Top 5 Best Nursing Covers To Buy: My Thoughts

(Last Updated On: December 14, 2018)

Whether you need it for people to stop getting an eyeful of you or just to give your baby privacy while he feeds, you need to find a nursing cover so that you can nurse in peace even while in public places. But what are the things that you need to consider when looking for the right nursing cover for you? Read on to find out.

2 Types Of Covers:

Nursing Cover Canopies

A nursing cover canopy is like a loose apron that you wear to cover your front when it’s nursing time. It has straps to tie and tighten around your body so that the canopy won’t fly and expose you while you’re feeding your baby.

If you’re going to get this type of nursing cover, make sure to get one with a rigid neckline. This allows you to check on your baby without having to let go with either of your hands. These are pretty cheap. If you’ve got the skills, you can even make one of your own.

Wearable Nursing Covers

These ones are pretty great and low-key. They can be part of your outfit as you can wear them as a top, dress, or scarf, based on the design. When it’s feeding time, you just have to get your baby under its covers and then you can start nursing. Just make sure to find one that’s stylish and as inconspicuous as possible so that it blends in well with your outfit.


Top 5 Best Nursing Covers

Chubbi Ultrasoft Multi Use Stretchy Cover


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This stretchy cover can be used for four different purposes, a nursing cover being one of them. Nurse in privacy using this stretchy cover made of eco-friendly fabric that is super soft it will be comfortable for both you and your baby.

Why It’s Popular:
– 4-in-1 stretchy cover
– Rayon fabric is eco-friendly and soft
– Thick yet breathable
– Machine washable

Keep In Mind:
– Small head opening

Bebe Au Lait Organic Cotton Nursing Cover

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This nursing cover is made from organic cotton and has a neck strap to keep the nursing cover in place. The open neckline also allows you to take a look at your baby while nursing even without having to use your hands.

Why It’s Popular:
– Neck straps
– Rigiflex open neckline
– Organic cotton
– Internal terry cloth pockets

Keep In Mind:
– Not much side coverage
– Still have to adjust a little to see baby

Bebe Au Lait Premium Muslin


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This nursing cover is made from open weave cotton muslin material. It’s soft, light and breathable and features Bebe Au Lait’s patented design called Rigiflex to provide the cover with a neckline that will allow you to look down at your baby while nursing.

Why It’s Popular:
– Neck strap
– 100% open weave cotton muslin
– Soft
– Light
– Breathable
– Rigiflex neckline

Keep In Mind:
– May wrinkle or shrink
– Sometimes see through

Kids N Such Canopy & Nursing Cover

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This is also a 4-in-1 cover that also works as a nursing cover. The fabric is soft but not scratchy and stretches for different uses such as nursing and over car seats as a canopy for your baby’s seat.

Why It’s Popular:
– 4-in-1
– Soft Fabric
– Non-scratchy

Keep In Mind:
– More delicate then other brands

Scarf and Carseat Cover Style

Check price and more details here

This product is lightweight, soft, and breathable, perfect for using as a nursing cover. It can also act as other things like a canopy for your baby’s car seat, stroller and carrier cover, and so on. It can also be worn as an infinity scarf to help blend in with your outfit.

Why It’s Popular:
– Multi-use
– Lightweight
– Soft
– Breathable
– Stretchable

Keep In Mind:
– Not very easy to maneuver
– No arm holes

What You Should Consider:


It’s good if you can find a nursing cover that is made of cotton, or better, from organic cotton. It’s a pure fabric that is really gentle on your baby’s skin and on your skin, too.


The reason for this one is pretty obvious. You’d want to find something that can be washed easily. It would be ideal if you can easily wipe it off conveniently as well.

Easy To Wear

Don’t make a huge fuss out of wearing your nursing cover. It should be a breeze to put it on as your baby will not wait around for you to put it on securely. The easier to wear, the better!


You’re going to be using this cover for long periods of time and frequently, so get something that will last you a long time. You wouldn’t want to excessively spend on a cover and then find they’re not durable enough, right? The right cover would be made of quality fabric and good stitching.


This is not really a necessity, but won’t it be neat if you can find a nursing cover that would blend in easily with your outfits and  that don’t look out of place when you’re wearing it in public?


Nursing covers should not put you in debt, but it is also true that the more expensive ones are more durable and will likely last you a long while, as well as provide you with more choices. Just find the perfect balance between cost and quality and you’ll be alright.

2 Points To Note

Draws Attention

While it keeps people from seeing what goes on underneath the cover, a nursing cover still draws attention. Some might even say it draws more attention than when you don’t use one, but either way that’s one of the trade-offs for getting a nursing cover to cover up your breasts and your baby.

Might be more tricky when your Breastfeeding

Nursing covers may pose a problem when you and your baby are still new to them. You will have a bit of trouble maneuvering your baby to latch on properly if you can’t really see much of what’s going on under the cover. But that’s why you have to look for the best nursing cover that allows you to see just enough and maintain eye contact with your baby.

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