8 Best Clear Mascaras Reviews: To Hold Curl for Your Eyelashes

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2019)

So you’re looking into clear mascaras reviews, but you still don’t understand what exactly they can be used for. This article will help you know more about it, how you can add it to your make-up regimen, and help you explore the 8 best clear mascaras on the market right now.

Top Clear Mascara Reviews: Best Effect

Brand My RatingWaterproof?Formula
Blinc Clear Mascara Check Price 4.8YesEnriched with Vitamin B5
Zuzu Luxe Check Price 4.7YesVitamins and herbal extracts. Very nourishing formula! Promotes eyelash growth.
Pro V Lash Check Price 4.7YesCruelty free. Vitamins and horsetail extract. Free of parabens and other nasties.
Sorme Ultra Conditioning Check Price 4.6YesConditioning. Has Vitamin E and Shea Butter
CoverGirl Mascara Check Price 4.4YesLightweight formula. Great for priming lashes.
Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara Check Price 4.3YesGood volume and length
Beauty Junkees Check Price 4.2YesDries quickly. Not sticky. Great for brows too.
The Body Shop Check Price 4.3YesElderflower water for skin around the eyes. Soothing and hydrating.

8 Best Clear Mascaras That Holds Curl

Blinc Clear Mascara and Lash Primer


Check Latest Price Here + More Details

This Blinc clear mascara is a lash primer that is designed for two purposes: lash/ eyebrow treatment, and eyelash enhancement. Your lash will benefit from the long lasting moisturizing, nourishing, strengthening, and protecting features of this product. It can be easily rinsed off with warm water or eye make-up remover and is great to hold curl.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Provides more length and volume
  • Enriched with vitamin B5
  • Does not irritate eyes
  • Separates lashes

Keep In Mind:

  • Can smear sometimes

Pro V Lash Nourisher and Eyebrow Sealer

Check Latest Price Here + More Details

Paraben and cruelty free, this clear mascara is great to lengthen your lashes and give you a natural look. Also has a bunch of goodies to nourish your lashes: Vitamins B5, A and E. Also has horsetail extract. The formula is hydrating and nourishing indeed!

Cover Girl Professional Natural Lash Mascara, Clear

Check Latest Price Here + More Details

This is a Cover Girl gel formula (best clear mascara drugstore brand!) that is designed to condition your lashes. You can also use this on your brows to tame them if they’re being unruly. The curved brush works great for separating your lashes. Enjoy natural looking lashes and tamed brows all day long.

It is light and ideal for priming lashes for a heavier tinted mascara. This clear mascara product is also great for eyelash extensions or false lashes, because it does not weigh down the lashes and as such does not damage your natural lashes.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Works great for long, slightly curled lashes
  • Provides fanned and brushed-out look
  • No smudging
  • Great for priming lashes
  • Awesome drugstore prices!

Keep In Mind:

  • Contains methylparabens

Maybelline Clear Mascara Great Lash

Check Latest Price Here + More Details

This Maybelline clear gel (another drugstore brand!) will help condition your lashes and also separate them, giving you a natural yet chic look. You can get the volume and length giving effects of a mascara with less visible make-up, perfect for a ‘no make-up look’. You can use it for both your lashes and brows as well.

This is the best choice for users with sensitive eyes and skin. It does not contain oil in it. Oil-based eye products are mostly found to cause irritation. The Maybelline clear mascara is water-based and therefore gentle on skin. This product is recommended for younger users who still have tender skin.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Can be used before, after, or without colored mascara
  • Not as messy and clumpy
  • Great for sensitive eyes
  • Drugstore prices – very affordable!

Keep In Mind:

  • It actually lasts longer on brows
  • Sticky at first, then it’s almost like you didn’t put it on in the first place

Zuzu Luxe Mascara Clear


Check Latest Price Here + More Details

This clear Zuzu Luxe one is specially formulated to help protect your lashes. It is enriched with herbal extracts as well as some vitamins that will help promote eyelash growth. The nylon brush helps add length, is clump-proof, and does not smudge. People who wear contact lens and those who have sensitive eyes can use this mascara safely.

It contains all-natural ingredients which makes it popular and in high demand. The product is free of carcinogens, gluten, carmine, lead, paraben, mineral oil, talc, lanolin, phthalates, Nano and other toxic materials. In addition, Zuzu Luxe mascara is vegan and cruelty-free.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Does not flake, even after a while
  • Goes on smoothly
  • Is not heavy on the eyes

Keep In Mind:

  • Not waterproof or water resistant

Sorme Cosmetics Ultra Lash Conditioning Mascara

Check Latest Price Here + More Details

Achieve dramatic looking eyelashes with this clear one. It contains vitamin E and shea butter to help condition your lashes. The jojoba oil ingredient also helps strengthen, condition, and protect your lashes from becoming too dry and breaking.

