Best Drugstore Concealer for Dark Circles: 2022 Reviews

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2021)

We often pay a lot of money for big-name brand makeup because they just seem like the most reputable choice.

However, drugstore makeup is actually not so bad!

They are often considered bad choices since they just seem too cheap in comparison to the high prices in department stores, making you wonder if there is something wrong with the makeup to make it so cheap.

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However, this is not the case since drugstore makeup works and can actually save you a lot of money.

In fact, you can find the concealer for your dark circles at great affordable prices at the drugstore!

Best Drugstore Concealer for Dark Circles


PUR Disappearing Ink Concealer 4-in-1 Concealer Pen  

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PUR minerals is a company that makes cruelty free makeup. You can feel good while wearing this concealer because it hasn’t been tested on animals.

This concealer comes in four different shades: tan, light, medium, and dark.

With the different shade options, you can find a shade that matches your skin tone. This pen is a great way to cover up dark circles under your eyes.

Instead of having to apply a liquid, you can easily use the pen to put the coverage where it’s needed.

Dermablend Quick-Fix Full Coverage Concealer

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Dermablend creates makeup for all skin types and shades. Their makeup is allergy tested and won’t clog your pores. It is also fragrance free and great for people with sensitive skin.

This concealer stick will help get rid of your dark circles, leaving your skin looking flawless.

Dermablend concealer is creamy, which won’t feel cakey feeling on your face. It is easy to apply as well.

There are plenty of shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your skin tone.

This concealer also has a broad spectrum of SPF 30, which will help protect your skin from the Sun’s harmful rays and keep your skin healthy.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Color Correcting Concealer Pen

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La Roche-Posay cosmetics are a great option for anyone, even people with sensitive skin. This color correcting concealer pen is free of parabens, fragrances, and allergens.

It is also designed to not clog your pores, which will prevent breakouts.

Using this pen is very simple. Use the pen on your dark circles and rub in gently with your fingers.

There are three shades to choose from. Each one will help brighten dark circles and neutralize other blemishes you may have on your face.

TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base

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This adorable cosmetic is great for fixing dark circles on the go. The container is in the shape of a panda, which is just an added bonus.

It is also a great size for keeping it in your purse and using it wherever you go.

This can also be used as a primer. It contains bamboo extract, which will help soothe any irritated skin you may have.

It will brighten your dark circles. It is easy to apply as well. The pearl extracts, brightening peptides and chrysin all work together to get rid of those dark circles.

Maybelline Makeup Instant Age Rewind Concealer

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Maybelline is probably one of the most popular drugstore makeup brands. It is also one of the most affordable.

They do not disappoint with their instant age rewind concealer either. It is available in 12 shades.

The applicator sponge on this product has a micro-corrector, so it gets every spot you need.

It quickly gets rid of dark circles, any fine lines you may have, and can reduce puffiness under your eyes as well.

The ingredients in this product cause your blood to circulate more, which give a natural and refreshing look.

Maybelline Facestudio Master Conceal Makeup

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This concealer gives you full coverage without knowing your wearing makeup. It will cover up your dark circles, giving you a flawless look. It is easy to apply.

Just put a small amount on your finger and blend into your skin.

This ultra concentrated formula won’t leave any buildup on your face.

No one will even be able to tell that you’re wearing makeup. It is available in 5 shades to give you the perfect coverage, no matter your skin tone.

Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream by Skinfood

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This concealer is great for dark circles and keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

It contains salmon oil and salmon roe extract. The salmon oil contains omega 3 fatty acids to keep your skin youthful looking.

It also contains nutrients to boost your skin’s immunity.

The salmon roe extract also contains omega 3 fatty acids along with vitamin E and retinol, which will help keep your skin from aging.

The vitamin E contains antioxidants, which are great for keeping your skin glowing and healthy. The retinol will help your skin cells regenerate quicker as well.

While this might be a little more expensive than other items on this list in some areas, it is a great option.

Not only will it cover up your dark circles, it helps to promote better skin health.

bareMinerals Creamy Correcting Concealer

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This concealer is available in 4 different shades. It has a nice creamy texture so it blends in smoothly and doesn’t leave a horrible feeling on your face.

You won’t even be able to tell you are wearing concealer.

It has been tested by dermatologists and is safe for all skin types. It blends easily onto your skin to cover dark circles.

You will need a brush to apply this concealer to your face effectively. You could also use bareMinerals foundation over the concealer for a radiant and flawless look.

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Dark Circle Corrector Plus Concealer

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This hypoallergenic corrector pen will concealer and correct dark spots for up to 12 hours.

The yellow colored end of this product will help neutralize the dark circles while the concealer side will cover it up completely.

You can also use the concealer side on the rest of your face if you would like as well.

This concealer is free of parabens, gluten, fragrances, and has been clinically tested. It is a great option for anyone with sensitive skin.

