Baby Proof TV Stand Reviews: The Safest & Sturdiest Ones To Get

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2019)

Coming home after a long day at work or finally putting kids to sleep, relaxing in front of a TV feels like heaven. As technology advances, TVs get thinner, wider and they are usually top-heavy, and that can be dangerous if you have a baby. As a mother, I have taken upon myself to try out some of the top products designed to baby proof your TV stand.

Baby Proof TV Stand Reviews

Ashtonbee TV Anti-Tip Straps

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Ashtonbee TV stand Anti-Tip Straps are made out of high-quality materials, and they are specifically designed to ensure the safety of your TV stand and everything around. This anti-tip kit is designed to strap down your TV stand to a heavy furniture or a wall. Anti-Tip Straps come in 3 different sizes of screws which mean that you don’t have to worry about securing your TV because those screws fit almost all TVs.

Why I Love It:
– Specifically designed to meet optimum household safety standards
– Easy to install and use
– Offers high level of durability and strength
– Made out of high-quality materials
– Prevents TVs and furniture from falling or tipping over
– Sturdy buckle
– Strong mounting clip

Furniture Anti-Tip Mounting Hardware

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This baby proof anti-tip mounting hardware was created by parents who got frustrated by low-quality furniture straps. They have decided to make their anti-tip mounting hardware which will be able to withstand the weight of any TV and keep it tightly in place thus ensuring the safety of everything and everyone around it. A portion of every sale of this anti-tip mounting product will go to baby and new moms in America who need it the most. With this baby proof mounting hardware, you are not just protecting your baby. You are also helping someone who needs it!

Why I Love It:
– There are no plastic parts, no glue, no velcro
– Solid metal parts and heavy duty straps
– Enables you to mount your TV to furniture as well as a wall
– Made by following high safety and quality standards
– Portion of every purchase goes directly to baby and mothers in need

Nursery Dressers Anti-Tip Straps

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As a parent, you probably already know that baby will use any given opportunity to climb anything they can. With these baby proof anti-tip straps, you can rest easy knowing that your child won’t hurt itself by pulling a TV stand or a dresser on itself. These baby proof straps will keep TV stand and furniture safely anchored and in place.

Why I Love It:
– Heavy duty straps which can stand up to almost 400 pounds
– Steel plates
– No plastic parts
– Triple stitched

Digintree Exquisite Quality TV and Furniture Anti-Tip Straps

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High quality sturdy anti-tip straps designed solely to baby proof your TV or furniture safely anchored. You can strap your TV to a wall or a furniture. I assure you that these straps will hold the weight of the biggest TVs. You won’t have to worry if your child decides to push or pull your TV because Digintree TV and furniture anti-tip straps will keep it tightly in place.

Why I Love It:
– No glue or plastic
– Heavy duty straps
– Parts made out of metal
– Easy to install

FitFabHome TV & Furniture Anti-Tip Safety Straps

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These baby proof tv stand anti-tip straps are the best ones. There are no cheap plastic parts, plates are thicker, larger and made entirely out of metal and I was lucky to receive additional four pack corner guards completely free of charge! If you opt for FitFabHome TV & furniture anti-tip safety straps, I believe that you won’t be disappointed.

Why I Love It:
– Buckles and plates made out of durable ABS steel
– No Velcro, glue or plastic
– Straps made out of double cross-stitched thick fabric
– Easy to install
– Free corner protectors

How to Baby Proof Your TV Stand

I have gone through hundreds of blog posts, articles and product reviews in order to find out which steps parents have to make to baby proof their TV.

The first thing you should do is to clean up the area around your TV stand. That means removing remotes, decorations, game and DVD cases, gaming consoles and everything that might spark curiosity and interest in your child. If the area around your TV is clean and empty, your child won’t find it entertaining.

Another important thing is cable management! For an adult, cables are just cables. Just another component which connects one piece of equipment to other. But for a child, cables are a fun jungle, and they won’t wait for too long before they start pulling on them.

As you already know, most of the cables around the TV stand are usually connected directly to TV. That means that your child might accidentally tug a little too hard on a wrong cable and they can knock your TV down. A broken TV might not be the worst thing that can happen in that kind of situation. Your TV could easily fall down on your child and hurt them.

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To Conclude

As you can see, all of these baby proof anti-tip straps are budget friendly, and all of them are capable of fulfilling their duty which is keeping your TV and furniture in place. If you wish to protect your children and your belongings, you can go for any of these straps; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Also read my Infant Optics review

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