Best Pull Up Diapers in 2022

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Potty training. Training pants. Do these words evoke a sense of dread? Are you worried about when to start or what to do?  This is an important milestone for your child. And the pressure is on to make the experience go perfectly. After all, potty training is a major step in your child’s growing independence.

There is no need to worry. There are a variety of options available to meet your child’s needs as they grow from baby into big kid. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with training pants!

 Your child no longer needs diapers, but they aren’t quite ready for cloth training pants. They yearn for the independence of being able to go by themselves, but still need that extra security in case of an accident. They need pull up diapers. But there are so many options, how can we ever pick one? 

Read on to find everything you need to know about choosing the best pull up diaper for your child’s potty training experience.  

Best Pull Up Diapers and Training Pants

Eco by Naty

eco by naty


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These training pants (or as they endearingly call them, “pull up pants”), are an incredibly eco friendly solution to the waste caused by disposable diapers. Not only that, they’re made to reduce irritation, diaper rash, and leaks. They’re also recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association.

Made of mostly renewable and biodegradable materials, they take care to keep any oil based plastics away from kids’ skin. Their pull up pants contain a gmo free corn based barrier to absorb back leaks. The fluff pulp is delicate yet effective, keeping leaks away for up to 12 hours.

These training pants are hypoallergenic, which is a major bonus to parents with kids that get rashes easily. Your kid will love how flexible and breathable these pull up pants are, while you’re going to love the confidence that comes with superior leak protection. 

Huggies Little Movers Pull up Diapers

huggies slip on


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Huggies is a familiar name to parents everywhere. You know this is a pull up diaper you can count on. These are especially good for children that are beginning their potty training because they’re designed like a hybrid between regular diapers and training pull ups. 

These training pants have the side fitted Velcro that’s a lifesaver for us as parents, especially when you’re on the go. The stretchy leg holes make your kid as comfortable as possible while they’re wiggling and jumping around. The inside is padded more like a diaper, which adds a nice extra bit of absorbency. 

Children will love the fun Disney designs, which add to their motivation to use training pants. You will really appreciate the easy use and peace of mind knowing you won’t be cleaning up after unexpected leaks.

Pampers Easy Ups (For Boys)

easy ups

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We’ve all heard that boys are so much harder to potty train than girls. Whether or not that’s true, they do love the Thomas the Train design. And parents love the Pampers Leak Protection that they’ve come to rely on. These training pants are easy to put on during daytime potty training, and absorbent enough to wear through the night. 

These Pampers Easy Ups have an improved waistband design that stretches all the way around, giving your little one better movement and a better fit. They’re softer and more comfortable than most brands, which helps when you’re persuading a toddler to commit to wearing them. 

It’s great to be confident that your boy’s training pants have all the stretch they need to play hard. It’s even better to know that the leak protection won’t fail when they’re fast asleep after.

Pull Ups Learning Designs (For Girls)

pull ups learning

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Pull Ups are a staple for parents going through potty training with their tots, and these Learning Designs are a favorite go to. The kid friendly designs fade when they’ve had an accident, which really helps them learn to control their bladder (even if they’re so excited about it that they don’t realize it).

These Pull Ups are nice for girls getting closer to potty training because they feel more like regular undies and less like the diapers they’ve been wearing. The sides are easy to readjust, which is a bonus when your kid is starting to fit in between sizes. 

Girls love the look and the ‘big girl’ feeling they get when they put them on.  As the parent, you’ll love not struggling to get her eager to potty train.

Natural Blossom Pull up Pants

natural blossom


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Natural Blossom training pants are internationally recognized for their safety, allergy protection, and total absence of harmful chemicals. This brand has even won awards for their aesthetic design (with endangered animals). 

If your little one gets uncomfortable in diapers easily, or is pretty rash prone, these pull up pants are a great choice. They’re certified hypoallergenic, but not crinkly and stiff. Natural Blossom pull up pants are super soft inside and out, while still maintaining that ‘big kid underwear’ feel to get them ready for the real thing.

Here’s the really cool thing:

The package they come in converts into a tote bag that makes them easy to carry around. Add to that non clumping filling, excellent leak protection, and comfort that kids are eager to wear, and you’ve got a winning combination.

Pampers Cruisers

pampers cruisers

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Pampers Cruisers are another great option for kids that are somewhere between needing a full diaper and being ready for potty training pants. They work equally well as a diaper, or a pull up diaper to get kids into potty training. 

The real bonus point for kids starting on training pants is the all around flexible waistband. They’re super absorbent, as you’ve probably come to expect from Pampers products, and you get all the leak protection you’ve come to rely on.

