gets Rosacea?

For the most part, women suffer from it more than men, especially women with fair skin. Men however have more severe symptoms and may have a harder time treating it. This is in part because there is no current cure for rosacea. The cause is even unknown, making it difficult for doctors to treat it even with oral treatments or topical creams.


Rosacea is definitely not a pleasant issue to deal with. Luckily, aloe vera is a tried and true method for improvement. Use either the natural plant or store bought aloe vera for a huge improvement in your skin over time. Soon enough, you’ll have the beautiful skin back that you deserve! Aloe is great for its anti-inflammatory properties and its healing nature. The bonus is – it doesn’t have bad side effects that you would otherwise find in medications.

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