Top Stick Foundations That Are Actually Great!: My Review

(Last Updated On: June 29, 2019)

There seem to be too many foundation options on the market nowadays. From mousse, to cream and cushion, it’s just so easy to get lost and choose to safely go with the good old liquid one. But just like so many other makeup products before, that sounded scary at first, it turns out to be an amazing solution that once you try it – you will never want to give it up.

Of course, the type you use depends of many things. Mostly your type of skin, the tools you’d like to use, and the coverage and finish you’re trying to achieve.

But I’d say that choosing the best stick foundation has more to do with your type of personality than your skin – it’s simply an amazing product for those of us in search of a fast and mess-free solution.

Basically, if you’re always in a rush, love something practical that you can always carry with you and you never seem to have that extra 20 minutes for flawlessly applying foundation – you’ll love it, the superhero of shortcut routines.

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5 Best Stick Foundations To Try

W3LL People Narcissist

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This is a great choice if you’re looking for a natural ‘no-makeup’ look. This is an all-natural product, made with no potentially harmful artificial chemicals found in most conventional makeup and handcrafted in small batches in the USA. It gives your skin a subtle natural radiance while controlling shine with oil absorbing silica. It’s a gentle product made with advanced botanical complex of organic aloe, organic chamomile and organic green tea.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Natural, healthy looking finish
– Quick and easy application
– All-natural product with no harsh chemicals or parabens
Non comedogenic
– Light shades are great for those that can never find a pale enough one
– Good for oily skin, controls shine

Keep In Mind:
– Not for those with dry skin
– Not a good choice if you want the most coverage
– Only comes in 8 shades and mixing is impossible


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This is a creamy base that glides on effortlessly providing medium coverage and a long-lasting lustrous natural finish, while offering some good skincare benefits. It also provides UV ray protection with SPF 15-18. Conceals fine lines and imperfections and contains Multi-Nutrient Factor, an advanced moisturizer.

Why It’s So Popular:
– The creamy texture is great for dry and sensitive skin
– Easy application. Can be used “on the go”
– Nice packaging, easy to store in handbags
– Light coverage, that can be layered to build up coverage.
– Covers redness
– Pleasant smell
– Easily blended

Keep In Mind:
– Not good for covering freckles or heavy blemishes
– Not good for really oily skin

Bobbi Brown

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This is an amazing base designed to look and feel like skin, formulated with a unique transparent base and skin tone correct pigments for the most natural-looking, skin-like finish. The innovative formula features Smart Technology for targeted moisturization or oil control depending on what your skin needs. It delivers medium to full coverage and comes in 31 skin tone correct shades.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Can go from sheer to full coverage
– Doubles as concealer
– 31 shades
– Looks natural, like real skin
– Lightweight texture, doesn’t feel heavy
– Not cakey on the skin
– Does not settle into fine lines
– Skin doesn’t get oily
– Easy to use and blend on skin

Keep In Mind:
– A little pricey
– Quite small

Park Glow

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This award-winning base has a nourishing and moisturizing essence core. The creamy formula covers uneven texture and pores for a silky finish. Its Sebum Capture System keeps skin hydrated while also minimizing oil all day long. Comes with a built-in brush for easy blending. Recommended for fair to light beige skin tones.

Why It’s So Popular:
– Built-in brush for blending
– Blends extremely well
– Really natural finish
– Ingredients good for the skin
– Minimizes oil production
– Comes with an essence core
– Glides on well and is extremely light-weight

Keep In Mind:
– Lack of color variations. Not suitable for those with darker skin
– No built-in sun protection

Elf Moisturizing

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This is a creamy one that glides on effortlessly and is great for those looking for an adjustable, natural-looking coverage. It’s good for the skin, since enriched with antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients Shea, Vitamin E, Cocoa, Grape, Avocado, Macadamia, and Aloe to nourish and hydrate the skin for a soft, smooth, and revitalized look. The twist-up component is easy to use and suitable for on-the-go beauty.


Why It’s So Popular:
– Very affordable
– A good multitasking product
– Reduces appearance of fine lines
– Suitable for all skin types, best for dry and combination skin
– Lots of beneficial ingredients like Shea, Grape, Cocoa, Avocado, Aloe, Macadamia and Chamomile
– Medium to full coverage

Keep In Mind:
– Chemical smell
– Gets little oily in the t-zone

Stick or Liquid Foundation?

Whether you decide on which one heavily depends on your beauty routine. Just like liquid, the ones coming in form of a stick also offer different levels of coverage.

One really big plus with them is that their packaging makes them really easy to carry with you at all times (they fit even in the smallest of bags), easy to apply (can be used with any application tool, just like liquid ones), are practical for traveling and reapplying during the day.

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On the other hand, liquid ones are a more hygienic choice, since the stick foundation is applied directly to the skin and can host a lot of bacteria. So if you have a really sensitive skin, you might want to choose a liquid one in order to avoid extra blemishes and irritations.

But overall, it comes down to what you’re looking for in a product. If you want something quick and easy, you should try a stick foundation, but if you’re looking for a more hygienic and light look, liquid might suit you better.


One thing that makes them really practical is that they easily double as a concealer, so if you feel like you need some extra coverage in the under eye area or maybe to cover blemishes, you might want to opt for a nice stick foundation.

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