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(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

This is the mummy side of me.

Well, my older daughter’s teacher rang me on Friday. I was obviously surprised as you know, they don’t usually call unless it’s something really bad. (I used to be a teacher myself. That’s a whole other story for another day.)

See, Ally (her nickname) is not a naughty kid. She’s no angel either. She’s just a typical girl who draws, colours, reads books but at times gets a little crazy and wild and dirties her clothes and wrecks her shoes (ugh!). But she’s a normal kid and in that split second, I couldn’t think of why the teacher would be calling.

I politely (and nervously) asked why the teacher was calling.

“Well, this is the problem. Ally has been doing this for a few days now. I have been telling her not to give her food away but she has been doing it and when it’s lunch time, she’s too hungry and comes asking me for food. And I end up giving her a banana or an apple out of my own lunch. And she did it again today!”

Lol. Poor teacher. She probably felt bad about letting Ally go hungry so she decided to feed her out of her own lunch.

Well, I went and asked Ally why she would give her food away (thinking that maybe she doesn’t like the food I’m giving her).

And then guess what she said to me. Yes she even gave me a whole speech about it.

“See, Mum, the thing is right… I’ve got a banana and the teacher has a banana too. But I don’t want my banana so I gave my banana away so I could go ask for my teacher’s banana.”

“But why?”



“Because adults eat bigger food.”

*Thoughts racing through my head to connect the dots*

And I understood what was going on!

Once at the dinner table, she asked why daddy had more food on his plate so I said it’s because he’s an adult so he’s got more food. So she’s figured that adults eat “bigger” food. Even though she’s already got a banana, she was obviously lusting over her teacher’s “bigger” food because she thought her teacher would have a bigger fruit than hers!


Kids are funny like that sometimes. I wonder what goes through their head..

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