The 7 Best Baby Monitors For Deaf Parents 2022

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2021)

As a parent, it is immensely important to check on your child to ensure their safety and wellbeing. This can become difficult to do when your child is not in the same space as you, like if they are sleeping in their own room, for example.

This is where the baby monitor comes in. A baby monitor is a radio device that lets a parent hear or see their child, even when they are in different rooms. The monitor can be used as an audio and/or video device that will help you keep track of your child’s wellbeing. Some even have night light functions and some even play lullabies.

Currently, though audio features may not be accessible to deaf parents, baby monitors can still be very helpful through other features. In addition, some baby monitors have been designed to help hearing impaired parents specifically.

Best Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents


VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

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This Vtech audio baby monitor is fully digital, using the DECT 6.0 technology, so that you can be sure that the only noises you are hearing are from your baby’s feedback – no static or other incoming wireless messages.

The perks of using DECT 6.0 technology is that the transmission they send is encrypted, so you can be sure that you’re the only one hearing your baby’s noises. The VTech DM221 works efficiently at a great 1,000 feet wherever you might be, with the parent unit able to work for 18 straight hours with a full charge.

A belt clip is also included for easy portability. This baby monitor also features 5 LED lights which will let you know how much fuss your baby is making visually. On the other hand, the baby unit comes with a loop which also serves as a nightlight if necessary and a speaker connected to the unit to hear the parents’ voices for soothing.

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor

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The Philips Avent Baby Monitor is a baby monitor with extensive benefits including DECT technology, LED light sensors, temperature sensor, preset lullabies and a nightlight. Philips guarantees that you will hear your baby’s noises crystally clear and should have no interruptions whatsoever as long as you are within 900 feet.

However, if you are indoors, you can only access the baby unit through the parent unit at 150 feet. The Philips Avent also features a temperature sensor which will alert you if there has been a temperature change in your baby’s room.

Another great feature is the installed lullabies which you can play upon command to soothe your baby to sleep. There are 5 different lullabies which you can choose from, or speak through the speaker yourself. The LED lights will alert you if there is any sounds in your baby’s room, even if the parent unit is muted.

Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Audio Monitor

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The Summer Infant Babble Band is the only wearable baby audio monitor on the market. It is completely wireless, even when charging, and is completely hands free. You simply wear the monitor almost as if you are wearing a watch. It features low battery indicators and volume controls, almost as if it were a remote.

This monitor has received 2 separate awards: the Parent Tested Approved Award and the ‘Editors Pick’ by The Bump. Many customers have applauded the sensitivity of this baby audio monitor and it’s convenience in usability.

The Babble Band has 3 separate functions: first, the audio mode. In this mode you simply receive audio of your baby’s room. The second is vibration mode which activates vibrations whenever audio is received from the baby’s end but audio on the parent’s end is muted. Third is the sound light mode which is a visual cue to show when audio is being received on the baby’s end.

Sonic Bomb

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The Sonic Bomb Baby Cry Signaler is a separately sold audio transmitter which is a simple light up machine that notifies you when audio is being picked up in the baby’s room. The notification will then be sent to a Sonic Alert receiver which is sold separately. The transmitter itself does not flash or emit any noise to ensure no disturbance for your baby.

The receiver can be adjusted to receive certain types of noises and adjust the sensitivity of the noises picked up. The compatible machine options are as follows: Boom Alarm Clock (SB1000), Wall Mount Remote Receiver (SA101), Table Top Remote Receiver (SA201), Sonic Blink Strobe Receiver (BL300), Remote Horn Receiver (RH100).

Customers have praised the product to be simple and easy to use, and especially helpful for people who are either deaf or hearing-impaired.  A benefit of it being sold separately is that you can choose which product to pair it with whichever product will be the most efficient in ensuring you know that your baby is in distress.

VTech BA72211BL Blue Audio Baby Monitor

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The VTech BA72211BL is the more complete VTech baby monitor version with 2 parent units as opposed to 1 in the other VTech versions. However, for this VTech product, you can get the option of choosing one or two parent units at a different price.

The parent unit and baby unit also come in a cute baby blue color rather than the previous monotone silver. Both parent units have the talk back feature which can be used at the same time, and the baby unit also has a loop with a night light feature.

The receiver units will also receive a vibration alert whenever noise is being picked up on the receiver. The baby units are wall charged only, however the parents’ units can run on rechargeable units which are included in the product. All three pieces have a wall charger included if you prefer that option.

