Best Leave-In Conditioners for Black Hair 2022

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2021)

It’s hard to find a solution to tackle the dryness and breakage of your curly hair or textured hair. Natural black hair lacks moisture and it has no oil on its own. It is difficult to retain moisture, but there are a lot you can do to tackle this problem and keep your hair soft and shiny.

You can start with picking the best leave-in conditioner for black hair. Using hair products regularly can hydrate your hair and keep them healthy.

Best Leave-In Conditioners for Black Hair

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Combination Pack

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This pack contains 3 products: Shampoo (16.3 oz), conditioner (13 oz), and leave in conditioner (16 oz). Within this pack are several different oils used to gain the best results for black hair. The Jamaican Black Castor Oil is included for its repairing properties. They focus on damaged hair and promote hair growth. This is ideal for damaged hair due to excessive heat exposure. The shampoo and conditioner also have apple cider vinegar to help balance the pH of your hair and return your hair to its natural texture.

The peppermint oil included in the leave on moisturizer focuses more on the rejuvenating and freshening the scalp.
Shea Moisture says that their products are natural and organic, and have been family tested for 4 generations. Animal lovers will be happy to know that they do not test their products on animals. All their products are sulfate and paraben free too!


Mixed Chicks Defining Eliminate Conditioner

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Mixed Chicks strives to provide great products for any kind of hair, even the ones often left out of the market. Their leave on conditioner is focused on controlling frizz and uncontrollable curls while also prioritizing the health of your hair. Their leave in conditioner is both alcohol-free and cruelty-free.

They have added natural ingredients into their leave-in conditioner, each with its own benefit to your hair. The Evening Primrose Oil helps strengthen hair and heal your scalp. Seed oil from Safflowers provides Vitamin E which works as an antioxidant as well as a moisturizer. Jojoba seed oil is also included which has plenty vitamins and minerals that adds shine and maintain hair color.

Jojoba seeds are odorless and can only be found in arid regions. Amino acids are taken from silk to bind with the Keratin in your hair which will create a stronger protective outer layer in your hair. They also hydrolyze wheat protein which helps control moisture loss and maintains elasticity in your hair.

The main function of the wheat is to prevent weakened hair fibers, cystine within the wheat fills in the voids within the hair and keeps it stronger.

Moroccan Argan Leave-In Conditioner Cream

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Moroccan Argan is a brand to be trusted, producing hair products since 1943. This product has been manufactured for 20 years – for good reason. This leave-on conditioner cream has multiple functions, so you can benefit from using it as an everyday cream to a treatment cream, for men and women.

This is an intense cream ideal hydrating, nourishing and repair dry and damaged hair. The cream also contains essential oils and plant extracts to deliver the best results through fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins. Other than a moisturizing conditioner, this argan leave-in conditioner also acts as a styling cream which can be used for all types of hair.

H.Y. Vitamins Leave In Conditioner Cream For Thick, Coarse Ethnic Hair

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Vitamins conditioner cream is especially designed for thick and coarse hair types. Both men and women can use this product, and it comes in a non-sticky, light formula which makes it comfortable for use. This formula is also paraben, sulfate, salt and alcohol free and is not tested on animals.

This cream claims that within 24 hours, frizzy curls should be fully moisturized and smooth. However, due to the consistency of the formula, your hair doesn’t feel greasy. The good thing is that this cream is compatible with all kinds of hair, uncolored or dyed. It is also useful for protecting against split ends!

They also claim that this is the best cream for detangling and defrizzing for curly, wavy, coiled, and straight styles. I love that it generally absorbs well into the hair and can be used for daily use.

NuDred Rejuvenate I.T. Natural Hair Care

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NuDreds leave in conditioner has been specially tailored for natural or ethnic african american hair types with various lengths, textures, locks, curls or dreads. The purpose of all Nudreds products are to hydrate, repair, moisturize and heal any damage your hair and scalp has received over time.

This formula is used to both protect and moisturize your hair. The best part is that you can use it as a pre-style for your hair or just as a leave in conditioner.
The base ingredients for all Nudred’s Products include coconut, arga, black currant seed, peppermint, and castor oil as well as vitamin E and shea butter. The leave in conditioner has additional products to protect and moisturize such as seaweed extract, lemongrass, vitamin A and opuntia extract.

It really does make thick and curly hair more manageable and hydrated. However, it’s important to remember that this cream is not a straightening cream, it only detangles your curls while keeping them curly.

Tropical Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Conditioner

tropic isle leave in conditioner ethnic black hair

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Tropical Isle Living’s leave in conditioner is high in protein. It has ingredients such as red pimento oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and other oils to help detoxify and rejuvenate your hair and scalp. The formulas they use are based on the traditional formulas created in Jamaica, Africa, and parts of the Caribbean.

There are 4 major usages of this conditioner. First, it acts as a growth stimulant to lessen hair loss, split ends. It also helps reduce shedding while strengthening the hair.

Secondly, it is an effective moisturizer that reduces itchy scalp for colored and chemically treated hair. Next, it is a detoxifier that cleanses the scalp and removes fungus and dandruff. Finally, this conditioner adds the shine and bounce to your hair while keeping it manageable.

There are two ways of applying the product. The first is the longer usage where you apply and leave it on for 60 minutes under a heating cap and rinse. If you want a shorter option, apply and hair dry for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing.

