11 Baby Home Remedies and Oils For Hair Growth

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2018)

Even though some say that every baby looks the same right after the birth, they all have different hair. Some babies are born with a full set of hair while others arrive at this world with only a few strains of hair on their little heads. After roughly six months after the birth, baby’s hair will fall out and grow back.

New hair can have a completely different color and texture. Not every parent is familiar with that fact, so when the hair falls out, parents get scared and start to panic.

This has nothing to do with hair thinning or unnatural loss of hair. This is just how the things go, similar to baby teeth falling out.

How to increase hair growth in babies? Today, I will talk about the home remedies which can help with the hair growth of your child. I’ll also share some natural products I’ve tried.

If you want to know how to grow baby hair faster naturally, stay with me until the end of this article.

Coconut Oil For Baby Hair Growth

Is coconut oil good for babies hair? You might think of using coconut oil to help baby hair grow.

Coconut oil is mainly great for making hair smoother and more manageable. Use a little on your baby’s scalp to help with easier brushing. Do it during bath time or even massage it into baby’s scalp overnight. Wash it off in the morning and you’ll see baby’s scalp all smooth and healthy.

Coconut oil is also a great option for dealing with hair lice. It suffocates the lice and makes hair so smooth that it can’t have a good grip. It makes it a lot easier for you to use a lice comb and comb them right out!

However, when it comes to stimulating hair growth, there is currently no scientific evidence.

Is Olive Oil Good For Baby’s Hair?

Yes, olive oil is good for baby’s hair. Use it to strength your little one’s hair and remove cradle cap. Olive oil is very effective at helping to loosen cradle cap.

Apply a thin layer of olive oil onto your baby’s scalp. Massage his or her scalp with a soft hair brush or even a delicate wash cloth. Let the olive oil absorb and stay for about 10 minutes.

Finally, wash it off with a gentle baby shampoo product and use warm water for rinsing. You might need to repeat the washing and rinsing a couple of times as the oil can leave a bit of a greasy residue.

Olive oil is also good for itchy scalp, moisturizing hair, improving hair strength and treating dandruff.

What about Olive oil for baby hair growth? Olive oil does have lots of vitamin E which is effective at preventing hair fall. Try massaging your little one’s scalp with olive oil. It can help indirectly by improving frizz and dryness.

Castor Oil for Baby Hair Growth

Castor oil is actually very effective at helping baby’s hair growth. It also works great at strengthening and thickening baby’s hair. Castor oil is able to penetrate baby’s hair roots and strength from deep within.

Castor oil is also rich in vitamin E, Omega 6 and 9, minerals and proteins. So using it for baby’s scalp can be really effective.


7 Baby Hair Remedies and Oils To Try At Home

Baby Don’t Be Bald Scalp Nourishment Triple Strength

Check price and more details here

This hair growth formula contains all-natural ingredients which nourish the scalp and help with your baby’s hair growth.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • No chemicals
  • Natural ingredients
  • Nourishing
  • Good for children and adults

Keep In Mind:

  • It might not help with every type of hair
  • Feels a bit greasy

MedSpa Baby Bristles Brushing and Massaging 100% Natural Wood Bristles

Check price and more details here

This brush is made out of extremely soft bristles and natural wood. This brush is excellent for combing hair of newborn babies and toddlers. Baby’s scalp will benefit from the improved circulation which aids in hair growth!

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Great for detangling hair
  • Gentle on scalp
  • Simulates scalp circulation

Keep In Mind:

  • It might be difficult to detangle extremely curly hair

Purely Mee Baby Shampoo Chamomile

Check price and more details here

Calming, soft, nurturing baby shampoo with aloe vera leaf juice, chamomile extract, pure honey and calendula extract. This shampoo is filled with over 30 different vitamins and minerals and even more nutrients which means that your baby’s hair will be better than ever!

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Contains 32 minerals and vitamins
  • Hundreds of active enzymes and nutrients
  • Moisturizes the hair
  • Calms the scalp

Keep In Mind:

  • Formula is kind of runny
  • Scent might be a bit strong

Nourishing Hair Oil For Baby’s Hair Growth

Check price and more details here

This toxin-free all natural hair oil for baby’s hair growth has one of the most helpful ingredients  – coconut oil. Massage your little one’s scalp with this oil and you’ll see your baby’s hair turn out health, shiny and smooth. It’s also great for cradle cap.

