Best Face Wash for Clogged Pores: 2022 Picks and Review

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2021)

You might have noticed that you’ve been having issues with your skin. Inflammation? Swelling? It’s highly likely that you’ve got a case of clogged pores.

Due to the numerous variables that can contribute to someone having this issue, clogged pores is a common problem that a lot of people, old and young alike, often face.

This article will explain the causes of clogged pores as well as why they are considered to be harmful for your skin.

It also covers some factors you’ll need to pay attention to when purchasing face wash to eradicate the side effects of clogged pores.

What Causes Clogged Pores?

Clogged pores have a very close relationship to something in your body called sebaceous glands and the secretion they produce called Sebum.

Essentially, Sebum is an oil that is secreted in your skin to help carry out dead skin and other waste from beneath the skin that has been absorbed , out to where you can wash it or sweat it off.

Typically, Sebum is very helpful to us as it keeps our skin healthy, but if it malfunctions it does the exact opposite.

The most common reason for clogged pores is the enlargement of the sebaceous glands due to hormonal change, thus resulting in too much secretion of Sebum and clogged pores.

On another note, clogged pores can also occur due to excess white blood cells which can also cause inflammation.

However, there are some other factors that may affect whether or not your pores may be clogged.

If you engage in a lot of exercise, excessive sweating can lead to increased sebum production.

Where you live and frequent also plays a large role as exposure to dirty environments and pollution will affect your skin.

Some people also make the mistake of over cleansing their skin, causing it to produce more sebum as it senses a lack in amount.

Allergic reactions, genetics, and illness can also account for clogged pores.

Why They’re Bad for Your Skin

Your nose and mouth aren’t the only parts of your body that are helping you breathe – your skin is too.

If the pores in your skin have been clogged, your skin is unable to breathe.

Furthermore, all the waste and toxins within or beneath the skin are unable to be removed from your skin.

Two major issues can arise due to this complication.

First, The buildup of waste will cause the compiling of bacteria which is unable to be expelled.

Over time, the bacteria will develop inwards and can cause inflammation.

Second, the toxins and excess oil secretion will cause an imbalance to the pH of the skin, ceasing it to absorb moisture. This will lead to the growth of blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and pimples.

Factors to Consider

If you’ve got issues with clogged pores, then a good cleanser should be able to help you reduce them.

However, choosing the right cleanser for you is usually easier said than done. After all, cleaning incorrectly can just make you problem even worse.

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a new face wash.

Drying Effects

Some cleansers have drying effects in them to help with excessive oil production.

Do look out for features like this if you have very oily skin.  However, if you have dry or combination skin, this will not suit you at all.

Inflammation Reduction

Modern day cleansers have adapted their products to include ingredients which can help reduce inflammation on the skin.

An example of this type of ingredient would be Menthol as it cools the skin down and tones down the inflammation.


Having antioxidants in your face wash can be very beneficial to your skin.

Some antioxidants have the natural ability to reduce environmental stress on your skin.

This would mean there would be less buildup of toxins and waste under the skin. An example of an antioxidant would be Green tea extract.
Exfoliating Ingredients

Unfortunately, not all face cleansers come with dedicated exfoliating ingredients.

A good exfoliator can help increase the thoroughness of cleansing and keep your skin clean and fresh.

If you would like optimum cleaning with your face wash,  teddy finding some cleansers with some good exfoliators are Salicylic or Glycolic Acid.

Biocide Ingredients

Some face washes include helpful biocide ingredients which can help with acne problems.

It does this by reducing bacteria buildup underneath the skin, even before any clogged pore issues show up with ingredients such as Zinc salts.


Facial cleansers come in different strengths based on their main ingredients.

Some cleansers are milder than others, making it possible to be used for sensitive skin.

However, some cleansers can be stronger and hence cannot be used by people who have sensitive skin.

Like most facial products, face washes often come with different types and levels of fragrance, some more potent that others.

You might be more sensitive to some scents than others, if this is the case then a fragrance free or mind option would probably be ideal.


Clogged pores can occur to just about anyone with any kind of skin type when exposed to certain factors that can enhance the development of increased oil production.

As such, we need to be aware of the different causes which puts us at risk from getting clogged pores.

We understand that having clogged pores are not only unnecessarily unappealing to the eye, they can also be harmful to your skin.

Therefore, it is vital that you have a good cleansing routine to reduce the chance of developing clogged pores.

No makeup routine is complete without a face wash first.

Ensure that you have the correct face wash you need for your skin needs such as sensitivity, inflammation levels, and skin type.

An inaccurate face wash can bring more problems than you think, so choose wisely.

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