Top 7 Best Rated Lighted Makeup Mirror: 2020 Reviews

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

Trying to do your makeup in a poorly lit room can cause a lot of frustration and poorly done mistakes. Especially when you apply your foundation, you need good lighting to make sure you’re blending properly and that you’re getting the correct shade for your skin.

I have always wanted a light up mirror and was so surprised about the difference it made for my make up routine and the convenience it gave me.


My 7 Top Picks: best rated lighted makeup mirror

Wireless & Compact Travel by Upper West Collection

This wireless mirror is affordable and offers up to 50,000 hours of natural light. It has a magnifying side of seven times. It has a suction cup to keep it in place; can only be suctioned to certain surfaces. It will rotate 360 degrees to achieve any angle you need. It folds down which makes it great for traveling.

Why It’s So Popular:
Fog free
It can be suctioned to some surfaces
It rotates 360 degrees
The one side magnifies seven times

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Keep In Mind:
It requires three AA batteries that need to be replaced frequently if you use it a lot
The suction can give out on certain surfaces
The power button is sensitive

Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided

This mirror offers seven times the magnification and a soft halo light. It is adjustable and doesn’t require batteries. It is affordable and fog free. It comes in a polished chrome finished, which can fit in with any room decor.

Why It’s So Popular:
Affordable price
Fog free
Chrome finish works with any decor
Seven times the magnification

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Keep In Mind:
It needs to be plugged into an outlet
Can get hot
The power switch is on the cord

Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided

This mirror is adjustable and magnifies up to five times. It has a white finish and four settings for the light; the settings are daytime, evening, home, and office. It comes with a one year limited warranty and can be closed and expanded to access all three mirrors. It has a built in outlet so that you can plug in any styling tools. The back stand is also adjustable so that you can place it at an angle.

Why It’s So Popular:
Adjustable back stand
Up to five times magnification
The center part can be rotated 360 degrees
Includes a built in electrical outlet

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Keep In Mind:
Lightweight and can be knocked over easily
The side mirrors are small
The bulbs don’t last very long

Conair Oval Double-Sided

This mirror has a tall stand and comes in a bronze finish. It can be flipped 360 degrees and has seven times magnification. It is fog free and offers a soft halo lighting.

Why It’s So Popular:
Seven times magnification
Rotates 360 degrees
Bronze finish is stylish
Fog free and tall stand
The power cord is long

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Keep In Mind:
It has to be plugged in
Some customers have said the light is too dim

Rucci LED Movable Vanity

This mirror has a soft touch light switch for easy power on and off. The center mirror can be moved and has ten times magnification. It is battery operated and can fit into any room’s decor.

Why It’s So Popular:
Battery operated
The light is bright
The style fits in with any room
Ten times magnification

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Keep In Mind:
The soft touch is very sensitive
There is no warranty
The bulbs can’t be changed

Jerdon HL65C Wall Mount – Chrome Finish

This wall mounted mirror comes with a fourteen inch extendable arm and can be swiveled 360 degrees. It comes with a one year limited warranty. It is fog free and gives five times magnifying look. The power switch is well placed.

Why It’s So Popular:
Fourteen inch extendable arm and 360 degree swivel capabilities
Five times magnification
Mounted to the wall keeps it at eye level and saves space
Comes with a one year limited warranty

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Keep In Mind:
A little pricey
It need to be plugged in, so it needs to be installed by an outlet
Weighs four pounds

Jerdon HL9515N Wall Mount Oval – Nickel Finish

This mirror has a side that has ten times the magnification and a smaller mirror that offers fifteen times the magnification. It is fog free and has a fourteen inch extendable arm as well as the ability to rotate 360 degrees. It also comes with a one year limited warranty.

Why It’s So Popular
Spot mirror has fifteen times magnification
The nickel finish is stylish
Wall mounted to save space
Fog free
One year limited warranty

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Keep In Mind:
It’s a little pricey
A little bulky

Different Types


These types are on a stand and can be placed onto any flat surface. Some of them van be adjusted so that you can achieve the perfect angle.


These kinds typically have two sides; one side is a regular mirror while the other if a magnified version. They are good for applying eye looks and other things where you need to pay attention to small details.


These will save space and remain at eye level for you. They stay on your wall and some can be extended and adjusted.

Things To Consider


Some can cost up to $200. Some factors that determine the price include: size, quality, finish, and durability.


While a warranty probably won’t cover damages that are your fault, you will want one that will cover all electrical components / You will also want it to cover any defects and parts.


The mounted ones will save you space. One with a stand will help keep it stable.


You can choose a certain finish so that your mirror will blend in with your room perfectly.


With the best rated lighted makeup mirror, you can save yourself the hassle of trying to see what you’re doing when applying makeup. You can also save time with the application process.

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