12 Best Bottles For Reflux 2020: For Baby Gas and Acid Problems

(Last Updated On: December 18, 2020)

Many adults know the difficulty of dealing with acid reflux themselves, so of course parents are worried when their little one has it too. It took me a lot of trial and error (and money spent!) to find a the best baby bottles for reflux to help my baby. You might not realize how much the best bottles for acid reflux can help!

What is Acid Reflux?

It is a condition that causes whatever is in the stomach to move upwards. This means that even the acid will move up to sit in the esophagus, and may leave from the baby’s mouth too. As a parent, it’ll be pretty easy to see it in your child. Your baby won’t respond well to their formula (here are the formulas for reflux), will often cry out in pain during and after bottles, will spit up lots more, and will be much more colicky.

Reflux in babies can be very stressful for you both as babies tend to lose weight and express discomfort. You don’t need to worry if your baby is experiencing reflux when they’re first born, since this is completely normal until their digestive system is fully developed.

Usually it is gone by the first birthday, but there are lots of things you can do to help your baby feel better. This includes getting a good bottle for reflux, which will help your baby get the right nutrients and vitamins that they need.

Is Colic the Same as Reflux?

Well, colic is still a bit of a mystery to most healthcare professionals. Babies are considered colic when they cry nearly constantly without any specific problem- and 1 in 5 babies deal with colic. For the most part, colic can resolve itself by the time your baby is three months old with no real reason why.

Some people think that colic is a part of the digestive system, and that as your baby’s digestive system develops further, they no longer experience any discomfort when it comes to feeding. There are many theories about what causes colic though, such as overstimulation, food allergies or sensitivities, overfeeding, underfeeding, or lack of burping, an infant migraine, or- you guessed it- acid reflux.

So, yes, your baby can have colic that is caused by acid reflux, although they may also have colic caused by another condition or environmental stimulation.


12 Best baby bottles for reflux 2020

Munchkin Latch BPA Free Baby Bottle

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The stretch of the nipple on this Munchkin Latch bottle is perfect since it helps reduce the amount of air your baby drinks in. There’s even an anti-colic valve to reduce gas later. Featuring 4 sealing discs and 4 baby bottles (capacity: 4oz each), this is one of the best baby bottles and the winner of the 2015 American Baby’s Best Award for Best Bottle Chosen by Moms! Definitely the best bottles for acid reflux that help reduce gas and air bubbles.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • The vent is perfect for reducing colic
  • There’s no interference with the baby maintaining their latch
  • The nipple can pivot while feeding

Keep In Mind:

  • Sometimes the milk may leak out of the valve
  • Baby may have a difficult time latching

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Baby Bottle

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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles are great with its venting valve meant to reduce air intake in your baby. It’s even easy to hold and has a natural feel for feeding. One of the top anti colic bottles for gas and reflux since your baby will drink more milk and less air as they go along- and because you can switch out to the slow flow nipple for different flow rates. This means that your baby can enjoy their milk at a good pace. With the Tommee Tippee measurement being very clean on the inside, unlike many other bottle options, you won’t need to make any guesses as to how much your baby has drank. You also won’t need to struggle too much with cleaning the Tommee Tippee, since cleaning is more or less completely hassle free.

Thanks to the indented sides on this Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottle, which are very unique compared to your other options, this bottle is something that your baby can grip onto. Of course, these grips make it easy for you to hold onto as well. It’s easy to clean as well.

Why Tommee Tippee Is So Popular:

  • There are no leaks when you’re using it
  • The vent on the nipple works great
  • It’s very easy to clean after usage since there are only four pieces

Keep In Mind:

  • The vent may leak if it’s not facing the top or if it collapses
  • The actual vented nipples cost a little more than others even though you only have one included nipple

Philips Avent Classic Plus Anti Colic Bottle

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Philips Avent Classic is clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort with an anti-colic valve integrated into the nipple. These reflux bottles will vent air to reduce gas and fussiness, but this also assembles quickly and is BPA free. Just unscrew your vent, which is all in one piece, and clean the parts to keep it sanitized properly. Thanks to the nipple design, your baby should be able to latch on without it collapsing. This means that they’ll have less air in them while they’re eating.

