Best Scooters for Toddlers: Safe, Fun & Affordable

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2018)

My kids love playing outdoors. However, my son loves bikes while my daughters will not get on one. For some reason, she’s completely terrified of bikes (hers is actually a tricycle!).

As an alternative, they love to play with the best scooter for toddlers because it doesn’t require as much balance as a bike.

Things To Consider

Number of Wheels

Although scooters require a little less balance than a bike, your child will still need to learn to balance their self on a scooter. If you start with a three wheeled scooter, it can be easier for them to learn how to use one. Once they learn how to ride a scooter with perfect balance, you can upgrade to a two wheeled scooter.

Height and Weight Limits

It’s no surprise that children grow quickly, especially during a growth spurt. Because most scooter designed for smaller children are low to the ground and have small wheels, they have smaller capacities. When choosing a scooter, you will want to choose one with adjustable handles and a weight limit at least twenty pounds more than what your child currently weighs.

Wheel Size

The diameter of the wheels is very important. You will want a larger front wheel so that it can go over pebbles and cracks in the sidewalk and street easily. If the wheel is too small, a crack, pebble, or other obstruction can cause the scooter to stop suddenly and the potential for your child to fall.


Some scooter models don’t include breaks. You will at least want there to be a front brake on the handlebar; a back brake that is located on the back wheel is a good idea too.

My Top 7 Best Scooter For Toddlers Picks


Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

This three wheeled scooters base is extra wide and tapered, giving your child a clear kick path and stability. There is also a foot brake and the two front wheels help to give the scooter stable steering. The gripped handles are comfortable and the weight capacity is fifty pounds.

Why It’s So Popular:
Weight limit of fifty pounds
Three wheels for extra stability and steering
Includes a foot brake

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Keep In Mind:
The scooter doesn’t fold
The wheels are plastic
It is a little bulky

Micro Mini Original Kick Scooter

The base of this scooter is low, but the ride is super smooth. The steering is handled by your child leaning either to the left or the right. This scooter has three wheels, which adds stability. The fiberglass deck absorbs bumps that may happen. Your child can learn great coordination from using their body weight to turn this scooter. The wheels on this scooter won’t leave marks, so your child can even ride it in your home. The weight limit is forty four pounds on this scooter.

Why It’s So Popular:
Fiberglass deck absorbs bumps providing a smooth ride
The wheels won’t leave marks if your child rides it in the house
Using their body weight to turn this scooter can teach your child great coordination skills

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Keep In Mind:
The weight limit is only forty four pounds
Recommended for hard surfaces

Radio Flyer Ride 2 Glide Ride On

This grow with me scooter can also be used as a sit and scoot toy. The scooter is three wheeled and you don’t need any tools to go from the ride on to the scooter. Comes with a storage basket. The weight capacity is forty four pounds. The handlebars are adjustable.

Why It’s So Popular:
Adjustable handle bars
Two toys in one to grow with your child
Reasonably priced
Comes with a storage basket

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Keep In Mind:
The front wheel doesn’t rotate
The wheels can be in the way when the child is sitting on it
The weight limit is low

Vokul VK 1281F Mini Kick 3 Wheel Scooter

This scooter offers a smooth ride and has wheels that light up. It also has soft grips on the adjustable handlebar. It includes a back brake and is easy to put together. If anything does break, all of the parts are easily replaceable. The weight capacity for this scooter is 77 pounds.

Why It’s So Popular:
Weight limit is 77 pounds
Includes a safe back brake
The wheels light up

Check Price & More Details here

Keep In Mind:
The handlebar doesn’t turn, your child must lean in order to turn
It doesn’t fold, but the handlebar can be easily removed

Micro Mini 3-in-1 Kick Scooter

This can be used as a regular scooter, a scooter with an O bar so toddlers can hold on easier, and has an attachable seat so your child can sit. For the seating position, the handle bar has two different sizes it can be adjusted to. It is very durable and has a smooth ride. The scooter part is just like the original Micro Mini.

Why It’s So Popular:
Can be used for multiple stages
Comfortable seat for smaller children
The handlebar can be adjusted

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Keep In Mind:
The seated position has a height limit
The deck isn’t very sturdy

Radio Flyer Pro Glider

This scooter has handlebars that can be turned, and offers a smooth and quick ride. It is recommended for children at least three years old and has a back brake. The tapered deck also offers a clear kick path.

Why It’s So Popular:
The handlebars can be turned
Smooth ride
Reasonable price

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Keep In Mind:
It can’t be folded
Some customers have complained of the wheels falling off
The handles can’t be adjusted

Huffy Disney Frozen Preschool 3 Wheel Kick Scooter

The frame for this scooter is made of steel. It has tassels on either side of the handles, and a storage bag on the front. It also has a Frozen theme, which your child is sure to love. Huffy also provides a lifetime limited warranty for this product.

Why It’s So Popular:
The ever so famous Frozen theme
Tassels on sides of handles
Lifetime limited warranty
Maximum weight allowed it 60 pounds

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Keep In Mind:
Handlebars aren’t adjustable
There are no brakes
Not very durable


If you want to give your toddler a new toy that will also keep them active, a scooter is definitely a good choice. There are plenty of scooters on the market to choose from but I would highly recommend one that has brakes and adjustable bars as it would be the safest.

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