Bottle Warmers For Breastmilk & Formula Worth Trying: My Top 7 Picks

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

There are a few things you can do to make your baby’s waking up in the middle of the night a bit easier. And while most of the advice can be found in books written by amazing doctors, take this one from an experienced mom – use a bottle warmer.

You really don’t need to spend all this time and energy on boiling water in order to warm your baby’s bottle of milk. Luckily, it’s 2017, and there are several different devices on the market that offer to do this for you in no time. I’ll try to help you choose the one that suits you and your baby’s lives perfectly.

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Types of Baby Bottle Warmers

First of all, there are some different types of baby bottle warmers you should know of before choosing the one that suits you best. The type is really important, since it has to do with the size of your feeding bottles, the purpose, safety, and of course, ease of use. It’s good to know that some of those also come with extra features like being able to warm a jar of baby food.

The main difference in baby bottle warmers is that they can use one of two possible different ways of heating. (1) heating with warm water bathing, and (2) heating by steaming. But overall, there are 4 main categories that you can choose from:

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Standard baby bottle warmers

As the name suggests, is the most common type you can find. It works this way that when turned on it starts heating the water, that heats the bottle of milk. Most of them turn off by themselves after reaching a certain high temperature, and also come with a built-in thermostat.

Feeding-system bottle warmers

The only difference between this one and the standard one, is that the feeding-system warmer comes with a cooler section built-in. This means that you can prepare your baby’s formula beforehand and keep it bottled in the cooler section, and just warm them when needed.

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Portable baby bottle warmers

This one is made to be transported everywhere, easy to use, and compact. Which is great, especially when you’re already lugging around so many things (breastmilk storage bags etc). Since they’re portable, they are either rechargeable or work on batteries, so don’t forget to check this before buying one. Also, there’s this version, the thermal flask, that doesn’t need any electricity in order to work.

Car bottle warmers

This one is super practical for those that move a lot by car or travel with their baby. They heat up when plugged into the cigarette lighter or the power socket in your car. Even though it’s very practical, this is a very slow method that might take a lot of time (15 minutes) to warm a bottle of milk.

Best Bottle Warmers You Should Try

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

This product allows you to warm breast milk, formula, food in storage bags, bottles, or jars of all shapes, sizes and materials, by using warm, flowing water. It uses low temperatures, safe for breast milk, and comes with a built in timer. It accommodates a 8 oz bag of frozen breast milk.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Works by warming water
– Can also warm food in storage bags, bottles, or jars
– Uses low temperatures
– Built in timer
– Accommodates 8 oz bag frozen breast milk

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– Takes longer time to heat bottles

Baby Brezza Smart Bottle Warmer

This warmer features two warming options: steady for breastmilk, or fast for formula. It’s safe for breast milk because the steady mode uses water to warm it to body temperature in just minutes, which preserves essential nutrients. The quick mode uses steam to safely heat formula or milk quickly. It comes with a free Bluetooth compatible app that lets you control the warmer from your smartphone and alerts you when your bottle is warm and ready.

Why It’s So Popular:
– 2 warming modes: steady mode for safe heating with warm water, quick mode for fast heating with steam
– Simple defrost for frozen breast milk or baby food
– Uses warm water for safe warming
– Built in timer
– Fast warmer
– Using Bluetooth you can connect your bottle warmer to the free Baby Brezza app

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– It’s made out of plastic, not metal
– The bottle lift feature can be annoying. Sometimes you have to adjust it to put the lid down.
– It can be hard to see how much water you need when you open the lid and the bottle is up

Dr. Brown’s Deluxe 1-Button Start Bottle Warmer

This bottle warmer efficiently and quickly warms baby bottles, but also food jars. It uses steam heat to warm several bottles before the water chamber needs to be refilled, and its adjustable basket fits multiple sizes of baby bottles. The settings are adjustable on the LCD control panel. Also it automatically powers off after 10 minutes of no use.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Fast, steam heat
– Easy to use
– Heats standard and wide neck baby bottles and baby food jars
– Made of plastic
– Comes with an LCD control panel with alarm setting
– Automatically turns off after 10 minutes

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– Takes longer to clean
– Uses steam heating system, which means rapid temperature development and not so healthy for the milk

Philips Avent Premium Bottle Warmer

This bottle warmer gently and evenly warms, without causing hot spots as the milk circulates during warming. With integrated sensor to track and control milk temperature, it prevents overheating to help preserve milk’s nutrients and vitamins. It also comes with a defrost setting.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Heats slowly to help preserve milk quality
– Integrated sensors track and control milk temperature
– Prevents hot spots as it circulates the milk or formula during warming
– Multiple warming settings
– Includes settings for defrosting and for warming baby food
– Easy to use

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– Doesn’t include a timer with automatic shut off
– The warmer doesn’t turn off on its own

Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler

This product offers to warm breast milk or formula to the perfect temperature for baby in as fast as three minutes. It comes with an insulated cooler and two ice packs that will keep two bottles cool throughout the night (as long as 8 hours).

