5 Best Glitter Eyeshadows: The Ones That Perform Best!

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2018)

Whether you’re going out on the town for a night out or you just want to try out a new makeup style, glitter eye shadow is a great option! The only problem is picking out just the right one from so many. Take a look at our top picks, and learn the best way to apply them too!

How to Apply Glitter Makeup?

It can actually be difficult to get that eye shadow on just right, especially if you’re trying to do something more difficult. There are a few techniques however so that your eye shadow will keep looking just right all night.

General Suggestions

Before you even start applying your eye shadow, pick out a color that works with your skin tone. That means that you’ve got to be wary of whites and silvers, since they may sometimes look harsh. Usually gold, champagne, rose, bronze, and gunmetal are the best choices for just about everyone.

Start with the Eyes

You should prep and prime your eyelids before you do anything else, even the foundation on the rest of your face. Then start with your first lid.

Use a Flat Brush

Flat brushes work best since they help you pat the product on the lid. They give you lots of control when you apply it. Synthetic brushes then help you clean up the lid afterwards, especially since it’s tough to get glitter out of fluffy brushes.

Clean the Lashes

You’ve got your brushes and your make up on now, but clean off your lashes too using a lash spoolie dipped in water. With a hairdryer set on low, you can blow off the remaining mess on your lashes, cheeks, and face.

Finish the Face

Spray a finishing spray when you’re all done to keep everything set in place. That way you’ll have eye shadow that’ll last all night!

5 Best Glitter Eye Shadows To Try


Jane Iredale Liquid Shadow

Check price and more details here

You can use this liquid shadow to get a crease-resistant shimmer and sparkle. It’s meant to be creamy even as it refracts light and hides imperfections. The Macadamia Esters will help with soothing and hydration while providing you with long wear and a smooth look.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Works great as a highlight color for the inner parts of the eye
– The applicator allows for fairly precise application
– Looks great on paler and darker skin tones
– Dries quickly, does not flake, is not irritating for sensitive eyes
– Glides on with ease thanks to the creamy texture

Keep In Mind:
– May not smear very well over people with oily eyelids as it tends to dry out

Jane Iredale 24 Karat Gold

Check price and more details here

Jane Iredale makes gold dust too, meant to give you that same shimmering look if you use it on your cheeks, eyes, or even lips. Blend it into a hair product if you want some glitter there. The Mica, which is a diamond pigment, is perfect for that shimmer and glide.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Works well on any light to medium skin tone
– Can be worked into multiple products without looking overbearing
– The shades give you a natural glow
– Shimmers well, even when you use just a little bit
– Smooth, silky, and stays on well

Keep In Mind:
– The small holes for it end up clumped, so when you open it, it can sometimes spill

Stila Jewel Shadow

Check price and more details here

Stila makes their jewel shadow to be highly pigmented so you’ve got a beautiful sequin sparkle. The perfect blend of pigment and pearl is meant to provide instant glamour while the texture ensures it goes on smoothly. Not only that, but it’s sheer and weightless, with vitamin E for added antioxidant protection.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Perfect base; not too flashy
– Lots of pigment gives you a dramatic look without using a lot
– Great for the inner corners of the eyes to open the eyes too
– The coloring and pigment looks great on many types of skin
– Doesn’t cause creasing

Keep In Mind:
– May be too subtle for some people

theBalm Overshadow

Check price and more details here

Overshadow is meant to add a luxe look, so you can just apply it over daytime shadow for a glimmering night look. This is the first finely-milled, all-mineral shimmer that’s specifically designed to go over already applied eye shadow. That means you don’t have to take extra time getting ready!

Why It’s So Popular:
– A little bit really goes a long way
– The pigment and color last all day
– No irritation for people with sensitive eyes
– Works great for people with hooded eyes; doesn’t make you look more tired
– Can be used as a highlight under your eyebrows too

Keep In Mind:
– If you don’t seal the brush with a little water, it gets into creases easily

Julep Multidimensional Orbital

Check price and more details here

Use this multidimensional eye shadow for intense brightness, long-lasting lids, and endless glitter. The triple pigmentation ensures both the color and the quality, with a multidimensional effect to give you the striking, shimmering look you’re looking for.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Vivid coloring with lots of sparkle
– The color is sheer and smooth
– Applies with ease
– Can be ordered in many available colors
– Great price point

Keep In Mind:
– Pigmentation is too much for some people
– Adds more brightness rather than color specifically


The best glitter eye shadow can add a lot to any evening look. Unfortunately though, lots of us don’t quite know what kind to pick or how to apply it just right! It’s not tough to choose from these few options though, so pick one out, apply it, and enjoy your night out looking beautiful!

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