7 Best Humidifiers For Your Baby Congestion: 2020 Picks

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

When I had my first baby, I was lucky my mother was there to tell me about humidifiers! I hadn’t even thought of this before, but babies get stuffy noses and can get a cold too. Yet unlike us, they can’t take medication to remedy it. A good humidifier for your baby’s congestion or cough should help both mom and little one by helping everyone feel better. I also wanted to find best humidifier for baby congestion with colds.

Why Should I Use a Humidifier?


A humidifier helps your baby keep their equilibrium by controlling the temperature and humidity in the air. The colder and drier atmosphere will actually benefit your child.


The moisture produced by the humidifier stops heat loss in the skin and nasal passages. When you use it, 50% humidity in a 70 degrees F room is exactly what your little one needs.

Sleep Better

Babies really do sleep better when the room is at the proper temperature! If the room isn’t too warm or too dry, but cooler, not cold, and with moisture, your baby will sleep like, well, a baby.

Stuffy Babies

The air gets dry in the winter, so it helps to loosen congestion and help it be expelled from the body. Stuffy babies can’t take medicine like we can, so a humidifier is the perfect solution.

Is it ok if the humidifier is in baby’s room all night? And what is the best humidifier for baby? Read on to find my top picks!


7 Best Humidifier For Baby Congestion


Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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This little Ultrasonic Cool Mist humidifier keeps working for up to 16 hours for a more restful sleep. The 360 degree nozzle is sure to keep your room covered, with controls to adjust both mist direction and comfort. Automatic shut off will give you peace of mind when you set it up for your little one. This is a great humidifier for baby’s cough.


  • It’s perfect for medium-sized rooms like a nursery
  • People have noted how quiet it is, even when it’s right next to them
  • They’re super portable, and kids love the nightlight


  • It does require a good amount of daily and weekly cleaning
  • The capacity is a little smaller than some would like


Crane Adorable Cool Mist

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The adorable owl baby humidifier is only one reason why I took a look at Crane. The ultrasonic mist will help relieve any sort of cold symptoms, making nasal congestion a thing of the past. With only a gallon of water, this little owl will stay quiet for up to an entire day. Also a great humidifier for baby’s cough!


  • Even without consistent cleaning, there’s no mold
  • The air was kept moist without turning into a sauna
  • The different settings can be adjusted for larger and smaller rooms


  • The owl is actually quite large (though some people actually like that)


Anypro Ultra Quiet Anti-Mold

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Set up the mist control and you’ll see at least a full day of action. Antibacterial materials help you clean things out easier while the design stops any sort of leakage. Your little one though will just love the perfect coverage and the quiet function.


  • The Anypro is almost completely silent
  • A variable control setting allows you to set the humidity at any level you need, not just low, med, or high
  • You can aim the mist, and place oils in it if you want


  • Some people still find mold despite the anti-mold claim
  • The capacity can be larger. That would have been great!


SereneLife Cool Mist

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SereneLife makes an inconspicuous humidifier that allows you to adjust the mist in order to give your baby the perfect atmosphere. Just press the button, refill the tank, and watch as your baby sleeps comfortably, even when it powers off.


  • It was easy to put together, worked quickly, and was quiet
  • A lot of mist comes out for such a small unit
  • You can adjust the amount of mist and the direction for any sized room


  • There’s no filter, but it does take some work to maintain
  • There’s no way to take it apart easily to clean

Kids Line Polar Ultrasonic

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Yet another cute humidifier allows you to adjust the mist and keep the tank running for up to 10 hours! This baby product is noiseless and even saves energy as it turns off automatically and keeps your baby sleeping.


  • It’s easy to fill quickly
  • Pretty much noiseless
  • The mist is cool and safe, and directed straight up for full coverage


  • There are no included instructions on usage
  • The machine is small that you might need to refill it for larger rooms


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This unique design is super portable and easy to take apart. It may look small, but VicTsing holds a lot of water, is super quiet, and keeps working for the entire night. You can even change the color and the mist settings to help your baby feel even more comfortable.


  • It can be used five times before you need to clean it
  • After the first few times, it starts working perfectly
  • The small size is perfect even to cover a larger area


  • Some people didn’t like the actual design, despite liking the product
  • A little tricky to clean

Mospro Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Mospro humidifier uses quite the elegant design, but don’t let it fool you. It’ll still last for the whole night without refilling, and adjusts the spray while turning off when the water’s gone. The ultrasonic technology is sure to be quiet enough for your little one to keep sleeping.


  • You can also use the aroma diffuser along with the humidifier
  • Kids love the little glow and the noiseless quality
  • You can get two full nights of mist before refilling


  • Leakages have been reported with some units
  • It’s not as easy to refill and clean as some people would like


What To Look Out For

As a parent, you can’t just pick up any old one. Just like everything else with your child, you want to be sure you have the most effective option. You definitely want to pick out a most effectiv then. Your baby has to sleep after all. It’d be nice if it shuts off automatically when the water is gone too, just to be sure that it won’t burn out.

A proper hygrometer or humidistat allows you to adjust the desired humidity, and antibacterial qualities stop the water from getting gross, like UV lights, cartridges, and filters. Finally, look for those features that make your life easier too. It should be easy to clean with a removable water tank. If you have to carry it too, handles will help you along.

Risks and Cautions

Just like any other product, you have to be aware of the dangers. Being aware of the risks of humidifiers in your child’s room will help you be better prepared. You’ll also be more aware of how to use the humidifier in a safe and correct manner.

Some cautions to note include allergies, infections, electrocution and more.


I set out to find the best humidifier for baby congestion. After some searching, I definitely think one of these humidifiers for babies with cold will do the trick. When you’re buying pick out the perfect one to keep your bub sleeping soundly, you’ll feel better too when you both get the sleep you need!


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