Benefits of Walking For Pregnant Women: 5 Tips To Know

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

Oh, I know how easy it might seem to all the ladies out there that aren’t expecting, but staying in shape while pregnant can be so difficult. That’s why walking is the perfect way I chose to stay in shape. Read my post on great pregnancy shoes if you need to find out more.

Why walk when you’re pregnant

If you need some extra motivation in order to stay in a great shape as an expecting mom, but also once you give birth, go through these:

● It helps you become a stronger mom. Even an exercise as simple as walking will keep your heart strong and your muscles toned. You want to be able to meet all the demands of motherhood, and this is one way to do it.
● Staying in good shape will help you have a nicer, shorter labor. Helps to ease pelvic pain in addition to a maternity support belt.
● It will help you burn all the extra calories and keep you from gaining extra weight.
● Getting an exercise routine now will make it so much easier to (keep) exercising once you give birth.
● It helps with constipation.
● It doesn’t require any special skills or sophisticated gym.

How to do it properly

I know, sounds silly, but trust me, while pregnant you want to be as careful as one can be. Here are some things you should, and shouldn’t do when walking while pregnant:
● Don’t compare your performance to the one before you got pregnant. It’s a wrong approach, don’t forget that you’re an expecting mom, it can’t be the same. Nowadays you’re just looking for something that will maintain your fitness levels.
● Keep in mind that your sense of balance is a bit altered. The size of your belly changes your center of gravity, this makes walking a bit more difficult and different than walking when you’re not pregnant.
● Avoid high temperatures. When pregnant, it’s really easy to overheat while exercising, so you might want to skip a day if you feel that it’s a bit more hot than usual outside.
● Read your body’s signals. Don’t forget to listen to your body, you’re not doing it to push your limits and test how much you can take. If your body is tired, and tells you that you should take a break, do it. Getting too tired or dehydrated is bad for your baby.

Get ready for walking

Trust me, walking when pregnant is good only as long as you do it right. So don’t forget:

● To make short warm-up exercises, like marching in place
● To walk 30-45 minutes a day. But, do adapt to your body, don’t walk too long if you get tired.
● Use a heart rate monitor so you make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Slow down or take a rest if your monitor / body says you need one.
● Don’t stop walking immediately, first lower your pace for 5-6 minutes.

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