Bassinet vs Crib: What Are The Differences?

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2019)

I was doing some research into bassinets when I gradually realized that there is a marked difference between a bassinet and a crib. If you’re wondering what the difference is, or which is more suitable for you, I’ll share some of the points I found here:

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If you’re on a tight budget, then bassinets are the way to go. They certainly tend to be more affordable than cribs. If your need is immediate and you can’t really afford a crib yet, bassinets provide a lot of benefits for a lower price. You can just save up for a crib later.


Because cribs take up more space than bassinets, it’s going to be harder to accommodate one in your bedroom. If you’re looking to be able to sleep in the same room as your baby, then putting a bassinet in your bedroom is so much easier to do than trying to fit a crib in there.

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Ease of use

Cribs can be especially challenging to use for newborn moms, especially those who just underwent a C-section. This is because they have to bend over the crib’s railings in order to be able to put their babies into the crib. On the other hand, they can easily put their babies into bassinets even while sitting down as they are smaller and lower.

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You can’t really drag a crib around from room to room (although they do usually come with wheels so you can at least try to do so) in your houseor bring it outdoors. On the other hand, it’s a lot easier to do so with a smaller, lightweight bassinet. This feature is especially useful if you have to do some chores around and want to keep an eye on your baby at the same time. Not only can you bring your baby with you practically everywhere in a bassinet, you can also be assured that you have easily find a spot for the bassinet.


Many bassinets also have a hood or cover feature than can help keep it dark for babies who like to sleep during the day. So if your little one sleeps during daytime, then you may want to invest in a bassinet with a hood or a cover.


Bassinets are generally snugger than cribs, and while some babies prefer the snugness that bassinets can offer, some also prefer the wider range of space that sleeping in a crib provides. There is a certain degree of comfort that being in a snug bassinet provides, but in the end it depends on where your baby can get comfortable and rest better in.


Because cribs and bassinets are both designed with your baby’s safety in mind, I can’t say that either one is significantly or any more safer than the other. However, this only applies if your baby is still a newborn. Bassinets have weight limits and can only accommodate the size and weight of your growing baby for a certain period of time. At some point, they are growing to outgrow the capacity of a bassinet and at that point in time it may be unsafe for them to use already.

Length of Use

If you’re looking for a long term investment and money isn’t really an issue, then you can buy a crib from the get go. This is because they can outgrow a bassinet while they can grow into a crib. Some cribs are also convertible into toddler beds, for when your baby grows up and is capable of finally owning their own bed. Cribs are made of sturdier materials for the reason that they can be used longer.

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