Best Maternity Underwear 2022 Reviews

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Congratulations on the new addition(s) to the family! You will find that as your belly is growing, it will be difficult to keep wearing the same clothes. Although you won’t be saying goodbye to your favorite lingerie forever, you want to make sure you have comfortable underwear, as you will be using them quite a bit for the final two trimesters.

Here is a great buyer’s guide on how to buy underwear that will not only look and feel good but be affordable as well. 

Maternity Underwear – When to Begin Wearing?

In your first trimester of pregnancy you can usually get away with wearing your own clothes. Although a larger bra and looser clothes will be more comfortable. However weight gain for women varies: some can gain quite a bit of weight in the beginning, whereas others might see it in the last trimester.

They are especially useful in the last few months of your pregnancy and most women begin to wear maternity clothing around the sixth month of their pregnancy. 

Best Maternity Underwear 2022

  1. NBB Lingerie Women’s Adjustable Maternity Panties

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What do you want in  maternity underwear? You want support, comfort and an underwear that will go the distance during your entire pregnancy. NBB Lingerie makes the perfect maternity underwear.  Their briefs offer gentle support to fit every stage of your pregnancy. As your body changes and your bump grows bigger, these panties will adjust to your shape. They’re never too tight to fit.  

The high waisted brief covers over your bump and stays in place with a light elastic band. No bunching, rolling or cutting into your stomach. They also offer an under tummy band for light support as your body changes. The tummy section offers expandable, breathable fabric for every stage of pregnancy. It can also be worn after the birth of the baby as everyday underwear.

Made of 95% soft, breathable cotton, these briefs are the ultimate in comfort. People rave over the super soft, comfy fabric and reasonable price. Comes in three colors and package sizes.


2. Intimate Portal Women’s Under the Bump Maternity Panties 

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Who says you can’t look good and wear bikini panties during pregnancy? Not Intimate Portal! If you’re looking for a maternity bikini, these panties are for you.

You’ll love Intimate Portal’s signature cross-over maternity bikini panties. They’re a low rise maternity underwear that fits under your bump without pressure. The back of the underwear gives you complete coverage in the rear. They’re soft and flattering with feminine details. You can also wear after delivery as regular underwear. They’re excellent for c-section recovery too.

This maternity panty offers the ultimate in comfort. The panty body is made of 95% Refined Cotton, 5% Spandex. The Inner Lining of the crotch is 100% Cotton and comes in light colors to detect any unusual spotting.

Comes in a variety of colors, pattern, sizes and styles. To help promote a healthier globe, they use no formaldehyde, no Azo Dyes and no Eco-Dyeing. Women who are tired of tugging and yanking to keep their maternity underwear in place, call these panties, “absolutely amazing!”


3. Kindred Bravely Under the Bump Maternity Underwear/ Pregnancy Panties

kindred bravely

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If you don’t love this maternity underwear, they guarantee your money back! But, they know you’re going to love this low waist design so much, you’ll want to wear them throughout your pregnancy.

This unique design is a bikini style that sits just below your bump. It’s ultra soft, non-itchy, stretchy fabric is perfect for the mom-to-be.  It won’t dig into your skin, bag, sag, or give you an uncomfortable muffin top. No rolling waistband! You also get full coverage for your rear. All day comfort without annoying wedgies or peeking cheeks.

These stylish and comfortable maternity bikini panties are perfect up to the third trimester. They come in money saving packets of three to five pairs in a variety of sizes and colors. Busy moms-to-be will love the easy laundry care as well as the comfortable fit.


4. Slimart 4PCS Cotton Maternity Pregnant Mother Panty

slim art panties

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Lingerie is a good description of these maternity panties.  They look like high quality lingerie and have lacy, feminine leg openings. Underwear you can wear both during and after pregnancy.

The Slimart Cotton Maternity Panties are made of high quality cotton fabric with a good stretch. They have a pull-on closure, an elastic pull-on waistband and a low waist U shape that fits comfortably under your baby bump.  They also offer full rear coverage.

Made of 95% cotton and 5% Spandex, these panties are easy care and comfortable. The V-shape, low rise waistband is a perfect fit under your expanding bump. The lightweight stretch gives your belly breathing room. These underpants come in a variety of pretty colors and sizes. They’re available in two and four pack assortments. Super soft and comfortable without leaving annoying ‘marks’ on your skin.

5. PIDAY Women’s Under the Bump Cotton Maternity Hipsters


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If you want comfortable and flattering panties, the PIDAY Women’s Under the Bump Multi Pack is for you. These low rise maternity panties feature moderate, full coverage that fits perfectly under your bump. No pressure, slipping or rolling.

The V shaped low rise waistband features 360 coverage of your expanding body.They’re made of natural, combed cotton fabric with great stretch. These panties are breathable and comfortable with a soft underside. They use a 100% cotton gusset fabric for the crotch. Better for your health, baby’s health and makes any unusual discharge immediately spottable.

They come in a variety of pretty, feminine colors like blue, pink, purple, gray and beige. You can order either a convenient two or five pack. Other mom-to-bes who ordered these panties call them the best maternity clothing investment EVER.