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera HB24

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The Hello Baby monitor’s major benefit which makes it an impressive product when compared to its competition is mostly based on its camera features. The baby monitor can show you a live feed of your baby in both day and night through clear pictures.

Completely wireless, the monitor can adjust to an overnight video system which projects LED infrared beams to gain a black and white image for you to observe throughout the night with ease. Despite the video creating extra battery usage, this baby monitor can be used for up to 8 hours with video and the parent unit works with a range of 960 feet. If you decide not to use the video option, battery usage will decrease by 50% and the LED indicators will turn on.

This is the audio mode, where you only hear the noise received and visually see with the LED indicators how much noise is being made. You can switch back to video mode at any time necessary. These monitors can be paired up with up to 4 child unit cameras simultaneously with no extra set up required.

This monitor also features a temperature sensor to notify you of the room temperature your baby is in. It also comes with the 8 pre-set lullabies to help your baby fall back asleep.

The Importance of a Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are helpful for many reasons. They are a great asset for both experienced and inexperienced parents. 

Easily Check on Your Child

A monitor provides real time updates on your child’s circumstances remotely. This means that regardless of where you are in your house, be it your room, the restroom, kitchen or garage, you can check up on your child visually/audibly, depending on the model that you choose. This portable device will allow you to check up on your child without having to run into their rooms every few minutes to check on their wellbeing.

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Helps You Rest Well

As a parent, you often get little sleep because of your little ones. With a monitor, you can feel more secure and sleep better since you know that it will alert you if your child starts crying. This way, you can rest for a while while your child is sleeping as well, and be ready whenever they end up waking up.

Lets You Have Your Own Space

While it may be ideal for watching over your child, it is almost impossible to have them with you 24/7. You may need to do household chores like washing dishes, vacuuming, or even going outside to take out the trash, so you can’t bring your child along.

You may even simply want to have some alone time away from your child. By using a baby monitor, you can have more flexibility when it comes to space and moving around, since you can watch over your child remotely. This also means that you don’t have to be around your baby’s crib if they need rest as well.

Suitable for Children of All Ages

Other than monitoring babies in their cribs, these monitors can also be used to watch your toddlers and older children. For older children, they can be more active and mischievous, so a baby monitor will allow you to monitor your children in case they get hurt, or in case they get too rowdy.

How do hearing impaired parents hear their baby crying

As expected, hearing impaired moms and dads cannot hear their babies cry. However, they use their other senses like sight and touch to check if their child is crying.

In the past, parents even resorted to tying a string around their wrists and their baby’s wrist. So that they could detect movement if the baby started crying or moving. Some other hearing impaired parents also put their arm or leg near the baby in the crib to detect movement. Trained hearing dogs have also been used to alert deaf parents if their babies are crying.

How It Helps Deaf Parents

Firstly, they generally provide the same benefits listed above to deaf parents as well. They give mom and dad visual feedback on their children and help them keep track of them remotely. However, baby monitors that are designed for hearing impaired parents usually have additional features like extra lights or vibrations to alert them of their baby’s crying that they cannot hear.

Choosing a Baby Monitor for Deaf Parents

Vibrations Are Your Friend

Baby monitors frequently use sound as a method of notifying parents, but parents are not able to rely on this. Hence, these devices now often come with vibration-based systems that will notify mom and dad through feel.

They often come with a vibrating pad which is remotely connected to monitor as well. Mom and dad may place the pad or rod under their pillow when they sleep, and the vibrations will wake the sleeping parent to help the child.

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Videos Will Help

LCD screens that show your children will be more expensive, but are definitely very helpful for parents. These cameras are usually equipped with night vision features and will allow you to watch over your kids remotely.

Flashing Lights

In addition to vibrations, some models also come with a flashing light feature that allows moms and dads to receive visual feedback that their child needs attention. These are often additions to vibrations, so they provide extra security to ensure that you pick up the notice.


Nowadays, manufacturers have created baby monitors that are catered towards deaf parents so that they can reap the benefits that it provides with additional features. The vibrations and lights that cater to the touch and visual senses greatly help these parents. This way, they can keep watch of their babies and children from other locations in the house and ensure their safety.

Now, parents no longer have to resort to troublesome and tiresome methods to watch over their little ones. With 24/7 video feedback and night time vibration notifications, deaf parents can sleep well or do chores without worrying about missing your child’s cries for help.

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