Best Baby Bath Tub Reviews in 2020: The Top 7 You Should Consider

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

As much as we love our little ones, it’s a fact that they can be super messy. By now, you’re probably used to cleaning food splatters from the ground, the walls and from your baby. But washing your baby might be a bit challenging and takes some time to master, owning a good baby bath tub makes the process a lot easier. Read on for my baby bath tub reviews!

Best Baby Bath Tubs For Your Little One

Blooming Baby Bath and Bath Tub

This bath tub is made from soft materials, and it’s pedals hug any sink to create an adorable, safe and convenient bath time experience. It sure offers a unique and easy, hassle-free experience. If you’re looking for a baby bath tub for your sink, this is the go!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Good alternative to traditional baby bath tubs
– Super soft and cuddly to keep baby comfortable during bath time
– Fits most sink sizes
– Recommended for infants 0 to 6 months
– Easy to clean

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Keep In Mind:
– Not suitable for very small sinks
– Might be too flimsy
– Most suitable for infants that can already sit up by themselves

4moms, Baby Bath Tub

This product is designed to allow clean water to flow in while dirty water flows out. A built-in, color-coded thermometer helps make it easy to find a safe and comfortable water temperature.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Side drains allow dirty water to flow out while clean water flows in
– Built-in digital thermometer with a color-coded temperature display
– Fits most single and double sinks
– Includes a rinse cup and an integrated rinse cup holder

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Keep In Mind:
– Might have to purchase an additional sponge positioner that will help your baby with staying in one place
– A bit pricey compared to other bath tubs

Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

This 2-position collapsible baby bathtub can recline, expand, drain, collapse and drip dry. It fits infants to toddlers and its one-piece design makes transitioning between stages a snap.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Provides two support positions
– Easy storing
– Recline position cradles newborn, which helps keep their head above water
– Fully-expanded basin
– Drain plug for quick, complete water drainage
– Easy to clean

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Keep In Mind:
– Slippery, you might want to get an extra sponge support
– Pay more attention to the metal support bar system because it might collapse

murmurbaby Bathtub

This bath tub can be used by installing on a washstand or a sink. The Breast Feeding Seat supports the stabilization of the baby’s head so you can nurse and wean comfortably. It’s ergonomic design considers the baby’s body shape and movement , while protecting the neck of newborn baby. The silicon pad provides slip resistance.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Keeps the baby’s body shape stable and protects the neck
– Light and convenient to carry and transport
– Easy cleansing
– Can be used as a nursing and weaning seat
– Eco-friendly

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Keep In Mind:
– Non-traditional design can get some time to master
– Not suitable for all sink sizes

Puj Tub Foldable Baby Bathtub

This bath tub is made from a soft foam that folds and conforms to almost any sink. The soft foam material protects baby’s skin from the cold hard sink, keeping your baby feeling safe, warm and happy.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Easy to clean
– Very soft and plush
– Hangs flat when not in use and uses magnets to hold its shape when used
– Folds to fit your sink
– Mold & Mildew Resistant

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Keep In Mind:
– The hole at the top, which falls just above the baby head when in use sometimes allows for water to leak onto the counter
– Might take some time to master
– Large for average sinks

Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

This tub comes with three “grow-with-me” stages, each with optional calming vibrations, help soothe baby. Secure fabric sling with padded headrest comforts and supports infants. As baby grows, just remove the newborn sling and add the “baby stopper” insert.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Calming vibrations
– Adjustable and removable sling lets this tub grow with baby
– Fits single and double sinks
– Has a drain plug for easy emptying
– Convenient hook for drying and storage

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– Straps of the sling can not be adjusted
– The seat stump may be uncomfortable and hard for newborns

Summer Infant Warming Waterfall Bath Tub

This bath tub grows together with your baby from newborn to toddler. The infant bolster gently circulates water to help clean your baby in warmth and comfort. As your baby grows, the bolster can be removed so that your little one has plenty of room to splash and play. The bath includes an oversized washcloth, a rinse cup, a removable parent assist tray, and a drain hole for easy emptying.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Soothing waterfall feature circulates water to help clean and warm baby’s back
– Oversized washcloth can also be placed on baby’s chest to help prevent chills
– Parent assist tray helps keep bath essentials nearby
– Rinse cup included
– Removable bolster provides comfort and support
– Grows with baby – suitable for newborns and toddlers

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– A bit pricey

Types of Baby Bath Tubs

And of course, just with anything else nowadays, there are countless of different baby bath tubs to choose from, how are you supposed to know which one is the perfect one for you? A good place to start is by learning the different baby bath tubs out there:

Standard plastic baby bath tub

The most common type, a bath tub that sits on your sink. It’s a simple type, with no bells or whistles, that often features a sloped interior that will support your baby.

Hammock baby bath tub

Unfortunately we, parents, have only two hands. The hammock type is good since it supports your baby, by holding it in place, while you wash it.

Convertible baby bath tub

This type grows as your baby does. This means that they’re suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers, making them a great investment. They do so, by making it able to adjust them to two or more positions that will suit your baby’s development stages.

Cushion bath tub

This type is one that doesn’t actually hold water, but supports your baby in the regular bath tub that you filled with water.

Inflatable baby bath tub

The inflatable tubs are flat, but turn into a bath tub once it’s filled with air. This makes them good since they’re easily portable, but not as durable as the other types.

Fold up baby bath tub

This is a type of tub that is really compact and easy for storing, since when it’s emptied of water, it can be shrunk down. This also means that they’re a great option for traveling.

Luxury baby bath tub

It’s a whole new league of bath tubs. Usually, they’re operated by batteries, and sometimes include spa jets, bubble machines or even a mini shower nozzle. Usually, they’re also heavier than other bath tubs.

Bucket bath tub

These tubs hold just enough water and keep your baby upright. They’re adored by babies that don’t like being bathed.

What You’d Want To Consider:

Some points to go through before deciding on a bath tub are:

  • The amount of water it holds – Be careful not to get a shallow bath tub that doesn’t hold enough water. Usually this is a problem with the fold up bath tubs.
  • If the tub fits over a sink – Is your sink single or double? Make sure you check that the bath tub is not too big or too small for your sink.
  • Easy way of draining water out – Some tubs come with a drain and plug that will help empty the majority of the water and make it lighter to be turned around and washed.
  • If it comes with a temperature indicator – Certain models feature a temperature indicator that will be of a lot of help when you’re checking if the water is too hot or too cold.
  • Is it easy to store – Especially if your apartment is not so spacious and you always face storage problems. Fold up baths are the best answer to this issue.
  • Is the surface non-slip – Some bath tubs are super slippery, and you don’t want that. Check for non-slip surface.
  • Is the rim of the bath tub smooth, without any jagged pieces, and if it overhangs the walls – If the rim overhangs the walls it will be much easier to carry
  • Is it easy to dry – It’s really important, since you’ll be washing your baby at least once a day, so check the material it’s made of.

Safety Tips

Here are some safety tips for baby bathing, that will help you keep your baby safe at all times:

  • Never leave your baby unattended
  • Always place the tub on a flat surface
  • Use wash cloths to clean your baby, instead of sponges (they can easily end up in your baby’s mouth)
  • Don’t pick up and carry the bath tub while your baby is inside


Choosing the right bath tub for you and your little one can take some energy and time. But it’s completely worth it, since easy and safe baths are really important for your baby’s health. Hope my baby bath tub reviews helped you to decide!

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