10 Best Concealers for Dark Circles: My Top Reviews

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2019)

Concealers are awesome – we can use them for so many things. Whether it’s concealing redness, scars or even dark circles. It can be tricky to find the best concealers for dark circles though. You want something that is hydrating enough not to cause fine lines. Yet something that still gives good coverage and brightens your complexion. 

Concealers not only hide dark circles but also highlight and contour your face. giving it a healthier and more awake glow. Here are several things to consider when choosing a concealer for dark circles.

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How to Choose the Perfect Shade

Needless to say, dark circles which normally appear under the eyes can give you an unpleasant look. They are not easy to conceal, especially with different people having different skin tones.

Just like when you are purchasing foundation and other makeup products, you need to find a concealer that is good for your skin tone.

By applying the right shade for your skin type, you can hide those pesky dark circles. This is only possible when you pick the right colors that match with your skin. Be careful not to make things worse with the wrong shade! You might also look into drugstore concealers for dark circles.

Impact of light

Light tends to reflect on most surfaces and the skin is not an exception. Dark circles normally absorb light which makes them darker and thus, more difficult to cover.  If you want your concealer to completely cover the affected area, buy a concealer that with light reflecting pigments or one that is lighter than your skin tone.

As a result of reflection of light, the concealer will reflect light displaying a brighter and younger looking skin.

Apart from picking a light-reflecting concealer, use makeup that reflect light. Go for products that give your face radiance in all kinds of light whether during the day or under harsher false lighting.

Choose the right color

Concealers are available in different colors. Different formulas are also available that you can combine with your concealer for a more natural look. Pick colors that will neutralize the effect of the dark circles and bring an even tone once applied.

Green dark circles can be neutralized with a peach or reddish concealer. While a green toned concealer will work better on red or pink circles.

Purple and blue circles, on the other hand, work well with yellowish concealers brightening your overall appearance.

Blue circles can be concealed using an orange concealer neutralizing the discoloration for a lighter complexion.

How to Conceal Dark Circles

Dark circles can be quite a nuisance, making you feel dull and less awake. But with the right materials and the method of concealing them, nobody will even notice.

To effectively conceal any dark circles, you need a latex sponge or makeup brush, translucent powder, a liquid or creamy concealer containing lifting ingredients and an eye cream.

Begin by applying some eye cream to the area. Put some product on your finger and gently dab it on the skin.

The eye cream for dark circle hides the veins and circles. Apply under both eyes for an even finish and then apply a makeup primer.

Having already decided on the concealer that you will be using based on your skin tone and circle color, proceed with concealer application. Using either a makeup brush or your finger, draw the concealer in a triangular shape along the under-eye area.

Move from the inner corner of your eye down to your cheekbone and up to the outer corner of your eye.

Gently dab and pat the concealer for an even distribution across the area. Allow the concealer to dry on its own.

Then, using a puff or makeup sponge, dab some translucent powder to stick the concealer in place.

How to Prevent Dark Circles

Once they have appeared, dark circles are not easy to get rid of. Prevention is still the best!

Manage puffy eyes

Most people with puffy eyes tend to form dark circles after a while. To prevent this, you can use home treatments to reduce puffy eyes.

Place chilled spoons over your eyes or gently massage your face to reduce the puffiness. The massage will help with blood circulation.

Treat allergies on time

Any condition that affects any part of the body connected to the eyes will affect the eyes and areas around it. If you suffer from conditions that have to do with the body parts connected to the eyes such as sinuses, this will make your eyes swell.

Visit your doctor for recommendation on the right medication to treat the condition on time and avoid dark circles.

Eat well and drink plenty of water

What we eat affects our overall health, including eye health. Ensure that you sleep well and drink plenty of water. Less water in the body can cause puffy eyes, especially in the morning. Always protect your eyes from exposure to the harsh UV rays of the sun. Apply a moisturizer or sunscreen or wear sunglasses during extremely hot temperatures.


Dark circles can be upsetting, but you can try the above measures to either prevent them from forming or to conceal them. Circles that are very dark that show no sign of clearing should, however, be checked by a dermatologist. Go for a checkup and a prescription for the right product to use. There might be a greater issue related to the dark circles forming.

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