7 Best Thermometer For Infants That Are Quick, Effective & Accurate: 2020 Review

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2020)

There’s nothing worse than hearing your little one cry and being unable to do anything about it. They can’t tell you when they feel unwell and it can be such a difficult time for us moms. The most reliable way to determine if your baby is sick is with the best thermometer for infants. It is certainly a good investment.

Types of Baby Thermometers

Babies need specific types made just for them. There are even different types to consider, depending on the situation.

Rectal Thermometers

If you want accuracy, a rectal one is the way to go. They’re uncomfortable, yes, but they’re also an effective way to understand your baby’s sickness. Try one with a flexible tip and a wide base to prevent you from inserting it too far.


These are quite new, and understandably expensive. Infrared technology is used to scan and measure the temperature of the temporal artery without even touching your baby. That makes them safe and accurate, especially for kids over 3 months.


Looking at the temperature from the armpit is the least accurate option, but also is the least invasive. Usually these are a last resort if you can’t use any of the others. For the most part, under the tongue thermometers are generally a better choice.

Ear Canal

Checking the ears for the temperature is also not very invasive and easy to use. For a child over 12 months old, this will work great. Kids younger than 12 months won’t have wide enough ear canals to get a reading.


These are safe and easy, and only placed under the tongue. Oral ones work great for kids over 4 years though.


Young babies can use these, which are built into pacifiers. I thought they sounded pretty great, but doctors actually say these are fairly unreliable.


Top 7 Thermometers for Infants


Clinical Non-Contact Baby (Forehead)

This non-contact baby thermometer includes instant readings, a silent mode, and even a backlight for night usage. You don’t even have to wake up your little one to use this infrared ultra sensitive tool.

Why It’s So Popular
– Works extremely accurately and quickly
– The instructions are easy to read and understand
– People love that you can take a temperature without any noise

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– There have been quality issues, with some malfunctioning
– You may prefer another type

Braun Forehead

The large screen makes the numbers that appear in just a few seconds easy to read. Braun’s is accurate, safe, and simple to use with just a swipe across the forehead.

Why It’s So Popular
– The actual set-up makes it easy to read
– The piece that touches the forehead is soft
– Easy to use on a moving toddler or baby

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– Might not be as accurate
– The temperatures vary by huge amounts

Braun Thermoscan Ear Therm with ExacTemp Technology

Braun also makes great ear ones with pre-warmed tips to improve accuracy. There’s even a guidance system to let you know when you’ve got it in right, and a memory function to recall the last reading.

Why It’s So Popular
– Very accurate readings
– Remembers the last recorded measurement
– Includes lens covers which are replaceable

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– The screen isn’t backlit, so you can’t read it in the dark
– It only remembers one last recorded temperature

Metene Digital Infrared Non-Contact (Forehead)

The technology here allows you to get a result in just a second with an extremely accurate sensor. You don’t even have to touch your baby or wake them up with a quiet mode and easy to read temperature.

Why It’s So Popular
– Easy to grip, and easy to wipe off for sterilization
– The display is large and easy to read, and in can switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit
– The mode button allows you to take the correct temperature with no hassle

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– The batteries seem to need replacing often
– Some people mention varied readings

Innovo (Forehead and Ear) 

The dual mode on Innovo is perfect for when your little one gets a little older. Switch from forehead to the ear with a couple quick and easy presses that’ll give you great results and store them for later.

Why It’s So Popular
– It’s very convenient as a forehead one
– The style is easy to use and comfortable to hold
– Measurements are quick

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– Ear mode doesn’t give as much consistency
– The actual user manual is harder to figure out

Braun (Ear)

You should get great accuracy with this pre-warmed tip and guidance system. Positioning the thermometer in the ear won’t be a problem anymore, and you even get a few batteries when you buy.

Why It’s So Popular
– Easily switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius
– Very accurate thanks to the warmed tip
– Uses regular AA batteries and includes a case

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– After a while, you might need to replace the lens covers
– The reading’s accuracy is questioned

2016 FDA Fast 10 Sec Reading Digital Medical

In just 10 seconds, you’ll be able to see if your little one has a fever. You can measure in three ways: rectal, oral, and armpit with a flexible tip and simple to read screen.

Why It’s So Popular
– Simple to use, works great, and in a good price range
– Easy to read thanks to the design
– Gives a reading quickly

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– People find consistent fluctuations in accuracy
– It reports body temperatures as lower than they are
– There’s no sound or indication that it’s taken the temperature

Some General Guidelines When Choosing The Top Baby Thermometer

When should I use a certain type? Not all kids can use every one, so it’s important to consider different factors.

While rectal ones are the most accurate, they may be better for your baby rather than an older child.

Oral ones are accurate too, but are better for older kids who are able to keep them in their mouth.

Forehead thermometers are great for all ages, and along with armpit ones , can be used if your baby has a problem like diarrhea. As long as your bub is a year old, you can even try an ear thermometer. These usually replace rectal thermometers over time.

Finally, no matter what type you buy, avoid anything with mercury in it. They can be toxic, which is the last thing you want!


Your baby can’t tell you when they don’t feel well, so it’s up to you to figure things out. It’s important to get the proper temperature right with any one of the best thermometers for infants. Take a breath and try not to worry too much; within a few seconds, you should have your results so you can help your baby be healthy again!

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