7 Best High Chairs For Small Spaces and Apartments 2020: Super Compact!

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2020)

As a mother, I’m pretty sure we’ve had to answer the question “where am I going to put this baby chair in such small spaces?” Especially in a small apartment, space is a big concern. I wanted to find the most compact small high chair for small spaces that would be functional and stylish at the same time.

Best High Chairs for Small Spaces in 2020

Stokke Tripp Trapp

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For the family that loves to eat at the table together, the Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair makes it pretty easy. This chair was created to seat a person any where from 6 months to adult (Yes, seriously, it can seat adults too!). Holding up to 300 pounds, the Stokke Tripp Trapp has a sleek design that can fit into any small space.


  • The seat grows with your child into adulthood
  • No tray which allows it to be pulled to a table
  • 7-year warranty
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s definitely more pricey than many other brands
  • No support for head, neck or back


Joovy Nook

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The Joovy Nook highchair is equipped with a swing open tray that it also very easy to clean. The tray is dishwasher safe and the leather seats are machine washable. The Joovy Nook, when folded, is only 9.5” in height and 28” wide so it doesn’t take up much space.


  • Compact and easy to fit into medium and small spaces
  • Folds down easy
  • 5 point harness
  • This space saver high chair is inexpensive and great value for money
  • Easy to clean


  • The tray is a bit distanced from your child
  • Leatherette naturally begins to wear and tear the more it is used
  • Food can sometimes be trapped in the cushion of the seat


phil&teds Poppy Chair

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The phil&teds Poppy space saver high Chair is so compact in size that it can fit in a small storage closet. The Aerocore seat is soft and spongy, making your child’s eating time very comfortable. Because the seat fits to your little one, there is not much space for crumbs to hide. The Poppy Chair is also equipped with a passive harness that holds baby in place and keeps the tray secure.


  • The seat is easy to clean and wipe down
  • Best high chairs for spaces
  • 5 point harness
  • Removable tray for easy break down
  • Transforms from a high chair to a regular chair that grows with your little one


  • Straps have to be removed by a screw driver in order to clean them
  • The long legs can be easy to trip over


BabyBjorn Appetite

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The BabyBjorn Appetite space saver high chair is scaled down to be a custom chair for the baby if the family. The backrest helps your little one learn to sit up correctly by forming to your child’s body. The chair can be used up until the child is 3 years of age or 38” height.


  • Easy to unpack, no assembly required
  • Doesn’t take up much space, easily storable
  • Foot step
  • Space saving high chair
  • 5 point harness


  • Tray is small which takes away eating room
  • Not for heavier children


Mamas & Papas Juice High Chair

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The Mamas & Papas Juice converts with your child from a high chair for babies to a chair for toddlers. The tray is removable so that baby can sit at the table and eat with the family. The chair is also equipped with a crotch post to provide adequate safety for your busy infant or toddler.


  • Easy to remove seat for quick cleanup
  • Rests easy in small places
  • Best high chair for space
  • Good size tray for eating


  • The tray may seem too far away from your child


phil&teds Lobster High Chair

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The phil&teds Lobster is made with an aluminium frame for sturdiness. The back and bottom is supported by padding for added comfort. The chair also has adjustable clamps, made of robust aluminium, to fit onto tables up to 3.75” thick. This is one of the best high chairs for small houses or small spaces.


  • Portable enough to take anywhere
  • No legs
  • Fits right to the table
  • No slip grip snugs onto the table for maximum safety


  • Only goes up to 37 lbs.
  • More like a booster seat than a high chair


Graco Slim Spaces High Chair

Compact enough to fit between the fridge and the counter, the Graco Slim Spaces come to you ready for use. It consists of up to 6 level for a variety of height along with up to 3 positions for your child to recline safely. The harness has a 3-5 point fit for a variation of ages.