This best hair oil for baby girls or boys also contains avocado and almond oil. Both of which contain lots of nutrients to aid baby’s hair growth. Its formula can penetrate your child’s hair roots effectively, encouraging hair to grow.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Coconut, avocado and almond oils with lots of nutrients for baby’s hair
  • Great for cradle cap too
  • Calms the scalp

Johnson’s Baby Hair Oil

Check price and more details here

This hair oil from Johnson’s contains avocado and pro vitamin B5. They both help to encourage your baby’s hair to grow, while keeping existing hair healthy. As with Johnson’s products, this oil is gentle and nourishing for your little one. This is an effective baby oil for hair growth overnight!

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Avocado and pro vitamin B5 help to promote hair to grow
  • Mild and not sticky
  • Smells nice

Cara B Naturally Moisturizing Hair Mist

Check price and more details here

This hair mist has no nasties at all. You won’t find sulfates, parabens, mineral oil or petrolatum in it! Free of artificial colors, preservatives and fragrances, you can feel completely at ease using this on your little one.

This mist uses jojoba oil and sweet almond oil leaves to give your baby’s hair and scalp moisture. It’s not greasy and gives hair a beautiful shine.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • All natural. No nasties at all!
  • Jojoba oil and sweet almond oil moisturizes baby’s scalp and hair

CurlyKids Mixed Hair Care Super Detangler

Check price and more details here

This formula is versatile and great if you have kids of different ages! Use it for your older kids to help with their hair tangling problems. Use it for your baby as it helps to promote healthy hair growth!

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Reduces breakage
  • Versatile for both older children and babies
  • Conditions hair
  • Great for detangling hair

Keep In Mind:

  • Somewhat pricey
  • Greasy
  • Hair might smell weird


11 Tips To Help Baby’s Hair Grow Faster

Untangling Curls

Baby hair is fine and wispy, and since babies spend most of their time lying on their back, their hair can easily get tangled. You need to detangle any curls before they become messy knots.

If you are having problems detangling your baby’s hair, try washing it less often and use less soap. You can also brush their hair with a soft baby brush and remember to talk with your infant if you don’t want them to become restless.

Baby Shampoo

Since babies generally don’t get dirty because they spend most of their time in bed, shampooing your baby’s hair once a week will do the job.

Use organic, tear-free shampoos and keep a towel near you so you can wipe your baby’s eyes and ears. If you’re having trouble with calming your baby, try to distract them with bath toys.

Homemade Conditioning

Use conditioners only if your baby’s hair is very curly, dry, or if weather affects it. This will also help you with detangling the hair.

You can make your own conditioner by mixing half a cup of extra virgin olive oil and a half a cup of pure honey and then apply it on your baby’s head and softly massage the entire scalp. Wait a couple of minutes before rinsing it out.

Aloe Vera

Scoop out the fleshy part inside of the aloe vera and then mix it with distilled water and mash it or blend it. Wash your baby’s hair with that thick juice. You will notice the difference in no time.

Gelatin for Hair Growth

Gelatin is superb for hair because it contains amino acids such as glycine and proline which are responsible for hair growth in babies.

Mix the gelatin powder with warm water, honey, and apple cider vinegar. Massage the mixture onto the baby’s scalp and let it rest for a couple of minutes. After that, shampoo it away.

Experiment With Other Products

Every hair reacts differently to various shampoos, and in order to find the perfect one, you should experiment. Go and buy small sachets of different shampoos and try them all out before you find one which will suit your baby the most.

Don’t Use Heat

Heat can damage the hair of your baby. The best thing you can do for your baby’s hair is to let it dry out in the air.


Diet affects the hair growth. You need to make sure that your child is getting enough vitamin D which can be found in sweet potatoes, baby walnuts, apricots, carrots, pumpkin, and almonds. Also, make sure to provide them with enough proteins such as spinach, eggs, and salmon.

Oil for Dry Scalp

Sometimes, the hair is not the problem. Baby’s scalp can get dry and itchy. When scratched, hair can fall out. Buy baby oils with almond or Indian Gooseberry.

Extra Tips

Always loosely tie the hair of your child, try to avoid drastic changes in baby’s diet, introduce yogurt to your child’s diet since it helps with the hair growth and keeps it hydrated.


I believe that you now have all needed information to make the best decision for your baby’s hair. Try one of these tips or products that will be helpful for your baby’s hair.

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