13 Best Shoes for Pregnancy: Back Pain, Summer Footwear

(Last Updated On: August 12, 2019)

It’s hard enough to find a good shoe in general, but it can seem nearly impossible to find pregnancy footwear online. Not only do you have to consider style, support and comfort are important as well. Simple things like walking can be tough during a pregnancy, which is why I’ve made a list of the top shoes for pregnancy back pain to alleviate some of that pain.


13 best shoes for pregnancy to try

Let me make your journey just a little easier with this list of good ones you can find. The most suitable one should help with the next nine months.

Dr. Scholls Women’s Joliet Ballet Flats Shoes

black shoes

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When you hear the name “Dr. Scholl’s” you probably cringe because all you can think about is Grandma’s insoles. But the company actually makes some amazingly comfortable – and really cute – shoes. The Joliet Ballet Flat is at the top of the list because of how versatile it is. These shoes can be dressed up for work or dressed down with a casual outfit.

Choose from a variety of colors with this Dr Scholls Joliet leather shoe. The rubber sole makes it easy to walk in, with a .5” heel and a protective toe bumper. The supportive sole and anatomic fit are perfect. These definitely make awesome shoes and it helps that they are so easy to pair up with any outfit. Choose from 3 stylish colors!

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Works great after a few days
  • Very cute and comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight with great arch support

Keep In Mind:

  • People with larger feet may not wear them comfortably

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

skechers shoe in black Check Its Latest Price Here!

I’ve always loved Skechers for its really comfortably Memory Foam. This pair also comes with Goga Pillars technology for its midsole and outsole. It’s very lightweight and has breathable mesh to cool your feet. I always feel very supported and stable walking in these!


Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal

birkenstock sandals in silver

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Birkenstocks have been around for ages. If you like the look of these sandals, they are another great pick for pregnancy.
This is one of Birkenstock’s most popular design – the Mayari. The heel on this Birkenstock is around .75”, but you’ll still get great arch support and a roomy space for the toes. The rubber sole is comfortable and the synthetic material makes it tear resistant and easy to wash.
The familiar combination of leather, cork and buckles make this classic an easy substitute for the usual slippers. Of course, it gives a lot more support too. Its design and shape helps to distribute your body weight more evenly – what every expecting woman needs!

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Great arch support and deep heel cup with wide toe box
  • No blisters or any other foot pains
  • Two adjustable straps make it comfortable

Keep In Mind:

  • Some people have gotten fake versions from sellers
  • You may need a size up
  • May not last very long if you wear every day

TOMS Seasonal Classics Women’s Slip on Pregnancy Shoes

toms shoe

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I love the padded footbed on this – it’s so comfortable. The rubber outsole is cushioned and it’s very easy to slip on. Toms are so casual and easy to match with any outfit.

Clarks Women’s Dunbar Racer brown shoes with bow in front

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Clarks has outdone itself with this stylish racer shoe with a great arch and rubberized heel. The leather breathes easy on sweaty feet and this design even comes in a variety of colors to choose from.
Whether you prefer classic neutrals that are easy to pair up with any outfit. Or adorable turquoise and orange colors. There’s a bunch of choices to choose from. The suede and fabric linings make this pair super comfortable while the thick, non slip sole make it a lot safer for expecting ladies. We weren’t disappointed with this Clarks design!

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Goes great with wide feet
  • The leather is really soft and snug
  • Very flexible inside with great support

Keep In Mind:

  • The stitching inside may irritate your feet
  • Takes some time to break in; may be a little tight

SoulGenie Soft Maternity Pregnancy Shoes

soulgenie pair Check Its Latest Price Here!

The ballet style of SoulGenie is attractive, and will provide a snug fit. It grips the floor well, has a super soft insole for pressure relief. It will keep your feet naturally moisturized.
We love the super duper soft and delicate insole (you feel like your poor tired feet melts into it!). They’ve designed them like that for us expecting ladies so it eases off the strain and pressure on our poor soles. Go for this pair especially if you suffer from calluses or have very sensitive feet.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Very trendy and stylish
  • Super duper soft insole
  • Offers really good support for pregnancy
  • Snug and comfy