If you’re anything like me (and most parents), when you find leak protection that really works you won’t take chances on another brand. That’s really what Cruisers deliver to parents, without sacrificing your kid’s ability move any which way they want.

GoodNites Nighttime Underwear (For Boys)



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GoodNites has long held the title for the #1 overnight underwear. These training pants give boys long lasting protection through the night, when accidents are most common. They target extra absorption in areas that need it most, while reducing odors. 

Even if your young man is daytime potty trained, nights can be a problem. GoodNites gives you and your kid a solution with super absorbency, while still letting them feel like a ‘big boy’ thanks to the real underwear. The cool superheroes on these overnight undies help a lot too.

Parents, you’re going to love not changing sheets in the morning. Believe me, if you need max accident protection overnight these pull up diapers are your new best friend. Your young man is going to be thrilled with the superheroes, and feeling nice and dry when they wake up too.

Features of the Best Pull Up Diapers

You’ll find great variety as you begin to search for the perfect fit for your little one. There are a ton of fun and helpful features available for every child’s needs. Choosing the right pull up diaper should be a fun, positive experience. Be sure to include your child in the fun. Here are some of the major features to consider when you’re shopping for pull up diapers and what they mean for you and your child:

  • Fun, playful designs that your little one will love: Let them pick a character or design they like to make potty training more fun! Giving them this autonomy will help them take ownership in the process. There are a variety of both gender-specific and gender neutral designs. These new designs will signal to your child that the pull up diapers are different than the regular diapers – these training pants are for big kids who are potty training.
  • Tear away sides: these come in handy for those unexpected accidents. These are usually preferred by daycares as they are easier for changing. Pull up diapers without tear away sides may be a good choice for your child as they become more serious about potty training. These are more like training pants and mimic real underwear. However, they are more of a hassle to change as they require complete removal of the pants. Ultimately, the choice is yours.
  • Absorbency: strong, reliable absorbency makes for less mess. Some training pants even have gender-specific absorbency built in. Training pants or pull up diapers are less absorbent than diapers but more absorbent than training pants, making them the perfect transition. 
  • Waistband: you’ll want a stretchy waistband that will fit securely in place until your little one is ready to pull it up or down. Have your child practice pulling the pull ups up or down so they will be ready when it’s time to go. While your child runs and plays, the stretchy waistband holds everything comfortably in place.
  • Sizing: sizes should be clear and easy to understand. Experts recommend buying small packs first to check that the size is the right fit for your child before buying in bulk. 

Worried about sensitivity? There are even plant-based brands that are manufactured without dyes, perfumes, or chlorine. 

There really is a pull up for every preference!

Advantages of Pull Up Diapers

Children typically go from regular diapers to pull up diapers to cloth training pants. 

Pull up diapers are part of the transition from baby to big kid. Pull ups are made for children who are potty training. They mimic real pants.

Pull ups are less absorbent than a regular diaper, but still provide protection for an accident as your child is learning to listen to his or her body’s signals that it’s time to go. Pull ups allow your child to feel secure as they are learning their body.  

Basics of Potty Training

Potty training is the method parents use to teach children to know when and how to go:

How to know it’s time to go,

how to safely use the toilet, and 

how to remove your clothes.

When should we begin?

Your child will most likely be ready to begin by age 2 or 3

Every child is different, your little one may begin earlier or later

The best time is when your child starts to gain confidence, independence, and coordination. 

You’ll know it’s time to start when your child begins to insist, “I’ll do it myself.”

What method should I use for my child?

Picking the perfect pull up is important. Picking the perfect process is important, too. 

The personality of both the parent and the child will play a major part in choosing the ideal potty training process. Let the most patient parent provide the bulk of the guidance through this process. Anger and frustration should not show through on bad potty training days. 

A playful, energetic child may benefit from an approach that makes potty training a game. Use this competitiveness to make potty training fun!

A thoughtful child may benefit from a tracking approach (think an app or a sticker chart) so they can reflect on their progress. 

Still, some children do best with a reward system. 

There are a variety of resources and surveys to help you determine the best potty training method for your child’s unique personality and preferences. Pick a method you can stick to and you’ll be seeing progress in no time!   


Pull ups are an integral part of the potty training process. Whether you choose pretty pink princesses or sophisticated stripes, tear away sides or true pull up diapers, you can’t go wrong. Make this milestone a positive experience for you and your child by choosing what works best for both of you. Your child’s confidence and independence will soar! Imagine how wonderful it will be to hear those words, “I did it myself!”

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