You might notice with this anti colic bottle that the vent angles toward one side, which is meant to make it easier for you to hold onto this bottle while still having the nipple ready for your baby. That being said, you do need to get the angle right when you’re feeding thanks to the design of this Philips Avent Anti Colic.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Actually did help lots of parents with their colic problem
  • It’s very easy to measure the amount of formula
  • Few pieces to assemble and easy to hold

Keep In Mind:

  • There are no sealing rings inside to prevent leaking (but I’ve had no problems with it leaking so far)
  • You have to hold onto this bottle just right to get a good flow

Nuk With Perfect Fit Nipple Anti Colic Baby Bottles

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NUK is incredibly cute, but this cute design packs a punch. Just position the anti-colic symbol right under the baby’s nose to be sure you’ve got it in the right position for reduced air flow. But what really makes this bottle unique is the fact that there are multiple holes for milk flow to mimic how your milk would normally come out of the breast. With the anti-colic vents on the nipples, along with the soft feel of the nipples, it’s very easy for your baby to grab onto and for your baby to stay latched. Thanks to the clear coloring of this bottle too, you’ll know when it’s clean and how much your baby has drank too.

Many babies also like the shape of the nipples themselves, which include a soft bottom to feel more comfortable for your baby. Just be careful with these anti colic bottles for reflux, since they do have a tendency to be a little more fragile compared to your other options.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Don’t produce much gas with its slow flow
  • The nipples are good for baby’s teeth, and are a more unique shape than competitors
  • Extremely soft and realistic nipple and easy to hold

Keep In Mind:

  • Some find the vents cause leakage when the bottle is thrown or dropped
  • It’s possible that the plastic may melt or warp if you put this bottle in the dishwasher

Comotomo Baby Bottle

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Dual anti colic vents reduce air intake in the Comotomo Baby Bottle. Not only will you find your baby to be less fussy, but you’ll see how easy it is to feed your baby with this safe and comfortable to use product. That’s because this bottle includes a wide neck and a naturally-shaped nipple, which makes the whole transition from breast to bottle much easier than with other bottle options. And those super wide neck aren’t just for your baby either- they mean that you will be able to spend less time cleaning your bottle by hand or if you throw it in the dishwasher.

These baby bottles for reflux do tend to be a little bit more expensive, so not every parent will want a Comotomo bottle, but if you can afford the price, these are some of the most popular best baby bottles in terms of their design, how easy they are to clean, and how easy it is to transition from the breast to these bottles.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • No nipple confusion with how realistic they are; it’s also dual anti colic
  • It is actually squeezable
  • No gas or fuss after eating, thanks to its slow flow

Keep In Mind:

  • There are no included handles
  • The vent occasionally dries shut

Joovy Boob Pp

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The Joovy reflux bottles has vents that fit perfectly to prevent leaks while eliminating inconsistent liquid flow, and not just any vents, but a unique ring of quant-vents that prevent the nipple from collapsing. This will reduce air intake, although it is also very durable and easy to clean- which means that your baby can throw it or you can drop it and this won’t break. Granted, there’s a reason why these baby bottles are so expensive. That’s because they’re actually made from PPSU plastic, which means that it won’t absorb colors or odors, and it additionally won’t melt during any sterilization.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • No issues with kids collapsing the nipples
  • The nipple is longer, so you don’t need to tip it back too far
  • Great design and easy to assemble, not to mention durable

Keep In Mind:

  • A little more expensive than some others
  • The flow is a bit fast for stage one


Chicco NaturalFit Tri-Pack

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When your baby is transitioning between breast and baby bottle, look into the Chicco. Twin anti colic valves prevent air ingestion, gas, and spit up just as the ergonomic shape helps you hold it in just the right position.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • The anti colic valves work great to prevent a buildup of pressure
  • The design for reflux is great
  • Great handles for little ones learning to hold

Keep In Mind:

  • There’s some leakage into the cap
  • The formula can come out quite fast

Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle

There’s a reason why Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle is so highly recommended by pediatricians, especially with its anti-colic internal vent system that works like other anti colic bottles to prevent your baby from ingesting too much air. Your baby won’t lose out on any nutrients, but they will hopefully have a significant reduction in gas, burping, and any fluid building up in their ears. Thanks to that silicon nipple too, the breast milk or formula will flow more slowly and your baby can feed more comfortably.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • The soft nipple and the wide neck really do help your baby drink more slowly
  • Dr Brown is compatibly with most pumps if you’re pumping rather than using formula
  • You’ll notice how sturdy the plastic is- it’s shatter-proof