It can also serve as the perfect setting coat for your lashes and even brows. Consider it a special formula designed to thicken, lengthen and provide deep conditioning for your lash and brows. It almost never flakes, so if you are in the habit of rubbing your eyes, don’t worry because you won’t have bits and pieces of the product in your eyes.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Cruelty free
  • Does not clump
  • No irritation

Keep In Mind:

  • Needs a better brush for better application

Beauty Junkees Clear Lash Gel

Check Latest Price Here + More Details

Non sticky formula that lasts all day. This is great for eyebrows as well as your lashes! It also dries quickly and doesn’t leave any unnecessary residue.

The Body Shop Brow and Lash Gel

Check Latest Price Here + More Details

This clear mascara gel formula is so hydrating and nourishing. It’s easy to apply and dries quickly, making it easy to work with. 100% vegan and contains Elderflower water that is soothing to the surrounding skin.

Best Clear Mascara Vs Black Mascara Guide

Clear mascara that holds curl may not be one of the staples of your typical make-up bag, but actually provides a lot of uses for anyone who gets it. For starters, clear mascara can help define and separate your lashes, adds volume, gives the illusion of length, and also adds a bright sparkle in your eyes.

Apart from those, it can also come with the added benefits of moisturizing and conditioning.

Clear mascara before and after is ideal for females who want to have the effect that mascara gives the eye but no color. Often times, women with light hair color prefers the natural look that clear mascara gives.

Black Mascara, on the other hand, differs because it is more pigmented. Simply, Black mascara is clear mascara that has color in it.


How To Incorporate Into Your Make-Up Routine?

You can also use organic clear mascara for the following purposes:

  • Taming eyebrows and giving them a polished look
  • Locks the curl of your lashes; great to hold curl
  • Tames flyaways and helps keep them in place
  • As a primer before using regular mascara for added volume without the goopy mess
  • As a top coat after using your regular mascara to seal it in
  • Can be used on bottom lashes and won’t run
  • Helps you achieve the ‘no make-up’ make-up look
  • Can seal in eyeliner, just dip it an angled brush and use that to apply the clear mascara over your eyeliner

Benefits of Using Clear Mascara: Reviews

Below, we have itemized some amazing benefits of using organic clear mascara. Some benefits are obvious and others are obscure, but make absolute sense.

Sleek, Wet Look

When used as a base coat, it can act the same way as hair gels do. It provides your lashes and brows with a sleek wet look for further accentuation. This works for both those who have thick and dark lashes, as well as those who do not.

Completes Your Natural Look

If you’re all about the natural look that you can achieve by using natural shades of make-up, then it may be perfect for you.

When you use it with lightly tinted blush, eyeshadow, and/or facial powder, you will achieve a well made-up look while still looking perfectly au naturel.

Stops Flaking

Does your regular one flake off during the day? Using it as a top coat can help keep that from happening. You can touch it up as often as you want, because unlike adding more regular mascara for a thick and cakey look, it will barely be noticeable.

Check out my post about tubing mascaras

Sensitive Eyes and Contact Lenses

Well, if you have sensitive eyes and/or are wearing contact lenses, using regular ones may not exactly be a walk in the park for you. Luckily, you can use clear mascara as it often does not have the irritating colorants and ingredients that regular ones have.

Used as a Primer for extra volume

One benefit is that it locks in curls and as such, it can be used as a primer or base coat before you apply your regular black or colored mascara. You gain the benefit of extra lash volume when it is used in this way.

Prevents “raccoon eyes syndrome”

Raccoon eyes are usually caused when there is a combination of moisture and black mascara. Using clear mascara on days when you will be involved in activities that may induce sweat or tears will prevent you from getting raccoon eyes.

You will ideally want to use a clear mascara when you go to the beach or engage in other water sports.

What to look out for

When you go shopping, there are some factors you should consider to ensure you get the right product. This will ensure you pick out high-quality products that will give you value for your money and at the same time keeping health and safety in mind.

Affordable pricing

If you are already using a colored mascara that is delivering on all points, you might not want to switch to using a clear one for any reason particularly if it is pricey. Get a cheaper one that you can afford, keeping in mind the FDA recommendation of throwing those that have exceeded its shelf life which is a maximum of three months.

Health and safety should not be taken for granted. However, if the quality is of utmost importance to you, then indulge all you want in the pricier high-quality brands because it is worth it.

Lasting effect

Because clear mascaras are not as obvious as the colored ones, it is best to invest in one that will deliver on the long-lasting effect. A 12-24 hour effect is a great deal. There is no point buying one that will leave lashes scraggly and lifeless.

