Best Korean Moisturizer for 2022 (Top Picks!)

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2021)

When you first heard of the 10-step Korean Skin Care Routine, you were probably as boggled as I was. Afterall, most skin care routines don’t get go past 3 steps. And now, there are 7 extra steps? If you’re curious to find out what all the fuss is about, look no further! I’m giving you a full-run down of K-Skin care (BB Creams for dry skin) and the best korean moisturizer!

Best Korean Moisturizer

Introderm Peptide Omni Essence Booster

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Containing multiple ingredients known to boost the look and feel of skin, Introderm moisturizer should be on everyone’s wish list. Made by Samsung Pharm, a trusted company since 1929, this product boasts quality you can trust. Introderm has been formulated to include lotion, nourishing cream, skin serum, and moisture cream all in one product.

Even though it’s a bit pricey, you don’t have to juggle more than one skincare product. In addition, you’ll be getting ten different types of peptides, (the most in any single unit cosmetics), four skin-nurturing vitamins, and five unique oils. All designed to improve skin health.

The best part? Introderm utilizes the latest technology to ensure absorption directly into the dermis, where the product is most needed.

EverGlam Advanced Skincare Ceramide Moisturizing Cream

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EverGlam moisturizer cream is a gender neutral, long-lasting treatment for dry skin. While other moisturizers only hydrate your skin, EverGlam goes a step further by creating a ceramide complex that forms microcapsule barriers. Dry skin? No problem. It ensures its skin-loving ingredients actually stay where you put them.

Green tomato extract, squalene, and argan oil are just a few of these magic ingredients. In addition to its moisturizing power, this product also decreases fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes pores, and evens out skin tone.

With regular use, you will see a major difference. And you don’t have to worry about the manufacturing process. EverGlam is proud to be paraben and cruelty free. An overall great moisturizer!

Skederm Exhydro Deep Hydration Gel-Cream Moisturizer

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Utilizing the power of water, Skederm makes a moisturizer centered around the idea that water-loving ingredients are skin-loving ingredients as well.

A combination of gel and cream, this unique formula draws water into your skin, leaving it feeling light and supple. Proud to be a naturally-based product, Skederm contains cylindrical root, soybeans, rosemary leaves, and sunflower seed oil, ensuring your body’s largest organ gets the care it deserves.

And it doesn’t stop there. Skederm offers the best-kept secret of Korean culture: fermentation. When molecules are broken down, things like good bacteria and probiotics can result. Exhydro accelerated this process to bring you quick nutrient absorption and vitality. Great for dry skin.

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream

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A patented formula, Laneige moisture cream delivers ionized nutrients directly into your skin, penetrating quickly and effectively. Zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and manganese are all essential skin-loving ingredients in this moisturizer. They combine to relieve stubborn dryness and help restore your natural moisture barrier.

Different than other products, Laneige also contains NMFs, (Natural Moisturizing Factors). This mimics skin’s natural moisturizers, ensuring relief is long-lasting and distributed evenly.

Added squalene from olives also helps protect and maintain adequate hydration. No parabens or phthalates are included, and Laneige is proud to not test on animals. Water Bank Moisture Cream has been dermatologist tested and proven to succeed.

belif The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

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Vegans will love the belif moisturizer bomb. In addition to being free of synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, and synthetic preservatives, belif contains no animal-sourced ingredients.

Plus it’s proven to work. In a clinical trial comprised of 20 test subjects, all reported a 13% increase in moisture retention 24 hours after application, with still more improvement after hour 26.

Formulated as a cream, belif is designed to “wrap the skin with comfort”, diminishing any dry or tight feeling.

Its secret ingredient is the comfrey leaf, a perennial plant boasting skin-softening and anti-inflammatory properties. belif also makes use of the Napiers moisture formula, allowing it to moisturize where needed, as well as absorb oil in problem areas.

Innisfree The green tea seed cream Moisturizer

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With multiple dry skin-loving ingredients, this cream should be at the top of your list. But not only for the ingredients. Innisfree operates USDA organic-certified green tea fields on the beautiful Jeju island. They have patented a manufacturing process in which the tea leaves are picked, steamed, and extracted in less than one hour. This ensures that freshness is paramount.

This process results in the highest levels of minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins possible in the finished product. The green tea works with cocoa butter to hydrate, lock in, and maintain proper moisture levels, for long-lasting comfort.

Proud to be natural, Innisfree’s formula is free and clear of synthetic colors, parabens, minerals, urea, and animal products.

If you’re still worried about its effectiveness, take comfort that it has been dermatologist-tested and comes with an almost 5-star rating.

Skin & Lab Effect Red Cream

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Recommended for every skin issue associated with dryness, Dr. Color Effect’s Red Creammoisturizer packs a powerful punch. FDA-certified to be scientifically tested and pass all border inspections and quality control checks, you can be sure you are buying a legitimate product.

Gender neutral and perfect for both morning and night, this cream is made for all skin types and will not irritate damaged dry skin. Its one-of-a-kind formula contains the power of a million damask roses, energizing and plumping loose, dull skin.

Patented rose stem cells give Red Cream a Smart Shape Memory Formula unique from other available brands, designed to naturally tighten your skin so you’ll appear years younger.

klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream

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Yet another vegan friendly product, klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream contains no animal-based ingredients and is not tested on animals. An Amazon Choice product, klairs is beloved and used by many with positive results, evidenced by an almost 5-star rating.

Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, it is gentle enough to be worn year-round, with an innovative technology that knows what you need. If you have dry, hot skin, it will stabilize the moisture-oil balance while reducing skin temperature to diminish redness and shrink pores.

Skin-loving ingredients, including lipidure, shea butter, and ceramide-3, work together to rehydrate and maintain your skin’s natural moisture barriers. While not completely natural, klairs is free of dyes and fragrances that could irritate your skin.

Yeouth Day/Night Cream

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A combination day/night product designed for all skin types, Yeouth Day/Night Cream can effectively replace multiple products in your beauty routine.

Boasting large amounts of hyaluronic acid, this formula is designed to optimize moisturization, while firming and clearing your complexion. Instant absorption makes this a perfect choice for those with sensitive, dry, or damaged skin.

In addition to hyaluronic acid, skin-loving ingredients such as green tea and peptides aid in blemish-clearing and anti-aging. But that’s not all.

Yeouth has a rather unusual secret ingredient: snails. A Korean beauty secret, secretions from snails are a triple threat, providing anti-aging, hydration, and repairing benefits.

The Fuss Behind Korean Moisturizer Skin Care

Without a doubt, Korean Skin Care has taken the spotlight these past few years. And with good reason too! Their 10-step skin routine may cause a few eyebrow raises but the results they give for dry skin are amazing.

Skin care enthusiasts and researchers alike have taken interest in this rigorous routine. They have even asked the question on everyone’s mind: Is Korean skin care worth it? I mean, we’re all certain it isn’t the most time-savvy routine around. And it certainly isn’t cheap.

Which begs another question: are Korean skin products better? After all, they are more costly than most skin care products. All we can do is shoot you straight facts and tips and you can decide for yourself.

Korean Skincare Tips

Wear sun screen

One of the most important things to remember is wear sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays are very damaging and are one of the top causes of premature aging for the skin. Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is a must.

Even when you’re just at home, it serves as a huge help in maintaining younger-looking skin.

Hydrate your skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is also very important. Especially for dry skin! Don’t skimp on moisturizer and be sure to get those 8-10 glasses of water a day.

K-Beauty 10-Step Skincare Routine

Oil-based cleanser

Koreans always do a double cleanse. The first one is to soften the makeup you wore throughout the day.

This is better than just using a makeup remover on a cotton pad! Simply massage the oil-based cleanser over your dry face and neck.

Take a splash of water to let it seep into your skin a bit more. Then wash it off completely.

Water-based Cleanser

The second cleanse, which is with the water-based cleanser, is to remove any remaining residue and dirt after the oil cleanser. Just like with the first wash, just spread this second one over your face and neck and wash it off with tepid water.


This step isn’t done every day and night. Rather, it is done twice a week. The purpose of exfoliating is to soften your dead skin cells. Once you have finished exfoliating, you can easily wash the dead skin cells away with water. This clears your pores and helps them to absorb the other skin care products better.


The point of a toner is to dampen your skin to give way for better hydration and to balance the pH levels of your skin.

Find a toner that’s best for your dry skin type and gently dab it on your skin and neck areas after washing/exfoliating.


Korean specifically designed essence for their rigorous routine. It’s sort of a hybrid of toner and serum.

Essence hydrates your skin and helps in repairing your skin. Which in turn, aids in cell turnover. Now, just like toner, all you have to do is dab this over your skin gently in preparation for the next step.


Think of treatments, such as serums, ampoules, and boosters, as  concentrated essences.

This means that they treat your dry skin concern areas directly. You choose whether the treatment you get is for skin-aging, sunspots, or whatever you may want to address. This too must be gently tapped into your skin.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are generally used once or twice a week. But you can use them every night if you have the time and money. They aren’t as expensive as actual face masks and they sure do the job for dry skin!

The kind of treatment you can get depends on what sheet mask you choose. There’s a variety to pick from for many skin conditions. Put them on for 15-20 minutes at a time and see your skin glow after peeling them off.

Eye Cream

The area of skin around your eye is the most delicate. Keep in mind that the earliest signs of skin aging appear here.

This is why you have to choose the right eye cream for you. Be sure it hydrates your skin and provides you with the proper protection you need. Dab the eye cream lightly.


Koreans aim for dewy and glowing skin. This is why moisturizer is of utmost importance to them. Moisturizers work to seal in moisture to give you plump skin and smooth out or prevent fine lines. Be sure to find the one that works best with your skin type.

For days when your skin is extra dry, try using sleeping packs to re-hydrate your skin to the fullest.


Sunscreen helps prevent premature skin aging, sun spots, and even skin cancer! It shields your dry skin for the sun’s harmful UV rays that are near impossible to avoid. Be sure to apply sunscreen daily even when your just at home. When you go out, remember to reapply throughout the day for maximum protection.


Now back to our two general questions: Is Korean skin care worth it and are Korean skin products better? If you were with us and paying attention throughout the whole article, I bet you’re leaning towards a yes. While this whole routine is tedious and a bit more costly than normal, the results are superb.

Especially for dry skin. You can’t deny that all the hard work will pay off when you finally achieve that clear, dewy skin. Check out my round up of the best korean moisturizers for dry skin to get started!

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