Keep In Mind:

  • This Dr Brown will leak if you or your baby shake it around too much
  • It’s actually difficult to clean thanks to the parts

Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic

The VentAire Bottle is unique mostly because it channels air not only through the milk, but through the back too. Thanks to the ergonomic design, you should hopefully notice a reduction in your baby’s reflux symptoms. This is especially true since the angle of the this Playtex Baby Ventaire lets you feed your baby sitting up, which is known to potentially help with colic and which can reduce ear infections too. We loved the 3 different nipple types though, which offered different flows of milk depending on what’s comfortable for your baby and what stage of growth your baby is at.

Unlike some other bottles out there, there is a rubber piece to this baby ventaire bottle which you’ll need to remove to clean it. This means that it’s easy to clean by removing the bottom, but still, baby ventaire anti colic may not be the easiest to clean.

Why Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic is So Popular:

  • The angled design is unique when it comes to reducing symptoms of colic
  • It’s very easy to transition from breast to bottle thanks to the different nipple type
  • With only four parts to clean, it’s easy

Keep In Mind:

  • You can’t let your baby grab onto this, since if you don’t hold on tight enough, it will leak
  • If the lid is on too tight, it’s difficult to get off

MAM East Start Anti-Colic Bottle

If you want to transition from breast to bottle, there’s nothing as efficient as this MAM Easy Start Bottle, which has a nipple that’s so soft that it feels just like a mom’s breast. And with the patented vented base, the airflow is regulated. This MAM anti colic is also much easier to clean that vent since it’s on the base- all you need to do to clean it is to unscrew it. This is in addition to the anti colic valve that let’s the nipple release air while your baby drinks- which all means that your baby will get an even flow of milk while they suck. It’s no wonder that this is a popular one amongst babies that are picky, especially since there is an anti-slip surface that makes it easy for babies to hold onto while you’re feeding.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • The additional air vents at the bottom decrease any gulping or swallowing
  • You can feel that the shape and texture is very much like the breast
  • Picky babies like this especially since they can grab onto it

Keep In Mind:

  • There are a lot of parts to clean, which may get annoying
  • If you don’t screw everything on tightly, you may notice leaking

Boon NURSH Silicone Pouch Baby Bottle

You might like having a silicone bottle on your side, mostly because if it falls, it won’t break, and your baby can grab onto it more easily while they’re feeding. These Boon Nursh bottles are made of silicone and come in a good price point too, although they’re not really meant to be soft for your little one to hold onto. These bottles are meant to collapse as your little one drinks, which creates the experience of having the real air-free experience. Since there are no valves, you’ll notice these liners collapsing instead.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • It’s easy to wash, thanks to the fact that it only has four parts to it
  • You don’t need to worry about cleaning a vent system, since it does not include a vent
  • This is one of the more affordable silicone options

Keep In Mind:

  • If your liner collapses too much around the rim, you will notice some leaking- your baby might not even like the stiffer nipple though
  • The measurements inside are hard to read thanks to the coloring

Evenflo Glass Premium Proflo Vented Plus Bottle

If you don’t want to deal with using a silicone or a plastic bottle, you might consider this glass bottle from Evenflo. Glass might not retract like silicone does, but it’s the best materials for reducing the amount of airflow coming in through the nipple. Of course, this Evenflo feeding bottle further reduces air coming in thanks to the anti-colic vent that’s build right in.

Beyond the vent, you might like the fact that the neck width of this will fit most breast pumps, and that the markers are molded right onto the glass. Unlike some plastic bottles, you won’t need to worry about your markers rubbing off as you wash the bottle. Just feed your baby comfortably thanks to the molded twist that ensures that this bottle feels comfortably in your hand.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • The fact that this is a glass bottle makes it so easy to clean
  • This is actually one of the least expensive out of your available options
  • You can attach this to most breast pumps thanks to the width of the neck

Keep In Mind:

  • It is made of glass, so it may be difficult for small babies to hold and to grip onto
  • If you put it in a warmer, the glass might feel too hot- which means that you and your baby might find it uncomfortable to hold onto

Importance of the Right Bottle for Reflux

It’s such a small thing, but the right reflux bottles can make all the difference in the world. Regular bottles create too much air as the formula or milk passes through the nipple. This means that your baby gets too much milk too quickly, which makes digestion uncomfortable or painful when all of that air hits your baby’s digestive system.

