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Today we’re talking about something my baby got to try out (lucky little thing!). Finally, someone has done something about baby food – Luke Mangan, leading Australian chef, has taken the step to be the hero of bubs and used his culinary skills to create a range of freshly made healthy meals for toddlers over 10 months!
Baby Bites is also the FIRST fresh baby food range in Australia developed by a Michelin Star-trained chef. How fortunate, right? That babies get to taste good food like that? I have never had the pleasure of tasting the creations of a Michelin Star-trained chef… until now (when I stole a couple of mouthfuls from bub).
As a mum, I have to say I regularly purchase baby food. I cook almost every day but sometimes, it’s just not appropriate for the baby and I’m too busy/lazy to prepare a separate meal for her. We’re talking along the lines of spicy food or difficult-to-chew-food like Steak.
Anyway, as most mums will know, a lot of baby food stocked in supermarkets have fancy names that definitely sound like restaurant standard. You know, like Rissoni Pasta & Garden Vegetables…. or Heart Beef with Veggies & Pasta etc. I’m not saying these taste yucky… but I will honestly say they don’t taste the best. Or to put it another way, I as an adult would not eat it.
Bub reading the descriptions and explaining to me in baby gibberish.
The Baby Bites range is not only truly yummy but very healthy. It is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and made with fresh, quality ingredients. The new range includes 3 dishes:
Can I say that they taste nothing like typical baby food? Husband and I stole a few mouthfuls here and there from bub and they taste really good. At 180g each, it is a good sized serving for bub. Some days she finishes it all at one go, some days I can save some for later!
Each Baby Bites Toddler Pot retails for $3.95 for 180g and are suitable for babies over 10 months. For local stockist details, call 0407 106 392.
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