6. Ionlyou Women’s Maternity Underwear Panties


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 Forget the saggy, baggy granny pants! Instead try ionlyou Women’s Maternity Underwear for comfort, fit and style.  These panties are especially made for your third trimester. They are also great for mom’s with a c-section incision.

It’s not often you think of maternity underwear as hipster – but think again.  Ionlyou bikini briefs sit just below your baby bump and naturally conform to your expanding tummy. They feature a V-shaped elastic waistband that won’t rub your c-section incision. They may be low-rise in front, but offer complete butt coverage.  

They’re made of ultra-soft cotton and stretchy, breathable fabric.  The cotton and spandex fabric blend offer the ultimate in expandability and breathability. They come in black, nude or white.

Pregnant and new moms can wear these panties all day and expect cool comfort. They also feature a white, 100% cotton-lined gusset to offer peace of mind. It’s easy to check for any spotting or discharge.

Other mom’s-to-be are sure you’ll love their stretchy, comfortable fit and ultra-soft fabric. They stay in place without tugging and annoying roll ups. But if for some reason you don’t absolutely love them, ionlyou cares about your satisfaction. They offer returns or exchanges no matter what the reason.

Different Kinds of Maternity Underwear

Maternity underwear comes in two main styles, over and under the bump. Make sure to pick one that will be comfortable and suit your needs before stocking up. Your choice might be affected by what style and clothing you wore pre-pregnancy. Or, you should consider purchasing both types, as your daily clothing choice and your mood might change daily.

Over the Bump

As the name implies, Over the Bump underwear tends to be long and meant to cover more of the belly. The waistband usually hits at the navel or ribcage. Although they might not be considered great aesthetically, they are a fantastic choice for those looking for support and coverage.

Make sure that style is soft and stretchy enough to be comfortable. If you are not a fan of cold air hitting your exposed stomach during the winter or don’t like the feeling of clothing chafing against your belly, you should look into Over the Bump underwear. 

Under the Bump

The nice thing about Under the Bump maternity underwear is that you won’t have a visible panty line with whatever bottoms you decide to wear that day and stays out of the way. Not only do they look much prettier than Over the Bump underwear, they are lightweight and look like regular underwear.

So it will appeal to those who want to stay with their previous underwear style. Women’s bellies tend to be quite sensitive during pregnancy, so this style is nice as it does not restrict the stomach in any way. However, they do not have as much support as Over the Bump underwear. 

Factors to Consider

There are several other factors to consider during the purchasing process beyond just the cut of underwear.


The tricky thing with shopping while pregnant is you not only have to consider your current weight and size, but what your future size will be as well. This is to best ensure you don’t buy a pair of underwear you end up outgrowing, as maternity weight gain can fluctuate wildly from the average 35 pounds. 

In typical women’s fashion, maternity underwear sizes also varies drastically between manufacturers.Make sure to read the sizing guide for each brand. For Asian brands, for example, you might need to go up by one or two sizes to get the proper fit.

Customer reviews are also a great way to determine whether a certain size will fit you. For a looser fit, you might need to size up as well. If you are concerned that the underwear you purchased is too big, don’t rush to make a return, as you might need the larger size for the later months of your pregnancy. 

It is also a good idea to keep your maternity underwear for a few weeks after birth. Contrary to popular thought, your stomach does not bounce back after birth. It will take a few weeks or months for your stomach to shrink back, so make sure not to throw out your maternity underwear after giving birth. 

Fabrics and Certified Textiles

Some women want to wear natural fabrics, whereas others think stretchiness is important. 

For women who want to wear something natural, cotton is a great choice, as it is both light and breathable. Cotton is quite durable, as it will last not only through many cycles in the wash but throughout the duration of your pregnancy as well. Another great natural fabric choice is bamboo. This pesticide-free material is breathable like cotton and resistant to bacteria and fungal growths. 

Nylon and polyester are two great synthetic fabrics that are stretchy and stain resistant. However, they do not breathe as well as bamboo and cotton, and can be uncomfortably warm to wear after a while. 

Microfiber and modal are two newer synthetics and have the best of both world. They don’t have the breathing issue lik nylon and polyester but still provide the same stretchiness and durability. 

Whether you are looking for more natural or synthetic fabrics, it is important to pay attention to the label on the underwear, which may or may not have the Oeko-Text Standard 100 certification label. This means that the underwear has been tested for formaldehyde, pesticides, and heavy metals by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology and is safe to wear. This is great as the association looks for factors that are dangerous for one’s health and are might be legally and not legally regulated. 

If you are also interested in underwear that is manufactured in a socially and environmentally friendly facility, look for the  Oeko-Tex Made in Green certification. 


Maternity underwear is an important addition to a pregnant woman’s wardrobe. Not only will the comfort and support of some styles help during the later months of pregnancy, some of the lower and more aesthetically pleasing cuts will help you feel feminine and attractive. Pregnancy isn’t easy and you still have to deal with postpartum pads and maternity girdles.

With this buyer’s guide, you will be able to determine just what underwear fabrics you will want as well as what to look for when searching for the right size underwear to get the right cut and fit for your pregnancy journey.  

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