The best bottles for acid reflux may have a vent system or a design specifically for reflux to eliminate air bubbles when drinking. This is why so many of these best baby bottles for reflux have a sort of curved design, which is meant to mimic breastfeeding and prevents air from passing through the nipple of the bottle. You can even add a disposable liner with an angled bottle to decrease the air even more.

Without that extra air, your baby will be less fussy, less likely to spit up, and more likely to be comfortable during and after feeding. This is also because that vent will allow you to feed your baby with a slow flow, meaning that they will spit up less. It helps that these anti colic bottles for reflux also have nipples that don’t collapse easily, meaning that air will escape and your baby won’t have to deal with any extra pressure on the nipple that might make feeding uncomfortable.

Then, as long as you elevate your baby right after feeding, they should be feeling much better- all thanks to the right product!

Is Bottle Feeding Okay for Reflux?

If you notice that your baby is suffering from acid reflux, you might wonder if it’s any worse compared to if you were breastfeeding your baby. There really isn’t any difference in acid reflux between bottle feeding and breastfeeding your baby though; babies can suffer from reflux with both methods.

This is because reflux can result from multiple factors like an immature sphincter muscle, intolerance to cows’ milk protein, the milk flowing too quickly, or allergies.

You don’t need to worry that using a bottle will make the acid reflux worse- especially when you have one of these bottles to back you up.

More Soothing Methods

Getting one of these bottles is a great option to help soothe your baby, but there are also methods that you can try to help improve how your bottle works.

This includes choosing an anti-colic baby formula that might make digestion easier. With the correct bottle, this will help your baby drink with ease. Of course, it will help to keep your child in an upright position when you’re bottle feeding too, which will reduce how much air they’re taking in.

You can also take short breaks during your feedings if you notice that your baby is drinking too quickly, although with these bottles, your baby should be drinking more slowly anyway.

If you still notice your baby struggling, you can even add additional soothing methods like white noise or a warm bath, which may help them calm down. After 6 months when the digestive system is more fully developed, you should hopefully no longer notice such serious symptoms.

If you do, and you see yellow or green spit-up, weight loss, blood in the stool, continued irritation after eating, or anything else that seems out of the ordinary, you’ll want to make sure that you talk to your doctor to keep your baby healthy.

How to Feed Better

Just because you have one of these bottles doesn’t mean that your baby will automatically feel better. The soothing methods above can do a lot to help you with your baby feeling uncomfortable, but don’t forget one hugely important thing: you still need to burp your baby.

This might seem obvious, but know that even with the right shape of bottle, you can’t just feed your baby nonstop. This is because even the best bottle won’t prevent all of the air from getting into your baby’s stomach, which is especially true if your baby tends to pull off and latch on a lot while they feed. If you’ve also noticed your baby is prone to gas or spit-up, it’s important to continue to burp your baby halfway through.

Best for Your Baby

Ultimately, you need to remember that your baby is different from any other baby, and that a bottle that works for one baby might not work for yours. You may find that your baby prefers a stiff nipple, or maybe they like a certain nipple shape that makes them more likely to latch on.

If one doesn’t work for you, it might not be bad, but you might still need to work to try to find the right anti reflux bottle for your baby. It’s somewhat of a trial and error to find the right anti reflux bottle for your baby, and it’s okay if you go through a few bottles before you find the right one.

Take some time to consider the features that are more important to you and go from there, and keep thinking about what you already know about your baby’s preferences. Either way though, all of these bottles do have positives about them which are made to help your baby combat acid reflux.


It hurts when you see your baby hurt. Acid reflux won’t last forever, but it’s difficult to see your baby struggle with it, and it can be even more difficult for you to find the right anti reflux bottle to help them feel better. Having the right one though will help alleviate some pain while putting you at ease. Even something as simple as the best bottles for acid reflux can help ease your baby’s discomfort, so take a look at these options to figure out which might be the best one for your little one. You might need to spend some time going through bottles to find just the right one for your baby, but once you have a good bottle, you will hopefully see your baby feed and eat more comfortably.

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