BB Cream vs Tinted Moisturizer: The Ultimate Differences

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2018)

One of the most important parts of my makeup routine is skin care and coverage. Most people usually want to heal and hide any blemishes.

These days, it seems there are so many options for skin makeup products. All with similar purposes but different names.

BB cream and tinted moisturizers are both makeup products that have healing properties. They are meant to give you color, even out your skin and cover blemishes. So what is the difference between the two? When should each individual one be used and which one is better?

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BB Cream vs Tinted Moisturizer

choosing between bb cream or tinted moisturizer

What is BB Cream?

A BB cream is short for blemish balm. It’s simply a creamy skin product that is generally used to even out your skin tone. It does so by hiding scars, pimples and other dark spots that foundation may not cover.

BB Cream was invented to be a sort of all-in-one cream, made with a combination of multiple different skin products. Such as primer, concealer, moisturizer and skin treatments.

It often also contains a sort of sun protection like SPF, which also helps prevent skin aging.

Also containing vitamins such as A, C and E, BB cream is beneficial for skin elasticity and makes your skin look brighter and fresher.  

Many women use this product on their face before applying their other makeup products or a heavier foundation, as it will be a big help to even out your skin tone and hide blemishes, as the name would suggest.

As BB cream contains moisturizer, it makes for a perfect base to hydrate your skin. Or even a stand alone product on a naked, makeup free face to give you a natural clear-skinned look

What is Tinted Moisturizer?

Tinted moisturizer is also a creamy skin makeup product which is used to hydrate your skin. It also gives you some color.

Unlike other makeup products, tinted moisturizer is somewhere between a light and heavyweight cream. However, it’s more on the sheerer side.

The coverage can be built upon through multiple layers of dried moisturizer without it feeling too cakey.

Most tinted moisturizers include ingredients such as aloe, which is known to be repairing for your skin. It also has fruits like cucumber, acai or pomegranate, with high water contents and healthy reformative juices and white tea which helps to boost vibrancy.

The natural ingredients that are generally found within tinted moisturizers will benefit your complexion over time, renewing and protecting your skin like a normal cream would. It also makes your skin look more even.

Tinted moisturizer will give you hydration and enhance the look of your normal skin. But the sheer, dewy formula assures it will not make you feel as if you are wearing heavy makeup.

Similarities and Differences

putting on make up with brush

BB cream and tinted moisturizers have a lot of similarities while also being very uniquely different makeup products.

They both offer skin coverage that is a lot lighter than that of foundation, while also being hydrating and moisturizing.

BB cream is longer lasting than tinted moisturizer, as BB cream has a built in priming formula, so if you need all day coverage you are likely better off going with a BB cream versus a tinted moisturizer.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a lighter coverage formula to enhance your natural skin rather than cover it up, tinted moisturizer may be ideal. It’s also great for a dewy and natural complexion.

BB creams are made to include all kinds of makeup products. Therefore, if you are looking for one product to combine multiple purposes, BB cream is perfect.

BB cream includes anti-aging ingredients, as well as a higher level of SPF than tinted moisturizer. Because of the fact that it combines multiple products. However, the moisturizing level of BB cream is less beneficial and apparent than that of tinted moisturizer.

Pricewise, both BB creams and tinted moisturizers can be found at a variety of price points, from affordable at the drugstore to a more expensive, higher quality beauty store.

As tinted moisturizer is less ‘versatile’ to BB cream, it may require you to buy other products such as anti aging serums or sunblocks.

Both are beneficial to any makeup routine. You will likely use both often. However, it depends what type and how heavy of makeup you are wearing that day.

Final Verdict

Both BB cream and tinted moisturizer are valuable to any makeup routine.

They are both effective products and different enough products that you may choose to have them both.

BB cream provides a more full coverage, hiding blemishes, pimples, pores and scars. It’s more lightweight than foundation and is a wonderful mix of a variety of different beauty products. Tinted moisturizer is more an enhancing product than a covering product.

While it is tinted, meaning it will still aid to cover some spots, especially since you can build upon with layers, it is generally used in lighter doses.

Tinted moisturizer is great to rejuvenate your skin, make it look healthy without making you look like you are wearing makeup.

Tinted moisturizer is lighter so it is perfect for those who like to wear less makeup. BB cream is a versatile product made from a combination of other makeup products. It’s ideal for those who want one product to do the job of many. It’s also good for those who do not wear or own much makeup.

It really comes down to how much makeup you generally like to wear. But really, both products are useful in anybody’s makeup routine!

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