  • Adjustable height
  • Stain Resistant Seat pad
  • Fits into small spaces when folded for storage


  • The two front wheel may cause unwanted movement as they do not lock
  • Small tray


Skip Hop Tuo Convertible

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Stylish and easy to clean, this Skip Hop high chairs for small houses really reminds me of another really cool scandinavian-ish design! It’s a really good investment in my opinion as it can transform to a toddler chair later and I also really love the beautiful beech wood legs. Featuring non skid feet, a 5 point harness for your little one and a removable tray, this is one of my favorite picks if you’re looking for something compact!

Keekaroo Height Right

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If you love the simply minimalistic wooden look, this might be the one for you. It’s JPMA certified and comes with convenient features such as the dishwasher safe eating tray (with cover), cloth cushion for the seat pad and adjustable foot and seat plate. Choose from natural or mahogany colors.

What’s the Typical Size of High Chairs?

If you’re looking for a high chair for a small space, you first need to know what standard high chairs are like. There are so many different brands and models in the market in recent years. Most of them allow you to adjust to various heights that you want.

When you extend them completely though, their height tends to hover around two and four feet. As for the base and the chair itself, the size footprint depends on all the features and bells and whistles it has.

Features You’d Want in a High Chair for Small Space

So you know you definitely want the smallest high chair. Afterall, it’s really not necessary to have a huge high chair that’s going to take up a portion of your apartment. You want something that you can tuck away and move around easily. Or maybe you travel quite often and want a portable option.

No matter what your reason is, here are four tips you should consider.

1. Safety is Super Important

Needless to say, safety is paramount when it comes to your little one. You want a small high chair but you still want it to be really stable, sturdy and strong. And yes, it needs to have the typical safety features still! That’s not something you’d want to compromise on.

You probably haven’t noticed this but high chairs are often very big and bulky because they tend to be narrower at the top and then bigger at the bottom. This is what makes it so cumbersome and inconvenient but at the same time, this is exactly what makes it a lot more stable. This way, the chair won’t tip over so easily.

So when you’re looking for a smaller chair, you can expect the base to be smaller. However, I would recommend not compromising on this too much. You don’t want one with such a narrow base that it becomes completely unsafe and easy to tip over.

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2. Easy to Fold

You might struggle to narrow down your options but here’s one thing you can definitely strike out – high chairs that can’t even be tucked away or collapsed. Trust me, you definitely don’t want one of those! Getting one that can fold up isn’t enough either. Find one that can fold up easily. You don’t want to get frustrated with something that’s difficult to fold.

3. Ability to Adjust to Various Heights

You don’t have a lot of space which is why you’re searching for a space saving chair. I recommend looking for something that is super versatile and easily adjustable. Some high chairs allow you to raise them higher and some even have a seat pad that you can remove. Pick something that you can use for different purposes and you’ll find that it offers a lot of value.

4. Portable and Light

When you’re in a small apartment, you often need to move things around to make space. If you have to tuck something away everyday and move it, it’s best to get something light.

Pick a portable high chair that’s made of light but strong materials such as plastic or aluminium. Some portable high chairs can be super heavy because of the metal materials used. Yes, they do make it more stable but you might want to find an in-between that doesn’t compromise safety.

How to Choose the Best Small Space High Chair

Easy to Use

  • Check to see if it is easy to get your baby in and out of the seat. If possible, try it out and make sure that your child’s legs will not get stuck.
  • Is it easy to fold? Do you have to fuss around with buttons?
  • Is it heavy? What is its weight?
  • Is the harness comfortable? If your child is anything like mine, the harness is a big deal. Make sure it’s comfortable enough that your child forgets it’s there.
  • “Does the chair grow with my baby?” is also something to keep in mind. It can save you money in the long run while also gaining some sentimental value.

Simple to Clean

  • Look to see how much space will be left when your babyis in the seat. The more free space the seat has just gives your child’s crumbs a place to hide.
  • Check to see if the “tray” is dishwasher safe.
  • Determine if you prefer a fabric seat out a plastic cushion type seat . A fabric covered sheet may have to be washed more often than a plastic cushion seat.
  • Is the seat fabric machine washable?