Why It’s So Popular:
– Easy to use
– Option to dial bottle size to automatically calculate warming time
– Warms a 5 oz. bottle in approximately three minutes and 9 oz. bottle in four to six minutes
– Automatic shut-off
– Refill water just once a day
– Removable, insulated cooler feature keeps two bottles cool for up to eight hours

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– There is no warning if the water runs out during use
– Sometimes the bottle heating consistency is off a little
– Leaves a residue in the water chamber after just a few bottle warms

Chicco NaturalFit Digital Bottle Warmer

Chicco’s Bottle and Baby Food Digital Warmer preserves breast milk nutrients with its multiple warming options. The Digital Warmer safely defrosts milk and food. It allows you to choose a bottle or jar size, and a starting temperature such as Freezer, Refrigerator or Room for efficient warming. Also comes with an optional timer delay and an automatic safety shut-off.

Why It’s So Popular:
– 12 different warming preferences
– Warms in minutes
– Optional timer delay: 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes
– Automatic shut-off
– Fits most bottles
– Sound alerts when ready

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– Takes a lot of time to warm
– Sometimes it’s hard to tell that it’s actually on – you have to push the button again after it’s all set to ensure it starts
– You need 2 free hands for it to work

Maxx Elite Digital Warmer and Sterilizer

This bottle warmer fits all size bottlers, although taller ones might require removal of the nipple in order to close the lid. It comes with an extra sterilizer basket included. The product offers 8 minute smart warming with the so called digital gentle and steady warm technology.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Warm bottle function, heat food function, and a sterilize function
– Very easy to use
– Auto shut off function
– Easy to clean
– Warms breast milk slowly to preserve all the nutrients

Check price and more details here

Keep In Mind:
– Works slowly
– The temp you see on the front is NOT the bottle temp, but the water temperature
– You have to add water before every heating

Things To Consider

I already mentioned some of them earlier, but let’s say the most important one is choosing a bottle warmer that will not overheat the milk to the point of nutritional damage.

But also, other things you’d like to consider before making a decision are:

Health and safety

As  mothers health and safety will be the most important thing when choosing a bottle warmer. First thing you have to know is that a good bottle warmer will never overheat or cause hot spots, since in order to uphold the nutritional values of the milk, the temperature should not exceed 104 F / 40 C, while ideally it should be at or even below body temperature. Because of this, I personally prefer the type that uses warm water, since the temperatures they usually develop are not as high.

baby bottle warmers

Ease of use

Truth is, you’ll use your bottle warmer longer than you’d expect, especially if your baby is exclusively bottle fed. This is why, a complicated warmer will not do and will only waste time, so you’ll have to find one that is simple to use. Think of installing, setup, compatibility (doesn’t occupy your whole kitchen!), portability, timer…

Warming efficiency

It’s the primary thing a bottle warmer should do, right? So it better do it well. The way to measure how warming efficient a bottle warmer is, is that it needs to consistently and quickly warm a bottle, plus that it shouldn’t need a long cooling period in between cycles.

Usually the best ones when it comes to quickly warming bottles are the ones that use steam, and not water. One extra tip: when it comes to those operating on steam, be careful, since some of them can’t be used with glass bottles due to potential breakage, also they might overheat the milk. So getting a slower, but safer water heating one, might be worth it.

Ease of cleaning

You’re already preoccupied as it is, so a device that’s difficult to clean is not the best choice, especially given that bottle warmers should be cleaned very frequently. The external cleaning process is usually easy, and involves a wipe with warm water, but since they use water, you’d have to clean them also on the inside (every few weeks). Keep in mind that internal cleaning due to deposit build up will be needed more often if you live in an area where the water is hard.


It might sound easy at first, choosing a nice, proper bottle warmer, but just like everything else with parenting – it’s not. But it’s totally worth it, going through all the research process and carefully choosing, because I believe that just like me, you want only the healthiest, safest and best for your little baby.

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