Best Rocking Chair For Nursery: The 7 Most Comfortable Picks in 2020

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

If you are planning your nursery for your baby, you might want to include a good nursing chair on the list. Or perhaps a glider or rocker for nursery. They are great for late night feedings and swaying your baby back to sleep.

They are also very good to have if you are breast feeding. I have spent many nights breastfeeding my daughter in her glider while keeping myself comfortable.

What’s the best rocking chair for nursery? Read on!


Best Rocking Chair For Nursery: My 7 Top Picks

Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

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This reclining chair is easy to assemble and is available in different colors. It can glide, swivel, and rock, giving you a full range of motions to soothe your baby. It is made of material that is like suede. It has a pop out leg rest and is comfortable.

It sits very high, so if you are a little shorter than most people, your feet might not touch the ground.

– Really comfortable and reclines well
– Different colors to choose from
– Full range of motion
– Elegant design and has a foot rest

– It weighs over one hundred pounds
– Tall and does take up some space
– The footrest can be difficult to put down

Stork Craft Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman

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This glider for small nursery comes with an ottoman and you can choose from many different colors and designs. There is also a storage pocket on the side for added convenience. The storage pocket can hold books, wipes, burp cloths, or any other items you may need during a night time feeding. It is easy to spot clean the cushions and easy to assemble.

– Storage pocket for your belongings or breastfeeding essentials
– Value for money
– Comfortable with padded arms
– Includes ottoman

– Tends to squeak at times
– Cushions can become flat after some time

Stork Craft Tuscany Custom Glider and Ottoman with Lumbar Pillow

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This comes with a lumbar support pillow and an ottoman. It is very simple to assemble it. The cushions are easy to clean and it also has a storage pocket on the side. It has a large seating space.

The large seating space helps to keep you comfortable and give you enough room to move around without disturbing your baby. You can choose from different colors and designs so that it fits into your baby’s room perfectly.

– Different colors and designs to choose from
– Very smooth glide motion
– Easy to clean and assemble
– Big seat space
– Lumbar support pillow

– Weighs about fifty pounds
– It has a low back
– The cushions flatten after some time

Stork Craft Hoop Glider with Ottoman

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Even though this glider is hand washable only, the cushions are easy to remove and clean. It includes an ottoman and is sold in a variety of colors. Colors you can choose from include: black, espresso, cherry and cognac.

It also has a storage pocket on the side, like many other Stork Craft models. Included with this is a one year limited warranty. The metal bearings ensure a nice smooth gliding motion to calm your baby.

– Easy to clean
– Smooth motion thanks to its enclosed metal ball bearings
– Variety of colors to choose from

– Can squeak sometimes
– Hand wash cushions

Windsor Glider & Ottoman

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This glider has a large seat and you can choose from many colors.You can choose from different colors for the wooden part of the chair to be, as well as different colored cushions. You can make it blend into your baby’s room decor easily.

It also has removable cushions and padded arms. It is easy to clean and easy to assemble. This could make a great addition to any baby’s room.

– Removable cushions
– Price is very reasonable
– Easy to clean and assemble
– Large seat
– Padded arm cushions

– Weighs fifty pounds
– Cushions aren’t durable
– Can becomes uncomfortable after long periods of time

Baby Relax Mackenzie Microfiber Plush Nursery Rocker Chair

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This is made out of easy to clean microfiber material. It has wooden feet that have a cherry finish and thick cushions. The Baby Relax Mackenzie weighs a little over fifty pounds and has lumbar support. It is also very easy to assemble.

– Easy to assemble
– Comfortable even for long periods of time
– Easy to clean
– Smooth motion to soothe your baby

– Does not recline
– The ottoman costs extra
– Price is a little higher

5 Tips: Choosing Your Nursing Chair

What’s the Comfort Level?

Night feeds are hard enough. Night feeding in a hard and uncomfortable chair is even harder! Make sure your nursing chair is supportive and comfortable. Many moms might choose based on trend and style over comfort. Think about how many hours and even months you’ll be spending in that chair. Make the right choice!

Does it help you breastfeed comfortably?

Get a glider nursing chair with padded armrests. And make sure those armrests are wide. You’ll be able to rest your arm comfortably like that. Well designed armrests will help support you in your breastfeeding and positioning.

I definitely recommend getting one with footrests. When you elevate your feet, you’ll feel the pressure taken off your back. It makes breastfeeding so much more comfortable.

Is it easy to get out?

Ok. I know we all want a soft, comfortable chair. But be careful not to get too extreme.

Don’t get a chair that is way too comfortable, too soft or too big. It will be harder to get up and you might accidentally wake your baby in the process of stumbling out. Same goes when you choose a high chair for small spaces.

If you choose to get a reclining chair, ensure you can operate it easily when you’re seated.

Safety First

Gliders and rocking chairs are great but be careful around your little ones. They can pinch your children’s toes and fingers. Choose ones that have a stop-lock feature so the chair isn’t gliding or rocking when you don’t need it to.

Types To Choose From

rest nursing glider chair mom

The Glider

Gliders are very comfortable and usually come with an ottoman so you can put your feet up. They also won’t sink down into the carpet. Gliders are also typically smaller than a rocker. They still do the swaying motion, but smoother than a typical one in most cases. If you have a smaller room, get a glider for small nursery.

The Rocking Chair

These are the more traditional types that go into a baby room. Some can get uncomfortable after a long period of time. Many can recline and have a footrest. Some of them end up sinking into your carpet. These usually have more cushions and seating space than a glider.

High-back and Low-back

High back ones are good for laying your head back. They are typically more comfortable as well. Low back ones look more like normal furniture but they can get uncomfortable since you can’t lean your head back. You can typically get either a glider or a rocker in a high back or a low back.


A glider or rocker for nursery might be just the thing to make those night feeds more comfortable. Take some time to decide what you need first and do a little research. Whether you need a bigger or smaller glider for small nursery, there are many choices on the market.

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