The 10 Best Foundations for Combination Skin

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

If you are lucky enough to enjoy perfect skin, it’s quite easy to choose a foundation. However anyone who has combination skin, including myself, is aware that so much more needs to go into this purchase.

It’s not only deciding on skin tones but also on how foundations will interact with the texture of your skin. After doing quite a bit of research, I’ve come up with 5 top picks which will help anyone with combination skin make the right decision!

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How to Know if You Have Combination Skin?

Most people have normal skin, and by that I mean the middle road, the one in between dry and oily skin. When you don’t have any particular problem, then you’ll be free from thoughts such as “is my forehead getting shinier?” or “why are my cheeks feeling particularly dry?”. In other words, your main concern will be maintaining the healthy balance of your skin, rather than creating that balance.

Now when you have combination skin, things change a bit. One of the main indications are shiny-ness and oiliness on your T-zone area. As previously mentioned, this includes the occasional oil on the nose, forehead or even chin, and this can in itself affect your confidence.

Another tell-tale sign is the clogged pores in the T-zone area. If you have combination skin, you probably already know that extra oil and dirt something gets trapped there, causing impurities such as pimples or blackheads.

The third sign of combination skin is the dry and itchy cheeks, and this is just an inconvenience that comes with the territory.

Best Foundation for Combination Skin


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NARS Sheer Glow Foundation is designed in such a way that it enhances your natural skin tone and beauty without creating the unwanted ‘mask’ effect. This means that the product is lightweight, and that it improves your overall complexion and brightness without making it look unrealistic.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Brightens skin tones
– Creates a soft and smooth skin effect
– Fragrance free and non-comedogenic
– Hydrates dry skin
– Minimizes visible skin discoloration
– 19 colours to choose from

Keep In Mind:
– Tested on animals

Laura Mercier

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This foundation is gorgeous. It has a unique glow without being shimmery, and it is incredibly easy to blend. Although it provides full coverage, it does not add weight to your face, allowing your natural texture to easily show.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Highly moisturising, making it perfect for normal to dry skin
– Silky crème foundation which corrects imperfections and fine lines
– Flawless skin effect
– Long-lasting full-coverage foundation

Keep In Mind:
– Smaller colour pallet to choose from


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This product is unique in many ways. Originally designed for medical use (on burn patients), the foundation is free from harsh chemicals, preservatives or heavy oils. The main ingredients are ultimately pure and natural, allowing the skin to breathe and feel, as the name suggests, oxygenated.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Full coverage SPF 25
– Waterproof foundation
– Contains natural ingredients including Aloe Vera
– Can be used by people with skin sensitivities and allergies
– Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
– Not tested on animals

Keep In Mind:
– Limited darker colour shades


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Are you tired of having to re-apply your foundation every couple of hours? Revlon has acknowledged this problem and has created a weightless foundation which lasts for 16 hours. Using the ColorStay technology, this product can be used on oily skin, mostly because it contains no oils which could clog your pores.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Oil free
– Transfer-resistant
– Medium to full coverage without a heavy-looking finish
– ColorStay TM longwear technology for up to 16-hour wear
– SPF 6 protection
– Available in 20 shades

Keep In Mind:
– Tested on animals
– Contains some harsh chemicals such as Tetrasodium EDTA

bareMinerals Barepro

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bareMinerals has always been proud of its products, and this is no exception. This high-performance pressed mineral powder has been clinically shown to last for 12 hours without needing to be re-applied.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Reduces pore size appearance whilst controlling shine
– 20 shades to choose from
– Convenient compact design
– Medium coverage
– 12-hours wear
– Cruelty-free

Keep In Mind:
– Can become cakey on people with oily-skin

How to Find The Right Foundation

Know your skin type

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why this is important. If for example you have oily skin, you may choose to opt for a powder foundation which will absorb the oiliness. If you struggle with dry skin, you will probably go for a highly moisturizing foundation. If you’re unsure because you have combination skin, then try a powder formula, and apply it lightly over dry spots, and a big heavier over oily patches.

Decide what coverage you’re going for

If you’re losing confidence over acne, your top choice might be to go full-coverage. Otherwise, if you love the natural texture of your skin, why not let what makes you unique shine through? If you are in love with your freckles, simply use a tinted moisturizer which will still allow your skin to reveal its natural beauty.

Check the return policy

Some drugstores allow you to return opened makeup. If you’re worried that a product might not fit you, then check the return policy before purchasing.

Test the foundation against your jawline

Using natural light, dab some foundation directly on your jawline. In this way you will see if and how the foundation blends between your face and your neck.

How to Apply Foundation

Step 1: Remove any makeup and cleanse your skin

You want to make sure you remove any dirt, grime or leftover makeup, thus always clean your face before applying moisturizer.

Step 2: Moisturize the skin

Use a moisturizer in order to allow for easy application of your foundation

Step 3: Apply foundation with a foundation brush

Because your hands or nails might still have dirt on them, use a professional brush for clear and even applications

Step 4: Blend in a gentle rolling motion

Step 5: Apply concealer

Mask any imperfections or blemishes using a clean fingertip.

Step 6: Set

Using a translucent powder, sweep setting powder only on areas which tend to be shiny (e.g. nose, forehead)


For a long time I have tried to find the most suitable and affordable foundations for combination skin. Because there are many of you out there who are struggling to find the right product for you, the 5 ones which I’ve outlined above should be a good guideline on how to choose the right foundation for your skin type, depending on the type of type of coverage you want to achieve!

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