Crocs Maternity Shoes: Women’s Walu Canvas Loafer

black and white crocs with stripes

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Crocs isn’t always known for its good looks, but they have always been known for their comfort. Crocs have been gaining popularity and makes a variety of stylish and comfortable shoes to choose from. You will not find Crocs in half sizes. But if you buy a size or half-size up, this won’t be a problem. Their canvas material gives some room to stretch too.
Crocs are always supportive. And these Crocs Maternity Shoes canvas loafers are no different. The platform is about .75”, and even though there are no wide width sizes, they do slip on without trouble.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Cute, comfortable, and casual
  • Really helps to improve posture
  • Very sturdy and come in great colors

Keep In Mind:

  • The sizing may be too tight
  • Takes a while for them to stretch; may not give the extra room you need
  • Must wear socks while wearing for added comfort

Cole Haan Tali Hardware Ballet Flat

cole shoes in beige

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Cole Haan is known for stylish and comfortable quality footwear. It may not look like there’s much to these shoes, but there sure is a lot packed into this little shoe.

These ballet soles are certainly nice to look at, since they are fully leather lined. The entire design is made to be easy to wear with great cushioning and a lightweight design. Since these are so comfortable, they make a great work shoe, but they are simple enough to wear with your more casual outfits, too.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Runs very true to sizing
  • Well made and very comfortable leather
  • The soles are thick enough that you can walk comfortably with added weight

Minnetonka Women’s Thunderbird Softsole Moccasin

minnetonka thunderbird

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If you’re looking for a soft pair of moccasins to wear, look no further. These are made from suede cow leader with a leather sole, so the entire design is soft. The padded cushion inside is just an added bonus.

Wearing these around almost feels as if you’re walking barefoot. Even though they’re moccasins, they’re designed for indoor and outdoor wear. The beading on these shoes give them a very unique look. They’re also a great material for your pregnant feet since suede and leather tend to stretch over time.

Why It’s So Popular:

  • Stretches easily to the foot
  • The leather is very soft, and looks great too
  • Great for knee and ankle pain

Keep In Mind:

  • They do not stretch as well as others over time
  • Can be a little slippery on carpet

Orthaheel Women’s Tide Thong Sandals


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Orthaheel sandals are great for soft surfaces (think soil or sand) but equally stable on harder pavements as well. They are very supportive and help to realign your swollen feet naturally. This gives overall body posture and support. If you have excess pronation or plantar fasciitis, these sandals will help too.

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Luna Sneaker

dr scholls

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These are easy to match with any outfit. So you don’t have to choose one between style or comfort! You can enjoy both. The memory foam is comfortable while the goring panels mean more flexibility. The rubber sole is stable, non slip and very safe.

 ILSE JACOBSEN Women’s Tulip Flat

jacobsen black

Check Its Latest Price Here! If you want a unique design, these tulip flats are the ones to go for. Featuring a laser cut out pattern, this pair of shoes are comfortable, stable and breathable. Its flexible rubber sole means it’s very safe.  Choose from a variety of cool colors!

Types of Shoes You Should Wear When You’re Pregnant

Two types are most suitable: flats or sandals. I know this might not be the happiest news for us heels loving moms! Flats are perfect because they slip on easily and won’t trouble you with laces. Sandals or flip-flops can be put on without bending over at all!

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Whether you choose flats or sandals though, you need to consider a few things. They need to be easy to put on and definitely supportive on the ankles.

As baby grows and you gain weight to accommodate your little one, your center of balance will shift, so it is important to choose shoes that will provide stability for you as you become accustomed to your new figure.

Find some that have a little extra room too for when your feet swell. Later in your pregnancy, you will likely begin to retain water, which causes your hands and feet to swell.

Also, the more you walk around, the more swollen your feet will become. Aside from swollen feet and ankles, some women’s feet actually grow or the arches of their feet change and stay that way.

Ultimately though, never wear high heels. It’s hard to walk in them and a fall could be disastrous. If you ever have to wear them, wear small heels and prepare for the ache the next day.

Do I Need Different Shoes in Pregnancy?

There are a lot of reasons why you should be picky about the shoes you wear while you’re pregnant. Everybody’s shoe needs will be different based on their own bodies and their jobs, but there are some things about pregnancy that will affect all women.


As with other parts of your body, your feet will tend to grow in size too. In fact, many expectant women suffer from swollen feet due to water retention.
The more time you spend on your feet, the more likely they are to swell. If your job requires you to walk a lot, comfortable shoes are even more important because your feet will swell much more.
Try to take breaks from walking as much as you can. Find the shoe that best fits your work attire but that is also safe and and will be comfortable as your feet swell.
Be prepared that your feet may even increase about half a size or more. 
Some women’s feet grow in size and do not go back after the pregnancy is over. So if your shoes begin to feel snug, it would be wise to buy a shoe that is a half size or full size bigger than what you would usually wear.
Something else that can change is your arch. You may find yourself shopping for shoes during your pregnancy more than once.


