The 5 Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles Reviews: My Picks

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2019)

Lots of people suffer from unsightly dark circles under the eyes. Even after you just wake up, they’re there! I can hide them a little with glasses, but I’d like to get rid of them for good. To help you out too, I took a look at lots of creams to help out, along with a couple other possible fixes. Here are my Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles Reviews:


5 Best Eye Creams For Dark Circles Reviews

Ultimately, eye creams are some of the easiest ways for you to fix up your dark eyes, especially if you don’t have the patience for home cures.

La Roche-Posey Pigmentclar Eye Cream with Caffeine

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Caffeine is a great way to help your eyes. This eye cream targets both dark eyes that have blue or brown circles underneath with that caffeine. It should easily brighten the area around your eyes to make your eyes brighter too.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The metal tip applicator is soothing against the skin
– It also works as a nice concealer for dark circles, and leave the under eye area soft
– It’s slightly tinted, so it applies easily

Keep In Mind:
– It is more pricey than some other brands of course but if it’s in your budget, you should definitely give this one a try.

Vichy LiftActiv Anti Wrinkle

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Vichy’s anti-aging eye cream helps reduce not only under eye dark circles, but bags and puffiness too. It’s so delicate that you can use it on the lid to lift it while improving the appearance of crow’s feet too!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Soft and light texture with no cloying scent
– Really softens the skin under the eyes
– It’s so creamy that you don’t have to use much

Keep In Mind:
– There could be some itching if you put the cream too close to the eye

NUXE Nirvanesque Wrinkles Smoothing Eye Cream

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NUXE eye cream formulates their smoothing cream with peony and blue lotus. It’s meant to visibly smooth away your wrinkles, although it also instantly revives the appearance of your eyes to be rid of those dark circles.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Definitely smoothes and softens the skin under the eyes
– Dry skin is reduced in as little as two days
– Makes skin look refreshed and younger with a nice cooling effect

Keep In Mind:
– Works a little better on younger skin

Meaningful Beauty Advanced Antioxidant

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This multi functional eye cream helps both under eye circles and wrinkles. Especially if your circles are caused by age, you’ll see more moisture added and less puffiness underneath your eyes.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Does it all- lifts, tightens, and reduces puffiness, dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles
– You see dramatic effects quickly in around a week
– One tube lasts for a very long time

Keep In Mind:
– Works best only if you combine it with the entire line
– The tube itself is very small

Vichy Aqualia Awakening

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Vichy makes great eye creams, with another lightweight cream. This cream specifically targets under eye puffiness with hyaluronic acid to make the hydration last. It should refresh your eyes and reduce aging with ease.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Helps condition the eyelashes too
– Only half a pump covers both lids on both eyes
– Silky, lightweight, absorbs quickly, and isn’t sticky
– Can apply makeup right after

Keep In Mind:
– Irritates sensitive eyes
– Can make sensitive skin dry out very quickly and become a little itchy

What Causes Dark Eye Circles?

It’s true that some of us get these dark eye circles from lack of sleep or too much alcohol, but what about the rest of us? Even kids can have these dark eye circles, so there’s got to be a few other causes.

dark eye circles review lotion


Believe it or not, your genes may be working against you. If you see kids with dark circles that means it’s usually an inherited trait. Some kids do outgrow them though.


Curse those allergies! Unfortunately, it’s not just your nose that stands to suffer. Nasal congestion or allergies can cause dark circles and affect your eyes as it dilates the blood vessels and causes them to darken.

Sleep Problems

Either sleep deprivation or oversleeping can cause dark eye problems. The biggest issue is balancing your sleep then, since you can fix sleep deprivation easily, but can’t sleep too much.


It may not surprise you to learn that excessive smoking, drinking, or drug use can lead to under eye circles. Coffee however can also be a problem, especially if it prevents you from getting enough sleep. Eating too much salt can also cause fluid retention.

Skin Pigmentation and the Sun

If the skin around your eyes is thinner, you’re more likely to see those darker blood vessels. This is especially true for those of you with pale skin. On top of that, standing around in the sun too much leads to more melanin that darkens those vessels.


Unfortunately age has a part to play in this too. As we age, we lose fat and collagen around the eye. This loss and the thinning of our skin makes our eyes appear darker.

Medical Problems

Issues like mononucleosis and periorbital cellulitis can cause dark eye circles too. Mononucleosis causes a puffy and swollen look due to fatigue and jaundice, while periorbital cellulitis infects the eye or eyelids.

Other Common Causes

There are lots of possible causes when it comes to your dark eye circles. They can range from eczema, stress, iron deficiency, trauma, fluid retention, and crying. Suddenly it feels like any number of things can be the cause of your dark eye circles!

How To Improve Dark Eye Circles?

Sadly, you can’t completely be rid of under eye dark circles. That doesn’t mean you can’t reduce them though!

Easy Rubs

Almond oil or coconut oil is simple to use, since you only have to rub it in at night and rinse it off in the morning. You can also use rose water. Just soak cotton pads and leave them on for 15 minutes twice a day.

Cliché Cucumbers

You can also use cucumbers too since they have mild astringent properties. Just cut them into slices, chill them for 30 minutes, and let them rest for 10 minutes. Mix the juice with lemon juice too if you’d like and dab it on. Potato juice or slices work too.

Fruit Juice

Tomato juice does more than deal with skunks! Mix one teaspoon with half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Let it sit before you rinse. You can also use lemon juice by itself too.

Tea Bags

This is a common cure to help you out. Just chill two used bags in the fridge for a little while before putting them over your eyes. Repeat twice daily.


Don’t just accept your under-eye dark circles and move on. There are so many things you can do to improve their appearance, whether you try a home remedy or a cream. These great creams especially will improve those circles with ease, so pick out the best one for you to keep looking your best!

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