The 5 Benefits of Tinted Moisturizer: What You Should Know

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

Everyone loves the feeling of fresh and clean skin. This is when tinted moisturizer comes into the picture. It’s a little confusing to think about the tinted moisturizer meaning and how it compares with foundation. You might also be wondering “what is tinted moisturizer used for?”. I wrote this blog post to answer these questions!

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Foundation is made solely to cover your face of any unwanted acne or blemishes, while tinted moisturizer does not only that but also provides a hydrated and clean feeling to your face. 

Benefits of Tinted Moisturizer

I love the feeling of applying fresh moisturizer to my face. Not only does it look good as any other makeup product, but it also provides numerous benefits for the health of your skin as well. Check out the different benefits tinted moisturizer provides.

Your Daily Routine is Shortened

Take a moment to think about the steps you take to apply your makeup in the morning. You apply your moisturizer, wait for a few minutes for it to dry, then you finally apply your foundation.

With a tinted moisturizer, you can erase all of the time spent on waiting for the next step by skipping them and applying both the moisturizer and foundation components together at the same time. You’ll spend less time getting ready and more time living in the moment.

It Doesn’t Feel Heavy On Your Face

One of my biggest pet peeves when trying new foundation is when it cakes and feels like it’s suffocating my face. This is why I enjoy wearing tinted moisturizer instead.

A great thing about this moisturizer is it feels light and freeing throughout all four seasons. I

t helps keep your skin from drying in the winter and still feel light and breezy in the summer. It’s the perfect makeup that makes you forget you’re wearing makeup because it doesn’t feel like it’s dramatically caked onto your face.

nice skin

Your Skin Looks Healthy and Younger

Foundation and other types of makeup are great if your one and only goal are to cover blemishes on your face. Tinted Moisturizer can do that, plus even more.

Not only does it cover up any acne you don’t want people to see, but it also takes it a step further by hydrating your skin with the use of vitamins healthy supplements.

Not only do these moisturizers normally contain loads of vitamins, but a lot of them also provide SPF to protect your skin from damaging skin rays. This leaves your skin not just looking healthy, but feeling that way as well.

It Works For Any Look

I enjoy that I can change my look in many different ways, all while still using the same moisturizer. If you’re looking to go out for a night on the town and are searching for a sassy and bold look, simply add the tinted moisturizer, apply powder and any other desired makeup. Then you are ready to go.

If you’d rather choose a simple and natural style, all you’ll need is to apply the tinted moisturizer and then you’re good to go. Your skin can feel healthy and smooth, all while still wearing makeup. This leaves you feeling healthy and looking beautiful.

They Contain Different SPF Levels

As I previously mentioned, tinted moisturizers not only cleanse and strengthen your skin, but they protect them from damaging sun rays as well. Unlike foundations, these moisturizers contain different SPF levels to fight to keep your skin from becoming damaged by the sun.

More Facts You Didn’t Know

But wait, there’s more! There are several other facts and bits of information to keep in mind when applying a tinted moisturizer to your face. Take a look at these interesting and helpful facts.

Hands Are Better Than Brushes

Even though brushes are helpful when applying makeup, surprisingly, your hands are even more useful when it comes to blending moisturizer on your face.

The warmth radiating from your hands will help your skin glow and look more vibrant. So your skin will be a showstopper wherever you go.

Apply A Certain Amount of Moisturizer Based on Your Skin Type

For some makeup users, simply applying moisturizer isn’t quite enough for their dry skin. If this is similar to how you feel, don’t hesitate to add foundation after applying your tinted moisturizer. With oily skin, it’s best to purchase a moisturizer that is oil-free or water-based to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

If your skin isn’t immensely dry, be sure to first cleanse your skin before adding the tinted moisturizer.

Color Matching is Important

It took me a while to search and hunt for a moisturizer that matched my skin tone. It’s not the easiest process, but when you are searching, be sure to consider testing your moisturizer on two different areas of your face before making the purchase.

Place the moisturizer on your jawline and the center of your upper chest and clavicle to verify that these colors fit you the best. You always want to be sure your body and face remain the same shade in order to maintain a balanced look.  

Pack an Extra Dose of Sunblock

While it’s incredibly handy that most tinted moisturizers contain different levels of SPF, especially if you forget to bring along sunscreen like I normally do,  it’s always smart to pack some sunscreen to apply just in case the strength located in the moisturizer isn’t as strong as your skin may require. There’s nothing wrong with being safe than sorry when it comes to tackling the sun.

There Are Correct Directions to Blend

Who knew there was a smart and more effective way to blend your foundation and moisturizer? I sure didn’t.

When blending on your forehead, place and blend it up and outward. On the cheeks, be sure to blend it more outward as well. Finally move the blending downward when focusing on your chin and neck  BB Cream vs Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted Moisturizer Should Be Your Last Step

We all have certain orders in which we apply our makeup. The smartest and most effective method is to wait until you’ve completed your overall makeup routine and apply your moisurizer at the very end of the process. It is best to apply your moisturizer after everything, including your concealer. This way, your concealer will remain on your face for a longer period of time.

Final Verdict

When it comes to makeup, it always wise to make a cautious and well-educated choice: especially with tinted moisturizer. If the wrong shade is chosen or it doesn’t feel comfortable on your skin, this could lead to you no longer feeling confident or beautiful.

Once you examine the above steps and find the tinted moisturizer that fits your needs, don’t hesitate to shop for this tinted moisturizer in your nearest drugstore. When you’ve found this perfect moisturizer, you too will be on your way to looking and feeling your best.

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