The 7 Best BB Creams For Acne Prone Skin

Is there really a way to heal my skin while covering up acne at the same time? I was surprised to find that there is. The best BB cream for acne can help heal acne while keeping it a little less obvious. Even problematic skin like ours should have a product out there that’ll do the trick.

How these primers work for acne prone skin

Covering and treating acne with these concealers

A Little Intro to BB Creams

I’ll admit: I didn’t know all the benefits of BB cream when I originally started looking. BB’s are known as beauty balms because of the way they enhance your overall natural beauty. One simple cream can smooth out your complexion, prevent sun damage, and moisturize your skin at the same time. The only problem is that not all BB creams are good for acne, and may cause more acne if it’s too oily or thick.

What BB Cream You Need for Acne

Not all BB creams are specifically for acne. That doesn’t mean you can’t get one for yourself, but that does mean you need to be careful when you purchase.


Look for a broad spectrum of ingredients that’ll help fight those pesky blemishes. There should be antioxidants, blemish fighters, and hydrating coverage in any good acne-based cream.


I know that I can’t break the bank on creams, but if I find a good enough one, that should be the only product I need. Pay attention not only to the price of the cream, but also to the amount of money you’ll save.


As with any product, you should take a look at where your cream is made. BB creams initially took off on Korean markets, so certain companies based in different areas may make better creams.

The 7 Best BB Creams for Acne

Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm

Dr. Jart specifically says they’ll help hydrate your skin while moisturizing, but do they help treat acne too? It looks like they can with their oil-free cream that works to prevent sun damage while smoothing out the skin.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It can help prevent your skin from getting super oily
– The cream is efficient enough to smooth out the skin, even with acne
– Redness is reduced and acne actually decreases

– It does not apply well if you already have oil on your skin so try blotting first
– The cream isn’t very heavy so don’t expect it to cover every blemish
– Some people have had trouble matching their skin color, whether they’re using it for acne or not

Dr. G. Gowoonsesang

This feather-light finish is formatted to control excessive oil production, which is why some of us have such bad acne! Dr. G is great to cover up those old acne scars too. Because it’s such a light cream, even sensitive skin should be safe from further irritation.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It works on super oily and acne prone skin
– People with only moderate breakouts find that it covers without making them worse
– Skin tone is evened out well, even redness from acne

– Some people with super sensitive skins say they get break outs occasionally
– The coverage is too light to cover some of the more serious acne scars
– It covers reddish acne well, but sometimes doesn’t match skin tone

La-Roche Posay BB Blur

This BB cream blurs up those pores to absorb oil and cover up blemishes. I know my skin is super oily, so the absorption factor was perfect for me. With this, I’m hoping for an all day product that gives me the smooth skin I want.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Covers up acne prone skin very well
– It does not come out oily on the skin when applied
– The heavier foundation covers up acne

– Sometimes throughout the course of the day, the product can start to feel oily
– The yellowy undertone may create a problem with coverage
– It’s not as matte as some people would like when they want complete coverage all day

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

The powerful hydration in bare minerals is great for hydration, but I was worried it would have too much oil. Well this sheer coverage has absolutely no oil and is so thin that it’ll even out my skin while protecting it from the sun too.

Why It’s So Popular:
– This goes on smoothly to even out acne
– It’s not heavy, so it won’t settle into your pores and cause breakouts
– Even acne prone skin feels smooth and soft

– If you combine it with other products, your skin might dry out
– The ingredient coconut alkanes is a strong pore clogging ingredient

Aveeno Clear Complexion

Aveeno is definitely one of the more well-known companies, and I can see why! Their Clear Complexion is an oil free product that works to even and conceal blemishes to make you appear flawless. Breakout prone skin should definitely feel relief.

Why It’s So Popular:
– It’s great for adult acne, as it doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts
– Acne scars and acne are covered easily
– Within a few days, acne begins to clear up

– Sun sensitivity may be increased, causing possible redness and irritation
– It works well, but may require multiple applications per day

Missha BB Cream

If you need something that both treats and covers your skin, Missha does just that. Their natural cream restores the natural balance of the skin while still remaining lightweight enough to prevent clogging up pores. It should help to fix up acne then too.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The cream goes on thick for full coverage
– It lasts a total of 12 hours to cover up acne prone skin smoothly
– People have not noticed any breakouts or dry spots after using

– This specific cream may be too moisturizing if you have really oily skin
– People with oily skin sometimes need touch-ups daily

Smashbox BB Camera Ready Cream

This multi-tasking BB cream can be your all-around skin-care product. While it hydrates and protects, it should keep those blemishes out of sight and out of mind too. Even with acne or scars, you can still get that flawless camera ready finish.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Oil is controlled well for acne prone oily skin
– Acne scarring is covered well and efficiently
– The coverage applies easily and smoothly

– Can clog your pores especially if you have large pores
– Some people with super oily skin don’t find much improvement

Hydroxaton Anti-Aging BB Cream

Of course Hydroxaton protects against the sun while hydrating the skin. Irritation and inflammation are reduced a lot, so if your acne is from dry skin there should thankfully be some improvement.

Why It’s So Popular:
– This cream evens out the skin tone and blends into blotches nicely
– It’s sheer, non-greasy, and light, so it won’t make oily skin worse
– Acne is hidden well with the smoothing effect, and dry skin is hydrated to prevent acne

– It’s not for every skin tone, and may not blend even if it does cover blemishes
– Some people complain that more coverage would help their acne prone skin

When you need a good bb cream for acne, you don’t have to look too hard or spend too much money. There are so many good ones to choose from. If you want to find out which is my favorite among the ones mentioned, check here!

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