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Combination Curl Enhancing Smoothie

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This leave-in conditioner pack comes with the ‘Curl & Shine Conditioner’ as well as the ‘Curl Enhancing Smoothie’. These two formulas work together to let you have smooth and shiny frizz-free hair. The conditioner tames the curls and adds the shine after washing while the hair cream detangles and restores moisture for a better bounce in your hair.

The shea butter and coconut oil is used to target coarse hairs through the roots and rejuvenate them. Both products are well scented, and the conditioner comes in a convenient pump dispenser to avoid any waste.

I love that this combination pack gives results. It’s great for people with thicker, denser hair than those with thinner, tighter curls. A consistent review from many ladies is that their hair is much softer and manageable than it was before.

How to Get Soft Black Hair

Stay strong

In order to keep the hair strong, you should keep a balance between the protein and moisture in your hair. Protein is an important nutrition that keeps your hair strong. By applying treatment that contains protein, you can prevent your hair from breakage.

However, protein might make your hair feels dry, so always remember to apply conditioner for maintaining the shininess and moisture of the hair.  

Keep moist

Keeping your hair moist can be as easy as using a moisturizing treatment after washing your hair with shampoo. An alternative could be using conditioner to replace shampoo, so that your hair can be softened.

Your hair will become more manageable and soft if you apply a few drops of jojoba oil to the ends of your hair. Another way to give moisture to your hair is by steaming. Your hair cuticle will be opened by the heat and allows the water to penetrate, giving you an instant softness of the hair.

Find a balance

Black hair may feel rough and dry, but you can make it smooth and soft with a rinse.

Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar or coconut milk can uphold the pH balance of your hair.

Alternatively, you can rinse your hair with hair penetrating oils. Such as olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. By rinsing, it’ll make your hair easier to detangle.

Remove damaged ends

It is not easy to grow your hair to your ideal length, but it is more important to sacrifice some lengths if you would like to have healthy soft hair.

Once you cut the damaged ends, you can instantly see the softness in your hair. Grab a pair of scissors and trim all the dry ends now.

No heat

Heat-damaged hair looks dry and stiff. If you prefer to use blow dryers, flat irons and curlers to style your hair, use some heat protectant serum prior your use of those appliances.

To avoid your hair from becoming brittle and dull, the best way is to stay away from heat damage and stop using those heated styling tools.

Types of Conditioners for black hair

Protein conditioners

Protein conditioners are used to repair and replenish keratin. Keratin is crucial for repairing hair cuticles. People with black hair should use protein conditioners for at least once a month in order to repair the limp and keep the hair strong.

Mild proteins such as wheat and silk are good protein conditions that can uphold the moisture in the hair, and at the same time, increase the elasticity in the hair.

If your hair has been chemically treated, you might need a stronger protein conditioner that repair the hair strands that were damaged or broken down by the prior chemical process.  

Moisturizing conditioners

Having dry, frizzy and brittle hair are signs of dryness, meaning that you need to use moisturizing conditioner to hydrate the hair. Unlike protein conditioner, you can use a moisturizing conditioner every day.

If you prefer to use natural ingredients in your moisturizing conditioners, coconut oil and olive oils are some good options.

These oils do not only hydrate your hair, it can also prevent the loss of protein in your hair.

Deep conditioners

Deep conditioning can be done once a month in order to penetrate to your hair’s cuticle and repair the damage. Coconut oil is a great deep conditioner that provides moisture and keep the hair less dry and dull. Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel of coconut.

It is rich in a lot of nutrients such as Vitamin E, Vitamin K, saturated fatty acid, capric acid and lauric acid. It has a moisture-retaining property and it is uneasy to be evaporated, meaning that the moisture can stay and penetrate the hair shaft.

The fatty acids in the coconut oil is a wonderful ingredient that provides protein to nourish your hair. Furthermore, it is effective to treat dandruff.

Tips to Choose a Good Leave-In Conditioner

First of all, you should understand your hair and choose a leave-in conditioner accordingly. When picking a leave-in conditioner, make sure you read the ingredient label.

The first five ingredients typically make up of most of the product. You can look for ingredients such as palm oil, argan oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil, which are good nutrients for your scalp and hair.

Apart from oils, herbal extract such as Marsh Mallow Root, Flaxseed, Burdock Root, Rosemary, Hibiscus and Fenugreek can make styling easier for you by providing slip to your hair.

If you have coarser hair, you may want to see if glycerine is one of the top five ingredients on the label.

Leave-in conditioner with natural ingredients is a good choice. By reading the ingredient label, you can avoid products that contain a lot of lab-made fragrances. Also, some people might be allergic to drying agents and fragrances.

If you want to smell nice while conditioning your hair, pick a product that contains essential oil.


It might be frustrating and time-consuming to style brittle and dry hair every morning. You can make a change to your life by adding some new routine to condition your hair. There are a lot of good conditioners that can nourish black hair and make them shine

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  • Hair was falling out. Don’t know if it was the oils or the permanent hair dye. Now started hair treatment. For 6 wks every other wk used a protein treatment then a moisture treatment. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Every other day use wild growth on scalp coconut oil on hair when not using this n scalp I use cantu grow strong strengthening treatment on my scalp. Will this help to moisture my hair and help it grow back?

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