  • Will you get the best bang for your buck? If you’re going to pay $200+ dollars for a chair, you want to make sure it’s worth it.
  • Check safety ratings. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean that it’s sturdy or comfortable for your baby.
  • Is it sturdy? Will it tip over easily?
  • Does it have a three point or 5 point harness?

Will It Fit?

You might have a tiny kitchen area. Keep small spaces in mind when choosing your baby’s best compact high chair. Big, bulky chairs won’t be ideal obviously.

You also have to consider how big it stores. Does it have a large footprint when you fold it? Can it be stored away easily? Do you need to fold it away after every meal? Or can you leave it out?


There are different high chair designs. Some are specifically for infants only, while other can be used through the toddler and growing up years.

Ask yourself: how long will your baby will be able to use this high chair? Some high chairs are also more versatile in the sense that they can be easily portable. You might need to take along your little one’s high chair for an outing or a party. In this case, go for a more portable type.

Why You Need a High Chair

A high chair signifies a transition for your little one. Finally, your baby is growing up and away from milk and moving on to the next exciting stage of solids. It’s funny but very often, it’s us parents that seem to get so excited about this new stage.

Just be aware though that your baby might not feel the same way. A high chair really helps with the transition. It gives you more convenience to help you feed your baby easily. It also helps your baby feel more included, sitting at the dinner table with the entire family.

When can baby sit in restaurant high chair?

Whether at home or in a restaurant, your baby can sit on a high chair, but it will solely depend on your baby’s ability to sit. First, find out how strong your baby’s neck muscles are. Their neck and back muscles need to be strong and at a point where he can sit up and support the weight of their head. This is anytime from 4 months, though the best age is around 6 months.

When determining whether your baby is of the right age to sit in high chair at restaurant, try to feed them at home. Pick their favorite cereal and sit them up in a high chair to test things out before heading to the restaurant.

Baby Chairs for Small Spaces Maintenance

Your little one needs to feed on a clean surface. Cleaning a high chair differs from one high chair to another. How you clean your high chair will depend on the fabric and construction of the chair. There are different cleaning steps so always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your high chair.

Manufacturers know how messy babies can be and all of them make highchairs for babies that are easy to clean simply by wiping with a damp cloth. The damp cloth will remove solid foods, crumbs, and puddles of milk. But, some seat fabrics are machine washable.

High chairs that you find are made of plastic with those made from other materials like metal parts having plastic feeding trays. The plastic feeding trays like that of the Joovy Nook is dishwasher safe and can be detached and put in the dishwasher for a deep clean.

You will need to wash the straps that secure your baby in place by hand. All you need is soap and water to scrub off any food particles which were spit up or fell off while feeding. It’s great if it’s machine washable.

When it comes to how frequently you should clean your high chair, it all depends on you, but the best way is to wipe down the high chair tray after each meal. You can either wipe or brush down the seat after every 2 days to remove any dirt and prevent dirt build-up on the high chair hot spots.

Do not soak parts of your high chair if it is made of wood, has metal parts or if the cushion is fabric. Do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals when cleaning your high chairs seat pad. Cloth pads are machine washable in cold water and air dry. Preferably, it would be best to buy high chairs that are easy to clean to save you the trouble.

How much does a high chair cost?

The price range of most high chairs is from about $20 to $400 for the best high chair. You can still get an easy to use, nice-looking, sturdy, durable and a comfortable high chair with plenty of parent-friendly features at a reasonable price.

While going for the inexpensive ones, remember that safety is paramount when setting up your budget for a high chair for your little one’s sake. But, it’s not the only thing to keep in mind so always go for the best high chairs available.


You have to find the smallest high chair for small spaces for your baby that would work best for the small spaces you have. Look for a seat that can be packed away in little or small spaces. Check all safety ratings because after all, you want your little prince or princess to be safe!

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