Regardless of your body type at the beginning of your pregnancy, as the baby grows, so will you. As you grow, your center of gravity will change. So you might experience some imbalance and instability as you get used to your new body.
With a bigger belly, it’s not surprising that you might often feel a little off center. That sense of imbalance can become dangerous and put you at greater risk for falls. It’s even more important to get some good shoes to give you proper support and stability. Plus, make sure the maternity shoe soles are non slip and sturdy! 
Many of the maternity shoe options above are great choices because of their non-slip soles. This is an added layer of protection for you and the baby because experiencing a fall during your pregnancy does not affect you only. It puts your baby in danger as well.

More Support

With more weight, and aching joints and bones, you definitely need more support! Afterall, we’re counting on our poor feet to support all the weight. Help your feet (and body) out by getting a pair of proper pregnancy shoes that will give you more support and help distribute your weight more evenly.
Get a pair of pregnancy shoes that support and stabilize your ankles so that you don’t risk rolling an ankle. Ideally, get a pair with good arch support. This will help you have better posture and release some strain off your back and joints. The added weight of the pregnancy will already put enough strain on your back. So any way you can take some of the pressure off your back will be helpful.

What To Look Out For in your Pregnancy Shoes:

In pregnancy, your feet will swell, but they’ll also be sweaty and itchy too. Your ankles will be feeling the strain too, so which should you buy? You’ll also likely suffer from pregnancy back pain. Getting good shoes for pregnancy back pain specifically is just as important.

Flats and Support

Flats are usually great pregnancy shoes as long as they don’t pinch your toes. Regardless, they should provide support at the arch. Lots of professional brands have this, but inserts may help your usual footwear too.


Wearing heels while you’re pregnant is something you should avoid. Or save for special occasions if you have to wear them.
Even then, you should try to find low heels – no higher than 2 inches. Go with a wider, more stable heel – no stilettos. Heels have a great risk of throwing off your balance even more than it already is. Wearing heels with a low and wide heel will help to distribute your weight more evenly. This will decrease your foot pain and take some of the pressure off your ankles and legs.
Heels change your posture and add more pressure to your ankles and knees. So if you have to wear heels, choosing ones with a lower heel will decrease that added pressure a little. Heels don’t leave room for your feet to swell, which can be uncomfortable if you are wearing shoes that don’t stretch. Closed-toe heels also will pinch your feet as your feet swell, which is an added pain you don’t need.

Go Wider

Bigger and wider footwear is preferable whether you’re wearing heels or not so you have more room. Some materials in these are especially breathable too, so you won’t need to worry about moisture.


The amount of ease you can slip your shoe on with is important too. Avoid laces that are hard to tie and may make you trip! Loafers are a great and stylish option, but you can consider sandals and sporty shoes too if you’re walking a lot.

Different Shoe Designs To Consider

When you are pregnant, you will find yourself looking for maternity shoe styles that are more comfortable than they are stylish or cute. Pregnancy Shoes that you can slip into without bending over will be easiest so that you don’t have to do a lot of bending.
Sandals and slip-ons maternity shoes are best for summer. But you’ll still want a shoe with some integrity. Something that’s still supportive and stable.
You can try adding inserts into your slip-ons for better arch support and cushion. When you’re choosing sandals, you will want a brand and style that offers this since you can’t add inserts to sandals.
A breathable material is best because your feet will likely sweat, so you will want a shoe that will air out a bit. Also, breathable material is often more stretchy. As your feet swell, the material will expand to make your feet more comfortable. Canvas can also stretch, but is not usually as breathable, although they do dry quickly.
One drawback of some maternity flats is that they might not be made of a stretchy, breathable material. At least they will be easy to get on and off though.


Pregnancy is hard enough without worrying about what pregnancy shoes you’re going to be able to slip on over time! Take a look at the top picks right here and reduce some stress. You’ll definitely feel better when you’re walking in one of these as they can really make a difference in easing strain (like a maternity support belt) and pressure off your sore feet, back and joints as well as give you better stability and safety when you’re out and about.

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