The Top Press On Nails: For Quick, Convenient Style

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2018)

Whenever I paint my nails, I’m always dismayed to see them chip within a day or two. They’re either not permanent, don’t look too great, or take too much time to paint. That’s why I tried the best press on nails. It took me forever to find one that would work without breaking during a busy day, but I’ve done lots of research so I thought I’d share my findings in this post.

What Are They?

To put it simply, you quite literally push them on. They’re thicker than natural ones and are generally longer, so they cover your entire nail. Basically, a set of 20 or 24 come in one box, each with different designs on them. The matching nails will have the same design to help you figure out which will go where. There are all sorts of different designs though which are meant to look like a real manicure.

These nails will be separated by size so that if you’re careful, you can get two full manicures out of one box. Each of it is glued onto yours for an elegant look, and since they’re similar to normal nails, can be filed down into whatever shape you’d like.

Best Press On Nails

Lime Crime

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These ultra-iridescent ones are shapeable and easy to apply. Not only that, but they dry within 10 minutes so you can go out for a night on the town. What sets them apart is that they behave just like normal nails – file and use them like normal for up to 7 days. They’re even completely vegan and cruelty free!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Easy to file or trim
– The glue works really well to keep them applied
– Sturdy but not thick or bulky in appearance
– Great available color options

Keep In Mind:
– People find that they often do have to reapply them


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These are some of the most popular out there, partially because they don’t actually need glue to apply. They simply push on so they’re completely safe on your natural nails! There are 24 included here, along with 6 accents, all of which are short ovals if you don’t want something too long.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The glitter isn’t too raised and doesn’t get in the way
– The color is meant to go with all skin tones
– Various sizes are included to make sure you get the right size
– Perfect for a very quick application

Keep In Mind:
– The color can be a little misleading
– They’re a shorter than expected



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These are easy to apply and easy to remove at the same time. Each order of these has 4 packs of 24 tabs, so you’re certainly getting your money’s worth. They come in 6 sizes to match every hand, and are completely water resistant for every situation too.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Easy to apply with tons of tabs in case you make mistakes
– You only need to soak your hands in warm water to remove
– Can be worn for around 5 days without them falling off

Keep In Mind:
– When ordering via Amazon, wrong products have been sent
– There is no adhesive remover specifically made to take the glue off, so it may peel off parts of your natural nail



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Pick out these for a unique design that is both charming and elegant at the same time. They’re completely safe on your natural nails since they don’t include any dangerous chemicals, and can be applied with either glue or adhesive tabs for your convenience. It’s easy to find your size with the 24 available in one pack!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Apply quickly for a unique manicure
– People love the elegant and beautiful color
– Perfect for adding a little class or color to your look

Keep In Mind:
– People who have a long nail bed find them to be a bit short
– Not many people have tried them out so far


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Markartt makes these extremely high quality ones, so you can be sure they’re sturdy enough to last for around 2-3 weeks. The ABS material they’re made out of is environmentally friendly, and is made so the nail is easy to apply and file down. Get a huge set of 500 pieces that are numbered and easy to keep track of when you apply them next!

Why It’s So Popular:
– Definitely sturdy and can take lots of roughness
– They’re easy to file and cut without cracking or breaking
– Any polish can glide on smoothly
– You can shape them any way you want and have a huge size selection

Keep In Mind:
– They’ve cracked right down the middle for some people
– Can be a little difficult to file

How to Use Them?

Before you pick up the glue and attach them to your nails, you actually have to pick some out first. That means choosing between shapes like oval, round, and square, along with all the different colors out there. Don’t forget to match the nail shape with color so it looks natural, and try not to go overboard. I was so tempted to pick something extravagant, but it’s much better to choose something that will match your nails well.

I know it seems simple to apply these, but if you’ve never done it before, you might find that you have a little difficulty. Remember to apply them just like you would do for a manicure. Beyond that, I’ve got a few simple steps right here:

  • Clean, trim, and file your nails. Push back and trim your cuticles too, but be very careful!
  • Leave a bit of length on when you trim so it’s a little easier to apply
  • Arrange them to match your nails first. Like I said, the designs will match up for each size, but some have numbers on the back you can use to match them. Trim down any of the longer ones that don’t match up

More Tips on Using Them

Trust me, I know that it’s not as easy to apply them as we’d all like to think, which is why I found a few extra tips to give you some help. If you want to protect your natural nails and apply them properly, these tips can really give you a leg up:

  • Make use of adhesive tape if you’re only planning on wearing them for a few hours
  • Apply a base coat over your real nails to protect them
  • Remove lotions or oils from your nail bed with polish remover so that the adhesive sticks better
  • Remove them with cuticle oil by applying just a few drops. Then just gently pull the fake away, but don’t pull straight up; that can really hurt!
  • Save them! Reuse them for the next time.


I tried for a while to find the best press on nails that wouldn’t fall off after only a day. I was just so tired of painting my own nails! After looking around, I finally managed to narrow down the options to the top five, so take a look to see which one will end up working well for you. No matter what type of nails you have, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

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