The Benefits of GPS Tracking Devices for Kids

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

Being a parent is all about making tough decisions. You’ve got to decide what is best to eat, wear, play with, talk about, and experience. It is your responsibility to make sure that your child lives a full and happy life, but also that they stay safe and protected from people who might want to hurt them. This is no easy feat and it can often feel like an insurmountable task for parents. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to even the playing field.

Yes, life can be dark and scary sometimes, but technology is just one of the ways that parents can take back control. GPS trackers, for example, have grown in popularity over the last two decades, because they are discreet, flexible, and fast. They make keeping an eye on kids as simple as logging in to a website and clicking a button. Having a GPS tracker for kids means that safety doesn’t have to be intrusive.

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This guide to some of the benefits of using GPS trackers for child protection will help you get to grips with the basics.

Less Worry and Anxiety

As all parents know, 99% of child monitoring is precautionary. While many children do get abducted and bad things do happen, the numbers are actually quite small. So, it is mostly for peace of mind that parents turn to GPS technology. This is perfectly understandable and if it helps you to feel more at ease, while also enabling your child to retain some independence, then the technology is beneficial.

A Fast, Targeted Response

If there is ever any indication that your child might be in danger, a GPS tracker provides an exact location. This means that you can start to formulate a response immediately; whether that means investigating the location yourself, rallying friends and neighbours to help, or calling the police. You can also use GPS gadgets and apps to determine whether or not a teenager is telling the truth about their whereabouts.

Makes Journeys Safer

For teenagers especially, a degree of privacy and autonomy is essential for healthy growth. As such, it is important to understand that GPS trackers aren’t all about snooping. You may trust your teen implicitly and know, without a doubt, that they’d never stray beyond the established boundaries. Nevertheless, a GPS tracking device is a useful way to know when they leave a destination, so that you can be on alert for signs of danger during the journey.

Provides a Panic Button

These days, lots of commercially available GPS products come with a panic button. This is a button that your child can press if they are in danger and need assistance immediately. On some products, it takes the form of a special dial in code or sequence, so that the alarm can’t be triggered accidentally while in a school bag or pocket. It is a discreet and subtle way to cry for help if an abduction takes place and making a direct call is too risky.

Helps with Family Discipline

In some cases, a GPS tracking device can end up being really valuable when it comes to establishing family rules and boundaries. It represents a fair and reasonable compromise for teenagers; they are allowed to exercise their independence and autonomy, but they must carry the tracker for safety. This tends to be a lot more helpful than aggressively laying down the law, because even very well behaved teenagers are bound to strive for more freedom. This is an important time in life; they are learning about themselves and need a little space to do so.

How to Find High Quality GPS Gadgets and Devices

The best way to find reliable GPS tracking devices is to search online for providers with a lot of positive reviews. Also, try to decide what options and features you want before you start shopping, because you can then narrow the field. There are a great many brands and companies selling this type of technology, but the finest ones have a great reputation, either online or through word of mouth.

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