7 Top Back Massagers To Try At Home!

(Last Updated On: March 30, 2017)

Have you ever felt those intense burning sensations across your spine or lower back region while working or after coming from office? I know I have. Sometimes, after sitting for many tedious hours, my back would develop severe pain, which will result in reduced efficiency in my work. There is no way to get away as it is routine work and I have no other choice. Finally, one day I came across these wonderful back massagers and life has been much easier since then.

Not only have they solved my back pain problem, they also stimulated my muscles (especially in the spinal and lower back region) which improved my productivity and efficiency at work and helped me feel more relaxed at home.

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Benefits of Back Massage

A good massage makes you calm, relaxed and stress free. Whether it is a full body or a massage involving a particular part, it improves the overall wellness of your body. There are many benefits of massage, some of which I would like to enlist below:

  • After working in a office for a whole day, getting a back massage can relieve us from severe lower back pain. The pressure applied stimulates the muscles, releasing tension so that we can get to work in no time.
  • Endorphin or “happy hormones” are released when we get a massage, which helps us in feeling good about ourselves and thus preventing us from anxiety attack or depression.
  • Back massage helps in improving our sleep quality. As our muscles become relaxed and tension free, we get a full sleep cycle which gives us better health.
  • Massage stimulates circulation, increasing our blood flow capacity. Thus more oxygen is pumped and our body gives an optimum performance.
  • A good massage makes it easier for childbirth. It decreases the pain of the labor women undergo during childbirth.
  • It helps our body to heal faster. It improves the metabolism capacity of our body.

What to Look For

Now that you have made your mind up to buy one, you have to know which one best suits you. There are many types of massagers available in the market for different purposes. You can purchase a massager that only have the vibrating features or you can buy one that comes with a heating function accompanied by kneading, squeezing and rolling capabilities.

Some massagers also provide acupressure functions! Overall, these massagers provide a soothing and healing effect and will help you will feel more relaxed.

Back Massagers

Naipo Back Massager

Check price and more details here

The Naipo Shaitsu Back Massager gives a 3D deep kneading at the neck, back, waist and buttock region and makes your muscles relaxed and stress free. The rolling massage nodes are adjustable and cover the full back and stimulate the spine. You can adjust the intensity of vibration. There is a 2 years warranty period and 30 days refund policy.

Why It’s So Popular:
– High quality massagers with great build quality
– Foldable and portable, can easily fit in a suitcase.
– Provides good amount of pressure and very therapeutic.
– Great option for back and neck pain.
– Worth the value of money.


Belmint Back Massager

Check price and more details here

Belmint brings a back massager that offers full body massage and gives you relief from sore muscles. It has 5 programmable modes and an intuitive handheld controller. You can operate it while sitting up or lying down. It heats up to 140°F in just 7.7 minutes, thus providing a pleasurable overall experience.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Good for full body, back cramps have been greatly reduced.
– Portable and powerful.
– Great product, gives a soothing experience.
– Great option for a comfortable massage.
– Well constructed and excellent value of money.


Five star FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Back and Thigh Massager

Check price and more details here

This 10-Motor Vibration Back and Thigh Massager is a perfect option for your neck, shoulder, back, thighs and lower back. It provides a soothing heat and an elevating experience altogether. Be it in home, office or car, its portability is excellent and if you don’t need it, it automatically shuts down in 30 minutes.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The cushion is gentle and absolutely fantastic.
– It perfectly fits most body shapes.
– Great for relaxing your muscles in office while working in a stressful environment.
– Gives a soothing massage.
– The heat and massage works very well.


Zyllion ZMA Shiatsu Massager

Check price and more details here

This Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager Cushion, having movable massage nodes with soothing heating features is ideal for getting a relaxed massage. You will get a lot of customizations for taking full control of the types of massages you want. This massager performs rolling and deep-kneading massages, providing the exact pressure a person wants.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Relieves shoulder pain and blood circulation problems.
– Gets rid of fatigue and stress related issue.
– Perfect chair massager.
– Impressive massage unit, powerful.
– Provides value and versatility for the money.


Relaxzen Rolling Shiatsu Massager

Check price and more details here

Relaxzen has made this full back massager with rotating motors designed to provide absolute comfort and take away tensions from all the stressful regions of your body, especially in the back and neck areas. You can adjust the setting as per your preference to give you a wonderful experience. The ergo hand remote with auto timer and spot Shiatsu promises to give you an excellent overall experience.

Why It’s So Popular:
– A great product to use in office.
– A solid masterpiece with very intuitive control settings.
– Designed for everyone.
– The massage chair mat is great.


Types of Back Massagers

There are different types of back massagers available in the market based on the price, size and durability. You can pick anyone which suits you the best. I have highlighted some of the basic types of back massagers for you to know.

Wand Massager

This handheld massager has an adjustable head and customizable vibration speed. It is small and portable and it takes a little to get used to it.

Chair Massager

Placed in a regular chair or recliner, it can produce heat along with vibration, to give a soothing experience to the individual. It helps relax the muscles in the neck and lower back region and gives a nice massage.

Trigger Point Massager

This type has strategically placed knobs which stimulate the muscles by applying pressure present in the back. It is very easy to use, portable and requires no electrical power.

Belt Massager

You can use it for massaging your lower back region. It stimulates and energizes the muscles there. It gives much needed comfort to the spinal region. This device is portable and easy to use.


After using my back massager, I can say I feel so much healthier and better overall. It has made me calmer, relaxed, productive and more efficient. Plus there’s just something to look forward to every evening now – it’s my go-to when I need some quiet downtime! For those who are suffering from back pain or similar issues of body pain, I would advise trying out one of these back massagers.

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