Top 7 Best Bassinet Picks For Your Little One

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2018)

As a new mother, you want the best possible everything for your baby. Even something like a bassinet is tough to buy with so many options. As a rule of thumb, just remember that the best bassinet should be safe, compact, and comfortable.

7 of the Best Bassinet Picks


Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

The Delta Children bassinet is perfect for infants up to 15 pounds, with an adjustable canopy. A calming nightlight and soothing music are included in the lightweight, but still durable, steel frame.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The height is nice and has good storage
– The fabric works with lots of décor
– The draping allows you to look at your baby while they’re sleeping

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Keep In Mind:
– The softest setting of the music can be a little too loud for preference
– The button to turn the music on is on the top panel; you’ll hit it a lot accidentally
– The wheels have trouble unlocking sometimes

Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N Care 2-in-1 Bassinet and Incline Sleeper

You can easily remove the sleeper attachment for a traditional bassinet with the Kolcraft. The wheels on the bottom lock, so it’s mobile and safe, and even has comforting sounds, vibrations, and lights.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The sling cradles the baby
– Babies sleep incredibly well in it
– Easy to put together; high quality

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Keep In Mind:
– It’s a little difficult to take it apart and put it back together for cleaning
– Some pieces can’t be washed because of the set-up

Graco Pack N Play Playard Bassinet with Automatic Folding Feet

You can change your baby anywhere with all the included features of the Graco. There are built in storage areas so that your baby can rest wherever you happen to be. The fabric even makes cleaning a snap.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Your baby can roll around without you worrying
– Set up is only a few minutes
– It’s easy to move around and store

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Keep In Mind:
– The included green pad can be improved
– The mattress that is included is not washable

Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Bassinet

This beautiful bassinet is quilted with embroidery. It’s got 4 musical melodies, 2 nature sounds, a womb sound, and soothing vibrations. It locks for safety and you can adjust the canopy however you like.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Can be used as a changing table, a dresser, and a bed to sleep in
– Use it for as long as a year with your baby
– At most, takes around 20 minutes to set up

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Keep In Mind:
– The original pad and mattress aren’t too comfortable
– The pad is quite thin and hard

Graco Pack N Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer

This Graco bassinet can go from a changer to a napper in a jiff to meet your baby’s needs. The fabric is easy to clean, with a playpen designed to handle a growing child.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Directions were easy to follow, and assembly was easy
– The reversible station is a nice added feature
– It’s very stable and durable

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Keep In Mind:
– It’s surface clean only; you can’t just throw it in the wash
– It doesn’t fit very well in a travel bag
– You cannot remove the napper/changing table without taking the whole thing apart

Summer Infant Classic Bassinet

Summer Infant’s bassinet has melodies, sounds, and vibrations to help your baby sleep with ease. You can move it easily with the wheels, and the dark wood looks pretty nice too.

Why It’s So Popular:
– High quality, wonderfully crafted wood
– The music is very peaceful and calming
– Even a woman who is 9 months pregnant can put it together with ease

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Keep In Mind:
– When you pick it up, the wheels sometimes come off
– It’s difficult to take it apart and clean it

HALO Premier Series Swivel 360 Sleeper Bassinet

HALO has a bassinet that rotates and swivels so your baby can stay close while you sleep. It’s easy to tend to your baby, but it’s also sturdy, easy to store, and includes soothing sounds. It’s even simple to wash.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The music is very helpful for getting babies to sleep
– You can lower the side easily just from your bed
– The swivel is nice for getting your baby from bed

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Keep In Mind:
– The light and vibration is in the center of the bed
– The mattress isn’t made from waterproof material
– It’s not easy to machine wash and dry the mattress

Types of Bassinets:

Not every bassinet is made equal. In fact, different types are meant to be used for different purposes, with designs that have specific functions. There are so many types you can choose from depending on your needs and what will fit best for you and baby.


Some bassinets are designed specifically with travel in mind. This means that your baby can sleep in it at home or you can break it down and take it with you. Your baby can’t really remain in it when you travel, you’ll still need a car seat or stroller for that, but it can easily fit into the backseat for transport. You would need to be a little careful however. Usually these bassinets are made of nicer materials, so you won’t want to damage it. The folding feature if very convenient for travel and storage though.


Co-sleepers are bassinets that have passed the test: they’re safe to put right beside mom and dad. This is great for moms and dads who don’t want to continuously run from their room to the baby’s room in the middle of the night for nursing. Mothers recovering from labor or c-sections will especially find co-sleepers useful. Co-sleeping isn’t for everyone of course, and there are even co-sleeper units that convert to free-standing units. If you’re not sure about co-sleeping, that might be an option to consider.


Some bassinets stand out just for their design. These are great for mothers who want something to match the décor and who aren’t overly concerned with travel around the house. A few of these may be modeled after full-sized cribs, while others may have different designs altogether. Even if you do care about travel and storage, the appearance is always important to consider too.

Things To Consider:

How well do these bassinets stand up to everyday use? That’s exactly what we’re testing here, as well as how safe they are for your little one.

Health and Safety

Obviously you need to consider health and safety when it comes to your bassinet or any product really. Everything from materials used, potential chemical exposure, mattress safety, national safety standards, and personal impressions of safety are all important to consider. Anything you buy should put your mind at ease whenever your baby sleeps in it.

Easy to Use?

This is a broad category, but covers pretty much everything when it comes to your baby. You’ll want to see how comfortable your baby is, if there are extra details like vibrations, sound, and wheels, how easy it is to clean, its size and weight, and how easy it is to use every day. All of these details are important to consider for your baby’s overall comfort. So when you’re buying, think about which details matter most to you, how each performs, and what will make your life easiest.


We’ve already taken a look at bassinets that are meant for travel, so you’ve got to know that portability is an important factor to consider too. Some bassinets are designed specifically with travel in mind, and are made from durable, easy to fold materials. If you’re using it outside the house especially, how well it folds is definitely important.


With all the design choices out there, you want to be sure that you’re getting something high quality. The construction should be sound and it should last you in the long run. If your cutie happens to move around here and there, you won’t need to worry about any problems.

Easy Set-Up

And what about set-up? When you take it out of the box, you don’t want something that takes forever to put together! If you’re pregnant and putting it together it can’t be something that’s overly difficult. Take a look at the weight, number of parts, set up instructions, and the time it’ll take. Some bassinets may look great, but they won’t be worth a super tough set-up.


As a new parent, you’ve got to feel like the list of things you need is endless, and the decisions on the best one are even more difficult. We’ve narrowed down the list for the best bassinet, so all you’ve got to do is pick the one for your needs.

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