Sheer Miracle Organic Wide Awake Dark Circle Concealer

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This pink colored concealer is great for people who prefer all natural products. Pink is a great color for correcting dark circles.

Professional makeup artists prefer to use pink shades in order to cover dark circles before applying a concealer and foundation.

This product is cruelty free, never tested on animals. It is also safe for all skin types.

Because it is made from all natural ingredients, you won’t have to worry about putting harmful chemicals on your face.

Why Choose Drugstore Makeup

Drugstore brands often get a bad rep because they simply just don’t seem to be as reputable and trustworthy as other big-name brands. However, they are actually not as bad as you may think they are.

These are some reasons why you should consider adding some drugstore makeup to your collection.

The Misconception about Pricing

Drugstore brands are usually considered inferior products because department store brands usually cost more, and that is associated with a better product.

However, this is not necessarily true.

The reason why some drugstore makeup brands are able to offer makeup for more affordable prices is because they create the products in larger quantities, which help them save money.

The cost that is saved is then translated into savings that the consumer can benefit from as well.

Hence, if you are trying to find makeup for quality and quantity, the drugstore may actually be a good place to look for it!

In fact, many great concealers for dark eye circles can be easily found in drugstores. These finds are sure to lessen the toll on your wallet.

They Use Quality Ingredients

While department store makeup may be presented in more beautiful packaging than drugstore makeup, the formula for the makeup itself may actually be just good!

Drugstore makeup often makes use of useful and good ingredients like Vitamin C and E, grapeseed oil or even avocado butter, which all keep your skin healthy.

These ingredients provide true benefits and can help you just as much as any luxury brand can offer.

How to Choose a Drugstore Concealer for Dark Circles

To counter your dark circles, you should choose a peach concealer. It is a tonal remedy to use on your eye area to achieve a perfectly even-toned look.

The peach concealer will help your eyes look more expressive and brilliant, even possibly visually enlarging your eyes.

This concealer will lighten the dark circles and help mask any imperfections around your eyes.

Additionally, some of these peach concealers actually have added vitamins and other trace elements that help nourish your skin.

The concealer differs from foundations since they often do not have these qualities and can potentially emphasize the dark areas.

When choosing a peach concealer, you should consider a few things.

Medium of the Concealer

There are a few kinds of peach tone concealers. They come in different forms and work differently.

The first kind is the liquid form of peach tone concealers. This medium is easy to apply and shade but can make the skin look unnatural if it is not used properly.

The second kind is a pencil. It is convenient and does not clump, but since it is usually quite dense, it possesses a rough effect that can eventually lead to wrinkles.

The last kind is a twisting concealer brush. This option is good for eye care since the comfortable brush makes the application of the concealer light and even.

Consider the Nature of the Dark Areas Under the Eyes

If your dark circles are caused by your anatomical and physiological features (including things such as thin translucent skin, close position of vessels or deep-set eyes), then you should consider getting a concealer with a dense structure.

Conversely, if your dark circles are not too pronounced and are caused by a lack of sleep and fatigue, you should consider using a concealer with a softer texture.

It is also helpful if the concealer contains moisturizing and nourishing components to help the skin.

Considering Your Skin Type

Your skin type can often determine the color of the concealer you should get. It’s the same with finding an eye cream for dark circles.

If you find that your skin possesses an earthy or duller color, you should choose a refreshing beige concealer.

It will help you hide your imperfections while making your face appear healthier and brighter.

If you find that you have pale skin, you should choose a concealer that has gentle pink or peach tones.

If the foundation looks too dark, your eye area will end up looking yellowish-brown instead, which is unappealing.

If you have reddish areas under your eyes, you should choose concealers with greenish shades.

This color choice helps correct the redness and your skin will simply reattain its natural flesh tinge.

If you have bluish tones, you should choose a concealer with yellow or apricot shades, regardless of the natural color of your skin.

How to Use the Least Amount of Concealer

Using too much makeup can end up making you look older or more worn out.

Hence, it can be important to only apply just as much as you need.  You should start by using some foundation on your face.

Then you should apply some concealer to the outer corner of your eyes since it typically shows redness.

Then you can start adding some concealer under your eyes and remember to blend it in with your foundation.

You should use as much as you need but remember that caking it on will not only waste your makeup, but end up making you look unnatural.


Despite the bad rep that drugstore makeup gets, they are actually great options for your makeup collection!

While the dark circle concealers from drugstores may not necessarily come in fancy packaging, they still provide the needed coverage and concealing.

They may even come with added elements that will nourish your skin!

Rather than worrying so much about the brand, you should consider some of the other factors like skin type or medium of the concealer which can affect your experience as well.

With some research and testing, you are sure to be able to find a great concealer for your dark circles at a great price at a drugstore.  

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