Consider the composition

Allergies and reactions from ingredients are real. Some of the cosmetic ingredients have an immediate reaction and others might take a longer time to manifest. It is therefore paramount to choose one with safe ingredients and compositions. You can refer to the FDA list of unsafe or restricted ingredients before concluding on the brand to pick.

Added benefits

Some have the extra benefits that they give to users in the area of hair growth and thickness. You can find brands with ingredients that will achieve this. If you have sparse lashes you may want to get one designed to solve this issue compared to the regular traditional ones.

Other Uses

The amazing thing about organic clear mascara is that it can be used for other purposes. If you are one who loves to try new things then continue reading:

Prominent bottom lashes

It can be difficult to use black mascara on your bottom lash without experiencing smudge, except if you are blessed with the long lower lash or you are very deft with the use of the application brush. For the many that do not fall into this category and want prominent lower lash, you only need your clear mascara to save you from all the hassles.

Controlled hair wisps

Flyaway and wisps are often found escaping from a perfectly coiffed hair. Your clear mascara can come to the rescue. A quick wipe of the mascara can keep the naughty hair wisp in place. It works like a thick heavy duty hairspray.

Tame bushy brows

Imagine using a colored mascara on a bushy brow that will create a scarecrow. However, a lick of clear mascara might do the trick. A wipe of the hand will lock that bushy hair in place. To avoid an excess application that will have a crunchy exterior, swipe the brush on the back of your hand before running it through your brows.

Cosmetic experiment

If you have ever wondered how a pink colored mascara might look on you and you do not have the boldness to get one (if it exists), You can easily play Dexter and make one at home. It acts as the perfect foundation to mix in any pigment to create your own color blend.

Blend in falsies

If you wear false lashes and want to ensure that it looks flawless. You can comb it in with the clear mascara to blend the false lash with the natural lash. Other colored ones will give an over the top look.

Things to note:

There are some do’s and don’ts that you may want to add to your knowledge. If you follow them, it may determine the overall health of your lash and brows. Never forget sometimes it is the little things that count!

Perform the smell test

If you are not sure about the date of purchase or the shelf life because of a faded expiry date or instruction, all you need to do is do a sniff. If it smells like vinegar, then you should throw it in the garbage and get a new one

No Pumping

Double dipping the applicator in the tube only pushes air into the tube. This makes the product clump up, flake and start drying out. All you need to do to get the product on the brush is to simply twist the wand back and forth or turn in a circular motion before applying.

Be stingy

You can share every other type of makeup but not your mascara or any other eye makeup. This is to cut down any risk of passing or receiving any eye infection or pink eye

Never sleep in them

No matter how tired you get after at the end of the day, take the time to remove it. You can never have the long, full lashes you always want when you sleep with it on. It makes your lashes stiff and therefore it’s prone to break while you toss and turn in your sleep.

Save the brush applicator

The applicator brush can long remain useful to you even after it has expired and finished. Clean it out and use it for other things like brushing your brows or replace a new applicator with an old favorite

Layering power

A layer of mascara is great when dried and sealed off with a clear mascara. This method of layering will limit the tendency for the mascara to run down your face or around your eyes and create a mess.

A Little History

Mascara has a similar meaning in both the Spanish and Italian etymology. It means “mask” or “stain”. The Merriam-Webster dictionary, however, defines it as a cosmetic used for making the eyelash more prominent and darker.

Ancient Egyptians in 3000BC were known to darken their lashes making them the first people to beautify the eyelash. Prior to the 1800’s, women in the pursuit of beauty mixed weird ingredients of dyes, elder juice and ashes to color their lashes.

In 1830, Eugene Rimmel, the son of French perfumer, made the first recognized mascara using coal dust and petroleum jelly Vaseline which was widely accepted across Europe. Maybell Labs, now known as Maybelline, created the first cake mascara, a product of sodium stearate soap and other pigments in 1917. The mascara was packaged with a small brush for application, which became popular in America.

Mascara became toxic in 1933 when women used the fatal Lash lure eyelash and eyebrow dye for eye enhancement. As a result, eyelash dyes were banned in some states and the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act became a law in 1938. The spiral brush that is still used today was created by Revlon in 1958 when it launched the first tube.


There you have it, I hope you now better understand what the best clear mascara is and the benefits that it can bring to you. Maybe you’re sick of pumping with your heated eyelash curler. Or even an asian eyelash curler. No matter how you choose to use it, remember to make sure that it is safe. Even if it’s not that noticeable or visible, don’t forget to remove it after a long day to avoid any health repercussions that can come with leaving make-up on overnight.

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